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Welcome to Foonerville We've found what could Fooner's paradise. And, since we are all best friends, for us too. %0
0 messages
04-22-17 11:37 AM
They're Out There (maybe)
Early this morning (apx. 0530) as I was leaving the house for work, I followed my usual habit of taking a few minutes to admire the sky. Very cl
17 messages
04-21-17 11:23 AM
Friends in Old Places [View All]
Seeing PsychoKitty emerge over in FB world made me find my way back over to this old play place. It's like remembering an old tree house or p
34 messages
04-20-17 03:23 PM
So, Kingfish got me thinking, which was a very cruel thing for him to do to me. What truly surprised me, is that fish might have ears. They ce
5 messages
04-20-17 03:20 PM
Sticky Letters
Does anyone else notice typing problems on this otherwise dead website, generally used by idiot spammers? It kicks off my cursor and sometimes I
15 messages
04-20-17 03:17 PM
Happy Pi day! ds/User_files/58c7f7857b917168.jpg Want to try calculating it yourself? Try one of t
16 messages
04-19-17 07:01 PM
I Heart Boobies [View All] 30/21245739-boobies-bracelet-battle-could-be-bound-for-supreme-court?lite Another
55 messages
04-19-17 01:49 PM
Shutting down the internet
Trump says that he wants the US and its allies to cut off internet access for ISIS and other extremist organizations. My question is: Wha
16 messages
04-19-17 12:47 PM
And there is light again. [View All]
Or should be. [fish] ds/User_files/4a2a8dee65dccf49.jpg [font size=1
23 messages
04-19-17 10:48 AM
What's for Dinner? ds/User_files/58d6da2763631dc4.jpg [marquee behavior="scroll" direction="right"
10 messages
04-18-17 04:44 PM
I miss this place! [View All]
As much as I enjoy that "FB" place and getting to know peeps a bit more, I miss this place. A little update on life. DH is s
48 messages
04-18-17 12:40 PM
Happy Easter!
Glad I am in Southern California, and have wine handy. Only for sacramental use, of course.
5 messages
04-17-17 08:31 PM
It's da Bomb! A great place to vacation, and to my knowledge, hasn't ticked off anyone recently. Unless you count the Mormons.. Mormons ar
12 messages
04-16-17 10:27 PM
Digitize business
Hi all, Iím planning to digitize all the works in my office. We are using hard copies of the documents and hard to rectify the problems
1 messages
04-16-17 10:07 PM
How can I travel to Canada with DUI report?
Hi everyone, I am from Geneva. I am the head of a new startup that my company is planning to begin in Canada. So I will have to be there for a
2 messages
04-12-17 06:46 PM
The Temple has gone dark.
It with great sadness to come in and tell you that yesterday, Ra_8secs passed away following a massive heart attack. I know most of you know that w
6 messages
04-12-17 06:38 PM
What's for Breakfast? ds/User_files/58d7fbdf1d9d4c23.jpg ds%2
11 messages
04-10-17 01:41 PM
SPIRIT Airline Sucks!
Sandee's Aunt flies in and comes off the plane carrying all her worldly carry-on goods [I]in her hands[/I]. SPIRIT airlines said her
9 messages
03-28-17 08:47 AM
Spot The Difference
I wonder how he is doing? ds/User_files/4226aa4711d7af0a.gif [font size= 1
11 messages
03-27-17 01:59 PM
The animals want to visit
I think that the largest wild animal that we have over here is the Wallaby, seeing that we wiped out Bears, Boars and Wolves a few centuries ago%2
6 messages
03-27-17 12:50 PM
Gourmet Eating! Tonight's Recipe: [View All]
Complicated and time consuming, but well worth it! ds/User_files/576b4ab35c6d84a3.j
146 messages
03-27-17 11:45 AM
Reason #471,652 why it's awesome being Canadian
This is a totally Canadian thing to do: [iframe width="560" height="315" src="// Ykz
9 messages
03-27-17 11:41 AM
Happy Fourth of July to the good folks south of the border
238 years old from the Declaration of Independence in 1776. 231 years old if you ask the Brits who didn't recognize the U.S. until 1783. 2
8 messages
03-27-17 11:34 AM
OMG! Survivor Season 34 BTS Sign Ups Are Now Available!
With the season premiere of [i]Survivor S34: Game Changers[/i] upon us I awaken from my chemically induced slumber to offer everyone
8 messages
03-25-17 12:15 PM
OT March Madness 2017
Also up on the Sports page... I've set up a Yahoo Bracket Challenge for the OT gang. Group is OT March Madness 2017, group 82104, pas
2 messages
03-25-17 11:14 AM
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