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Conferences The Simple Life (Protected)
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sitcom at its best
I do enjoy paris and nicole, they are and will always be best friends, the show is down to earth, they are who they are and do and say as they p
1 messages
06-18-06 08:55 AM
the new simple life
My daughter and i loved the simple life, but now that they are no longer friends, this show stinks! This show will not last. I do not like it.
0 messages
06-13-06 07:36 PM
'Til Death Do Us Part, premiered June 4th
Hmm, not sure what to say. The Nicole/ Paris intro was odd to say the least. It seems that a lot of the material that was amusing in season 1 is
0 messages
06-05-06 02:19 PM
Simple Life ~ More like simple brats
I finally broke down and watched an episode of The Simple Life, and was utterly amazed by just how unappreciative and bitchy those two were. Maybe t
0 messages
05-16-06 03:15 PM
unforgiven madness
what pains me is the two used to be childhood mates can't a compromise be met i would love nothing more than to see paris and nicole once again lead
0 messages
04-27-06 06:38 AM
Ok I'm convinced- She IS dumb as a rock...
However, last August, 24-year-old Hilton noticed the dog hadn't been tailing her for a week, and offered a $5,000 reward for its return. S
2 messages
04-13-06 01:19 PM
ThAts CraP!!!
Okay person cant you read?!? When the episode of them working at the funeral home it said at the end that no real human ashes were admaged durin
1 messages
04-10-06 03:53 PM
Paris and Nicoles Bus Song
What in the world are they saying when they are singing on the bus is it "SATURDAY" or what?
8 messages
04-10-06 03:16 PM
Lets hope Paris and Nicole Don't die and I Vacumn their Ashes
I Will never watch this sick show again. As I watched Paris and Nicole spend the day at a funeral home and Vacumn a dead body up I'am completly sick
1 messages
04-10-06 01:25 PM
Trying to locate the shoes (red platforms) that Paris is wearing in the photo for the new season...any info?
reality question
0 messages
04-09-06 01:58 AM
Animal Activist? HA!
OK..I am not usually this rude about things...but when Paris said that she was an animal activist on the show, I had to laugh. As an animals lover
2 messages
04-03-06 07:06 PM
simple life 6? or 8? whatever
How do you apply for them to come work for you? I could used the publicity! (smile) Whats cool is I own a lube shop here in small town color
0 messages
03-21-06 04:41 PM
Paris and Nicole.....Who should replace Nicole?
Who do you think should replace Nicole if you could choose anyone?
8 messages
03-21-06 04:26 PM
Paris used to go to my school...scoop
And was kicked out in 10th (or 11th, don't remember) grade because she came into the church (where we have our assemblies) high, and wit
3 messages
03-11-06 00:10 AM
My only prayer
If god really loves us.. He'll get this show cancelled, and have is erased from our minds for those of us whom have stoped at that channel when it
2 messages
11-21-05 05:18 AM
New Paris Nude Video/commercial
I heard that Paris recently shot a video for Carl's Jr. My friend was on the set and said that there is for sure nude video circulating. Has anyon
10 messages
07-17-05 11:34 PM
Season 4
Season 4 is supposed to filmed on Maui. Does anyone know where or when or has anyone spotted them?
3 messages
07-13-05 12:08 PM
Nicole... prettier than paris
im a girl and im straight, just to get that clear i think that both girls are pretty but i like nicole's look. she's, in my opinion
2 messages
05-31-05 02:36 PM
No Nicole on the simple life ?It's gunna SUCK
So Paris is kicking Nicole of the show , Why the hell can't Nicole kick Paris off. Nicoel makes the show , she does all the funnt stuff she has
6 messages
05-31-05 02:31 PM
Banned Paris Hilton Commercial (Full Video) Wow!! thats hot
2 messages
05-25-05 01:42 PM
Completely Scripted
So I started watching the new Simple Life last night, like the rest of the reality TV loving world, to see what stupid things they would do next.
4 messages
04-26-05 12:10 PM
reply to if you hate paris and nicole
I agree with you, people shouldn't be so hateful. they don't have to have the same values as us, that doesn't make them bad. i can underst
1 messages
04-24-05 08:46 PM
Poor Nicole!
I cannot believe that they are getting rid of Nicole because her and Paris are having issues! Nicole is the one who adds so much flavor to the show
0 messages
04-22-05 05:53 PM
I missed some of it - can someone fill me in ?
On the episode where Nicole and Paris were interns for the firemen and they had to stay with those wild boys.... Did Nicole and Paris do so
0 messages
04-21-05 04:30 PM
Doomed Ugly Sidekick
I read in an article online of some newspaper source that Nicole Richie is doomed to become the ugly sidekick. It's true though. Not that Paris is
13 messages
04-16-05 00:53 AM
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