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Here's hoping Phuc can hang on as long as possible. He looks like the most entertaining person on both shows.
2 messages
04-08-16 10:32 AM
TV Guide: A hint on the outcome of Average Joe II?
Larissa is in this week's TV guide. (January 3rd issue). She says, "we're judged every day and in everything we do ... I think it's dee
Howard Dean
8 messages
04-08-16 10:31 AM
Poor Matthew
I really felt bad for Matthew. I thought it was especially touching when one of the other guys was telling him he did good and not to worry. I don't
2 messages
04-08-16 10:30 AM
Official Summary: Average Joe 4, Episode 5: Kissing Anna
[font size=3][b]Official Summary: Average Joe 4, Episode 5: Kissing Anna [font][/b] Welcome to the second to las
5 messages
03-25-16 03:53 PM
Past Seasons
Can someone supply me the link to a place on the web where I can get pictures on the cast from the previous seasons of Average Joe. NBC only has the
Wacko Jacko
2 messages
03-25-16 03:51 PM
Line of the night from Fredo [View All]
After watching them on the island for a bit and getting a good dose of how unbelievably vapid Jim is, I burst out laughing when Fredo blurted out ex
25 messages
03-09-16 11:51 AM
Average Joe 2: Looking for pics/names of the joes
I saw the preview to the second season which will air in the very near future and one of the Joes looks a lot like a guy, David Daskal, that I wen
15 messages
03-09-16 11:49 AM
topical analgesic & HIVES [View All]
what was up with that guy's hives? I know it wasnt supposed to be funny but he sent me into hysterics with his needing a "topical analgesic" f
29 messages
02-18-16 04:38 PM
To Natan: Anna Reality Check
Nathan, I had the finale TiVo'd, and I just got a chance to watch it tonight. You seem like a genuinely smart and nice person, and I have not
10 messages
02-18-16 04:36 PM
Average Joe 3: Adam Returns is casting a new show
NBC STUDIOS AVERAGE JOE 3: ADAM RETURNS NBC has announced a new chapter in the Average Joe Series. Adam Mesh
1 messages
01-27-16 06:44 PM
Where are they now? [View All]
I didn't realize it until I checked my contract, but I'm apparently obligated to be Nathan's ##### now that he's the winner. And
39 messages
01-27-16 06:31 PM
Melana and Zach together?
Did anyone see the most recent In Touch magazine? They report that Melana dumped Jason for Zach. Now, from what I saw, I would pick Adam over
8 messages
01-22-16 04:27 PM
you would
have to be really bored to write on a dead forum like this!
0 messages
09-04-15 02:33 PM
We have just had Average Joe - Adam Returns here in the UK, in fact the final episode is tomorrow, but I already know the outcome. I am aware this
11 messages
05-04-15 12:20 PM
Average Jane
There should be an Average Jane. Let a plain woman have her pick of attractive men. This "nerdette" would much appreciate it. %
4 messages
03-11-15 05:36 PM
Fredo From Average Joe
Can someone tell me where he is now, what hes up to, how hes doing, where to find him(like on myspace or something) and etc. :-S
1 messages
03-11-15 05:35 PM
Hey, has anybody seen...
that new Wendy's commercial with three animated circles and an animated square? They remind me of Lumpstuff.
1 messages
03-11-15 05:34 PM
Average Joe
Does anyone know if there is going to be another Average Joe or Jane? I really like that show so I sure hope so.
1 messages
03-11-15 01:42 PM
Copy of Average Joe season 4
Does anyone have a copy of the season 4 episodes of Average Joe? I was the Life Coach on the show and I don't have a copy. I am most interested in
1 messages
03-01-15 10:16 PM
Josh where are you????
Josh Nachlas if you ever read these message boards, please respond to me. I thought you were simply adorable and I totally fell in love with your pe
Crazy 4 Josh Nachlas
16 messages
08-26-05 01:59 AM
Just thought everyone should know about Carson. I work at a casino in vegas and he was playing blackjack w/a former apprentice castoff. He is the
4 messages
08-15-05 03:12 PM
Average Joe's Cheating Men
So how do you feel about the guys that cheated on the show?How do you feel about guys that cheat on their wives?Nathan,Jason,Arthur any of the
10 messages
08-14-05 09:36 AM
Self respect [View All]
I can't believe that I have actually watched this tripe. Don't these Joes have ANY self- respect? Do people really debase and humiliate themselv
21 messages
08-08-05 08:37 AM
An update for anyone who is interested. [View All]
Okay. First off, I have to say "hey" to everyone here. I realize that I made a few posts in the past and then *poof* I was gone. My reaso
Nathan Griffin
63 messages
08-03-05 08:21 PM
Official Summary AJ4 - Finale: Cheaters Never Win
[b][I][font color=”blue”]Can there be true love between a beauty and an Average Joe? [/b][/I][/font]Anna Chukov
4 messages
08-02-05 11:14 PM
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