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Conferences Starting Over Individual Houseguest Discussion Forum (Protected)
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From season 2--sommer is a big time beotch
I hadn't seen her on 2 before-caught her on 3, and I cannot believe what a low life she is. Smirking about the break-in, starting all sorts of c
8 messages
02-23-16 06:44 PM
Does anyone know what Jodi does for a living that she is "So Successful" at [View All]
I am sorry if this is a repeat post. I don't remember anyone asking this. I am so curious because she is constantly talking about how successful s
36 messages
01-25-16 04:40 PM
Allison's baaaaaack, well, almost.
Check out Allison's website, and you'll see that she's changed her homepage. Got a collage of pictures, from SO and e
20 messages
08-23-09 12:14 PM
Just thought y'all would be interested in Christie's latest and greatest con job... She is a LIFE COACH!!! Yep, and YOU can get some LIFE
25 messages
11-15-07 11:47 PM
Towanda went from "Here I Am!" to "Where You At?" to "Whatever Happened To!" [View All]
Towanda went on Starting Over to basically become a solo artist. She recorded a great song "Here I Am" that should of become a Hit. She should of
23 messages
05-30-07 07:14 PM
Cassie Mizer strikes again
I knew Cassie would find another sucker to glum on to and she wasted no time, either. Some fan here in Washington (state) offered her a pla
17 messages
05-26-07 10:12 PM
Lori from the first season [View All]
Anyone know whatever happened to her? She seemed to be the one most in need of help and I haven't heard anything about her since the show.
23 messages
05-11-07 07:55 PM
Antonia on TV...AGAIN!
I am watching a new show, right now, on Style Network called Shopaholic 911. As it was coming on I thought the "shopaholic" looked familiar%2
8 messages
02-21-07 03:32 PM
Chrisitina's married again?
According to Christina's MySpace bio htpp:// she's married again. And, living in Ohio. With James. Her husband%2
14 messages
02-16-07 02:53 PM
Christina on Dr. Keith Ablow ????
I saw a preview today for Thursday's (10/26/06) show of Dr. Keith Ablow. The subject is guests who finally tell the truth. I would swear Chr
13 messages
11-01-06 10:59 PM
Christina's last name.
Someone, on another thread, asked about Christina's last name. But, since the thread was locked, I think for going off-topic, I couldn't
2 messages
10-16-06 08:11 AM
christina has hit a bottom low!
christina is now selling used leg warmers from her grandmother. apparently she is calling them "vintage" and she is sewing on buttons and stuff.%0
41 messages
10-11-06 03:31 PM
Guess who's says she's moving to Atlanta? Yes Jill!
I wonder what happened to the public relations job she just got in California? She said she was planning to move closer to that job just a little w
5 messages
09-26-06 07:48 PM
Today is 9/11 and I have been thinking about about her alot today. I hope that her stay in the house helped her get the peace that she so desperate
6 messages
09-15-06 04:32 PM
Attention New Posters
Starting Over has been cancelled. Please do not start new threads asking about the status of the show, why your station is no longer airing it, wh
0 messages
09-14-06 00:09 AM
Moderator Message: The RTVW SO Forums FAQ List [View All]
[font color=blue]PLEASE READ, even if you've seen some of this before. Compiled by yours truly from posts of Bebo, MysticWolf, an
Cygnus X1
65 messages
09-11-06 09:50 PM
What has happened to Starting Over?
Have they cancelled our show? All of a sudden I can not find it any where. I have been waiting all summer for the new season and now nothing. Does a
1 messages
09-11-06 07:23 PM
Kimmie's World - About Towanda
On KimmiesWorld website she stated that Towanda was having her second child. Where did that come from? I didn't know she had a first kid. Does
3 messages
09-08-06 10:16 PM
Has Jill Had Surgery Yet to Remove the 40lb Tumor? [View All]
There was such a sense of urgency on Iyanla's part when Jill was in the house concerning this so-called 40 lb. tumor. She received a lot of sympathy
22 messages
09-08-06 01:39 PM
Is Allison a Christian?
Being a Christian myself, I was wondering if she is because I just loved watching her on the show and I could really relate to her.
2 messages
09-04-06 12:41 PM
Does anyone know what Allison or any of the other houseguests religious beliefs are, if any? I was just wondering Allison was one of my favorite h
1 messages
09-03-06 07:02 PM
I am so dissapointed with Starting Over and Allison. I know that she already had a graduation service. but I can't wrap my mind around her getting t
6 messages
08-30-06 04:11 PM
More LISA....what a mess! [View All]
I know a lot of you have seen this group of women when it first aired, but I'm continually astonished at what a royal b**** she is! My
44 messages
08-30-06 07:52 AM
I am alive and well, thank you for caring and sharing! TJ [View All]
I received an email from a viewer named Dawn, it took me so long to write my response to her and after reading the message boards I thought I would
The Real TJ
85 messages
08-30-06 07:26 AM
Allison putting groceries (and wine) on credit cards! [View All]
Yeah, I'd say you're living beyond your means if you're putting your South Beach frozen entrees and Kendall Jackson wine on the Visa and Maste
32 messages
08-29-06 05:53 PM
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