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Conferences The Simple Life (Protected)
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Simple Life?
How is working on a farm simple? Looks like hard work to me. What Paris and Nicole live is the simple life!!! Don't do anything b
2 messages
04-21-04 05:38 PM
The Simple Life Finale Official Summary : Muskrat Love
[font size=5][b]The Simple Life : The Glorious Finale Or, Sneaking Out of Town Two Weeks Early[/b][/font] %0
11 messages
03-21-04 06:39 PM
THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
march 15th they are spotted driving a PINK truck Paris and Nicole spotted in Brooksville Florida 34601 They ate at a local lunch cafe called
2 messages
03-15-04 04:24 PM
Call me sheltered or whatever but until I was flicking through the channels and seen this odd idea for a reality show, I had no clue who the
1 messages
02-18-04 03:11 PM
Was the Leding family paid by Fox for Paris&Nicole's staying in their home?
Also, How was that family selected?
2 messages
02-11-04 10:56 AM
Did anyone see Simple Life's "The Lost Episode" on FOX?
Looks like FOX slapped together yet another Paris & Nicole extravaganza from the scraps of video found on the DVD. My Review: %0
6 messages
01-31-04 08:15 PM
Official The Simple Life Lost Episode Summary - Movies are educational
This show, without a doubt, reveals that any amount of sense that the girls, Paris and Nicole, have come from watching movies. If you keep re
7 messages
01-29-04 02:37 PM
Reunion Show = Unwatchable Crap...Leeza Gibbons Too!
I thought the reunion show might be fun since I had only seen acouple of the episodes....was I ever wrong. Leeza Gibbons hosted, and after ten minu
mocha madness
5 messages
01-28-04 09:10 AM
Simple Life DVD
I bought the Simple Life dvd last weekend and was wondering a couple things - Does anyone else not get any audio at the menu screen? Look
0 messages
01-27-04 09:44 PM
Simple life OFFICIAL recap summery: The Simpleton's guide to killing an hour. [View All]
I should probably explain something to you. Until tonight I had never actually watched this show. I always found a way to avoid sitting down and los
23 messages
01-19-04 08:35 AM
Recap Jan 7. "Cute Guys Are Relative"
[b]Previously[/b] (I mean before the reruns), Paris proved she's smarter than ANYbody thought. She memorized a credit card number. S
3 messages
01-18-04 09:57 AM
What's up with the pink truck (car) :) on the reunion ep?
I'm lost on the pink truck thing. Are they trying to play it off as the truck they were driving on the show? The pink truck is not the same truc
5 messages
01-17-04 12:20 PM
Anyone else on the show??
I was just wondering if anyone else is on the show in here besides me. I'll be on the show towards the end of the season. They came in our lumber ya
1 messages
01-16-04 04:13 PM
someone knows???
ok...we just wanna say hi...cos we are new here...We wonder if anyone knows which song is in the backround in he video clip where Paris and Nicole are
2 messages
01-16-04 11:40 AM
Hi, In the very first episode when Paris gets in her car and goes shopping with Nicole they play a song that Paris is playing in her car and I
1 messages
01-16-04 05:38 AM
Paris and Nicole
I can really understand why Paris and Nicole are having such a hard time in that farm town. I myself have relatives such as those people in another fa
71 messages
01-15-04 03:01 PM
Nicole Richies Boyfriend???
Nicole mentioned that she had a boyfriend on last night's reunion special (which I agree with all of you who said it was ruined by Ms. Gibbons)%
1 messages
01-14-04 05:33 PM
Reunion Show Teaser
FOX filmed the reunion show last night in Fort Smith, Arkansas which is about 45 minutes from Altus. There were about 500 people in the audience %2
8 messages
01-13-04 03:47 PM
Summaries? [View All]
OK, this looks like it should be a fun show to summarize. The first episode airs December 2, the second airs December 3, and then episodes will
41 messages
01-10-04 11:15 AM
Reunion Episode
Fox is also going to have a reunion show to end the season like most reality shows. It is filming tomorrow (Thursday) and will probably air in ab
2 messages
01-08-04 00:11 AM
Knock Them Upside Their Heads!
I am close to their age and have had my fair share of the party life. If those girls had come to live in my home and acted the way that they do on th
5 messages
01-07-04 10:28 PM
Rich Boys?
Between Ally and Jamie and Paris and Nicole my television is overflowing with entertaining images of rich 18 year old girls. It's interesting to th
13 messages
01-06-04 05:06 PM
Does anyone still watch this show?
Seriously, what is the current viewership? The first episode benefited from a heavy marketing campaign and the Paris Hilton sex video scandal, t
5 messages
01-03-04 03:42 AM
One more "Simple Life"
Buried in this story:,2933,106- 52,00.html is this little gem for you guys.....a
2 messages
01-02-04 03:28 AM
It's still good!
I must admit, the show has gotten a little "cornier" but, what would you expect. I still get a good chuckle out of each episode, even though
0 messages
01-01-04 11:29 AM
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