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Conferences The Simple Life (Protected)
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Yahoo! TV (Spoiler) listing TSL2 Episode 8
Yahoo! TV (Spoiler) listing TSL2 Episode 8 Episode #208. The girls bring their own spice to [
0 messages
07-22-04 10:45 AM
Official Summary The Simple Life Episode 5 - Meet the Doolittles
Previously, on [i]The Simple Life[/i], the girls stopped down on the bayou, “caught” some boiled crawfish and tarted up their host
4 messages
07-17-04 09:56 AM
Official Summary: The Simple Life Episode 5 - Cringing Cajuns, Hidden Crawdads
It’s interesting what one will do for attention these days. Whether it’s two girls whose only claim to fame is having enough luck to be born into
5 messages
07-16-04 10:29 PM
Paris & Nicole 'Disagreement'...
I read somewhere that Paris and Nicole had a ..'Disagreement' during the taping of Simple Life 2 and that at some point basically stopped talking
3 messages
07-16-04 04:07 PM
What was on Nicole's shoulder blades last night? Did anybody else see that? It looked like dark make-up or self she's trying
9 messages
07-15-04 03:37 PM
Yahoo! TV listing TSL2 Episode 7
Yahoo! TV listing TSL2 Episode 7 Episode #207. The girls crash with the Cashes, and they have a hell of a time with the C
0 messages
07-15-04 12:58 PM
Summary writer sign-up thread for FOX's The Simple Life 2 [View All]
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for [ fe/|FOX's The Simple Life 2], whi
25 messages
07-14-04 09:42 AM
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 6
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 6 Episode #206. In [ p_stories%2
1 messages
07-08-04 11:24 PM
Official Summary: The Simple Life Episode 3 - Feeling Caliente
****Official Summary – The Simple Life 2: Feeling Caliente**** Ah, the Simple Life. . . For all these year
4 messages
07-01-04 10:09 PM
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 5
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 5 Episode #205. In the swamplands of [
0 messages
07-01-04 02:04 PM
Official Summary: The Simple Life, Ep.1
[b]The Simple Life, Ep.1: Much Ado about Nothing [/b] I’m trying to forget that I actually put off making our fine steak d
14 messages
06-26-04 04:33 PM
Nicole reminds me of....
Jen Lifshitz from Average Joe, Adam returns Jen Lifshitz _Returns/ladies
9 messages
06-26-04 09:13 AM
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 4
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 4 Episode #204 On their next stop, the girls stay with a new host family and Nicole
0 messages
06-24-04 10:30 AM
Official Summary: The Simple Life 2: Ep 2
Come and listen to a story 'bout Paris and Nicole Two bleached blondes should be dancin' on a pole Then one day they go drivin down the
13 messages
06-24-04 02:44 AM
Wow, their first boss was a sucker!
It was nice of him to take Paris out for ice cream to cheer her up, but buying the girls $113 worth of crap was a little extreme. Of course, th
17 messages
06-22-04 04:43 PM
"The Simple Life", Season 2 [View All]
Paris & Nicole return for a second season, this time on the road. Pinch me, I'm dreamin'! Can't wait till later this year for the laug
22 messages
06-18-04 04:12 PM
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) TSL2 Episode 3
Yahoo! TV listing (Spoiler) for TSL2 Episode 3 Episode #203. Paris and Nicole work as maids at the [
1 messages
06-18-04 04:10 PM
Yahoo! TV listings (SPOILER) for first two episodes TSL2
Yahoo! TV listings (SPOILER) for first two episodes of The Simple Life 2 : Road Trip Episode #201. Paris and Nicole depart
0 messages
06-14-04 10:28 AM
How do you reckon you'd have a simpler life if you hooked up with a wealthy heiress ?
Apart from the obvious money angle, what are your most creatively witty thoughts how on how you’d (humorously or seriously) have a simpler lif
1 messages
06-11-04 07:24 AM
"Chops" but where is he?
Hi, im from germany and i saw "The Simple Life" last week. it was episode 1 or 2, so i didn't saw "chops". everybody said that he looks
3 messages
05-27-04 10:32 PM
Hottest Guy In Arkansas? Is she crazy?
I am alone here, or did anyone else think that kid was U-G-L-Y?! I couldn't believe that hair! Shaggy 2 Dope needed to visit a barber shop
15 messages
05-22-04 03:28 PM
Nicole Richie
I am a huge fan of the show The Simple Life, and can't wait until June when the next season comes out... I am also a huge fan of Nicole... Sh
1 messages
05-12-04 03:54 AM
That's just rude!
(first I appologize if my english is bad...but hey, I'm swedish) Honestly...I was shocked when I first saw this show. Are the girls
3 messages
05-07-04 11:32 AM
Paris's mishap
I was watching ET or Acess hollywood or something to that degree and happen to see that poor Paris was trampelled(spelling) by a horse. The horse
7 messages
05-04-04 04:08 PM
paris hilton/ salomon video
Just saw the full 45 minute version- wow! is Rick Salomon related to fitness model Adam Salomon ??? I saw Adam Salomon and Paris Hilton i
1 messages
04-28-04 09:16 AM
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