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The Trayvon Martin shooting. [View All]
All I'm personally asking on this case is one simple thing: if the county officials truly believe the trigger was pulled under circumstances of c
368 messages
07-30-14 01:49 PM
♪A three hour tour…♫ -boat-gets-stranded-after-aft/landing.html?blockID=869777&feedID=11106
4 messages
07-29-14 05:44 PM
In the spirit of Conservapedia...
...welcome to ReaganBook, a-new-conservative-version-of-facebook-called-reaganbook/%0
0 messages
07-29-14 04:36 PM
Trope Of The Day IX: you're entitled. [View All]
In which we explore the world of trope things which Rush Limbaugh has no comprehension of, also known as 'pretty much everything'.
135 messages
07-29-14 09:05 AM
SCOTUS: Corporations may hold and enforce their religious beliefs on others. [View All]
So if you thought you were going to Heaven? Sorry, but Apple just bought all the space. *sigh* Congratulations. This c
50 messages
07-28-14 03:00 PM
RIP James Garner
One of the most entertaining actors of all time, IMO. His "James Rockford" was brilliant.
15 messages
07-28-14 10:29 AM
Multiple Choice
You go over to someone's house and thy invite you to have a seat on this: [ -
10 messages
07-28-14 08:23 AM
Another Malaysia Airlines flight goes down
This time, Flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur as it flew over Russian and Ukraine air space, reportedly shot down by a missile. T
18 messages
07-25-14 09:45 PM
*reads headline* Please don't be NC, please don't be NC [View All]
[b]GOP Candidate Charges Opponent Is Dead, Represented By A Body Double[/b] *skims* Halleluiah, NOT a North Ca
25 messages
07-25-14 06:18 PM
George Harrison killed by Beetles
In a horrible ironic twist of fate, Beetles first infected, then killed George Harrison while my guitar silently wept. Add
6 messages
07-24-14 10:59 PM
Who is surrendering what to whom?
And how did no one see this happen? olice-investigating-mysterious-white-flags-on-b
8 messages
07-24-14 10:55 PM
Men creating God in their own image
'I would never make anything other than humans intelligent in the universe, because as a human, I am the most special thing there is and am dete
20 messages
07-24-14 10:37 PM
Seventy-five years ago today...
A man possessing the intellectual ability to forsee the consequences of his own so-called moral code of the average gnat began a career of taking mass
2 messages
07-23-14 09:18 PM
I think I'm missing something. [View All]
If your position on not paying your grazing fees is that you don't recognize the federal government as existing, why are you riding around the pro
82 messages
07-23-14 12:19 PM
Call in! [View All]
On your first post here, pick somebody you haven't seen here in a while. Call them in and maybe they'll show up, yup. I'm callin
25 messages
07-21-14 10:35 PM
Final proof of anti-faith bias in the terminally liberal media. ed Because it's certainly not possible that the movie might just plain [i]svck[%2
5 messages
07-18-14 07:47 PM
Whosoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy... /2014/07/hp_marvel_ladythor_655.jpg
20 messages
07-18-14 02:20 PM
Blurred lines [View All]
I'm conflicted on the possible mysogeny of this video/song. On the one hand, it seems like it's just a song and people should get over it. O
23 messages
07-17-14 01:24 PM
Do you believe in psychics?
So as I do believe in a spiritual realm, such as angels and such, Im not so sure about those who take it to the extreme, create giant businesses
8 messages
07-17-14 10:15 AM
Who needs Smith?
Apparently . Another grassroots political movement advertising on the Internet. Gosh. Well, it's not
1 messages
07-15-14 01:24 PM
The last five songs on my playlist were...
One of our long departed chums posted in another place on the last five tracks she had listened to on "Pandora". Sadly they don't "broadcast%2
1 messages
07-15-14 11:50 AM
Explain soccer to me please [View All]
So, no. I don't know a thing about soccer. Except that some of the players have "hot" bodies! Dated a soccer player once - or twice
55 messages
07-15-14 06:24 AM
It's not too late to come aboard! [View All]
After yesterdays celebration of a French victory against the British you may be feeling somewhat patriotic [
37 messages
07-09-14 09:50 PM
Just guess [View All]
How much is this pile of coins worth in U.S. dollars and cents? ds/User_files/53b78d8
32 messages
07-09-14 09:54 AM
Something else to worry about
My friend of mine told me about this -- he did a simple Google search of another friend of his and found a site (I'm not naming) that will provi
3 messages
07-08-14 08:51 AM
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