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Conferences The Simple Life (Protected)
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*Official Editorial on The Simple Life*
Editorial on [i]The Simple Life[/i] Two rich girls go to live ‘out in the world’ without their charge cards and cell phones.
0 messages
12-28-03 10:52 AM
Simple Life Ep. 3 OFFICIAL Summary - Darling I Love You But Give Me Rodeo Drive, or The Working Classless
There’s no use crying over spilled milk, so plucky Scranton Bestwestern and her gal pal Nickel (SL’s equivalent of the dar
18 messages
12-25-03 03:55 PM
Simple Life Ep. 2 OFFICIAL summary -- "Milking It"
[font color="crimson" size="4"][center][b]The Simple Life – Episode 2 Summary “Milking ItR
9 messages
12-25-03 03:22 PM
Official Summary, The Simple Life Episode 1: Do They Build Arks in Arkansas?
[b][center]Official Summary “The Simple Life” Episode 1: Do They Build Arks in Arkansas?[/b][/center] [i]Be
14 messages
12-25-03 02:53 PM
Paris on SNL
Did anyone catch the Weekend Update interview Paris did with Jimmy Fallon? It's pretty funny, full of double meanings. Lin
Drive My Car
2 messages
12-24-03 07:35 PM
Simple Life Ep. 4 Official Summary: The Complex Comedic Ironies of Realistic Simplicity, or How 'Bout Another Pint at the Pub?
[font size="4"][b]Simple Life Ep. 4 Official Summary: The Complex Comedic Ironies of Realistic Simplicity, or How ‘Bout Another Pi
9 messages
12-23-03 10:02 PM
The Simple Life Episode 5 Summary - Stealing for a Living
[b]The Simple Life Episode 5 Summary - Paris and Nicole: Stealing for a Living[/b] To begin with, my closed captions for this
5 messages
12-22-03 04:55 PM
Nicole and Paris
I usually don't watch reality shows, I find them very boring. But, Nicole and Paris are toooooo funny. I find the girls to be witty and deligh
7 messages
12-19-03 09:26 PM
At least one component of last night's show seemed completely genuine.
And that would be the look of utter contempt and disgust the face-painting booth lady gave Icky Nicky when she asked to have Braxton Hicks' name emb
2 messages
12-19-03 12:31 PM
The sons opinions and nicole bleaching private things?
I'm interested in how old the boys are living in the house and their opinions. Have the girls done any attempt to hooking up with them or their frie
10 messages
12-19-03 10:38 AM
Maybe it's because I don't normally watch Fox, but I never seen a show that broadcasts twice a week. So I have missed every Wednesday broadcast
7 messages
12-18-03 08:42 PM
They are polite...well I think so.
I think the girls were very polite to people. They must have been brought up with some etiquette. They always were telling people 'thanks' and %
2 messages
12-18-03 06:42 PM
AI1's runner up and Nicole Ritchie dating
Nicole Richie and Justin Guarini are apparently dating, as reported by CTV's eTalk Daily .
4 messages
12-18-03 02:34 PM
The shows fixed! Spotted fake "reality" by FOX [View All]
Cool show, but I think some of the simple life "reality" is really staged by FOX. Example: Why would the family send Paris and Nicole food sh
21 messages
12-18-03 02:30 PM
Wardrobe Issues
I'm really confused. Last week, the girls were shown partying at a bar. Then you see them sneaking back into the house, but they are wearing d
0 messages
12-18-03 10:20 AM
Thr girls get mean
I still think the show is soooooo funny! But I have a comment and hope Nicole and Paris read these. Tonights show was funny as usual. I remember
0 messages
12-16-03 09:45 PM
Nicole Looks Like Charlene Tilton
No witty comment to follow, or anything. Just thought you should know. http://community2.realitytvwo
13 messages
12-15-03 06:44 PM
Move over Lucy and Ethel
Hello out there, Paris and Nicky are the funniest team since Lucy and Ethel. I thought I wsa going to die laughing the other night when they had to
1 messages
12-13-03 07:48 PM
Paris and Nicole... The Human Equivalent of Nails on a Chalkboard
Just a quick poll... Who else besides yours truly suspects that these two might very well be the most obnoxious girls on the planet? T
2 messages
12-12-03 01:45 PM
Paris Hilton and Trae Lindley Affair
As most of you have heard by now, Paris was dating a local in nearby Ozark for most of the filming. Although he refused to go back to L.A. in order
0 messages
12-12-03 10:41 AM
Someone called these girls "Charming"?
Arkansas Residents Describe Paris' Trail of Trash ALTUS, Ark. — Trust Paris Hilton (search) to complicate the simple lif
1 messages
12-10-03 10:50 PM
Real or not
This only shows that these women need to be taken out and taught a little repect, preferably with a big stick. are they really like t
2 messages
12-10-03 07:46 PM
Got Milk?
Do you think Dairy Farmer Guy will see a bit of a drop off in business once the folks down home see what the gals did to the morning delivery? I co
7 messages
12-10-03 05:08 PM
What about "Rich Girls"?
Hey - there's no forum for Rich Girls...just pointing that out. Not that I can't stop snoring long enough from watching that show to care.
1 messages
12-10-03 04:04 PM
has anyone read ...
why these girls would even do this show? i mean i loved it and am glad they did, but i can't help wonder, they don't need money or fame. %
11 messages
12-10-03 11:30 AM
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