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1 gay man not picked...
Who will James choose?
1 messages
04-07-22 08:26 AM
James and Jai? [View All]
I heard that they were seen together. Anyone know how things are going with James? Did he have fun on his trip with they guy he picked? Is he d
25 messages
07-10-16 04:33 PM
Boy meets boy… “Did anyone get the message?”
[center][b]Boy meets boy… “Did anyone get the message?”[/b][/center] [span style="text-inden
1 messages
03-24-16 10:30 AM
Boy Meets Boy Creates a Ray of Hope!!!!!!!!!!
For starters let me just say that I am so happy that Wes was not the straight mate. Half way into the show tonight I realized the straight mate was Fr
3 messages
12-11-15 03:49 PM
On Boy Meets Boy, Some one said Nellied out????
On one of the episodes the mates were discussing who was the most masculine acting mate. And someone, either Wes or Brian used the term nellied out
1 messages
12-11-15 03:39 PM
Boy Meets Boy...An Unethical Production
To the Producers of Boy Meets Boy and Bravo and anyone else interested: With every show that I can think of, the participants either wi
16 messages
12-11-15 03:37 PM
Anyone else like Mad TV's Adria skits?
The first one was the funniest, but they're all pretty good. I liked watching BMB just to watch Adria go off.
2 messages
05-12-15 03:55 PM
True love for Wes and James
Franklin is the straight man out.
10 messages
05-06-15 01:58 PM
boys meets boy
Hi, Does someone have complete season of boys meets boy on tape. I'd like to see it. Can you help me? thanks
1 messages
01-03-05 08:33 PM
A new run for Boy Meets Boy
Well, there may not be a second season, but there's still some life in the old girl yet. James and Andra are heading down to Australia, the s
0 messages
08-24-04 01:11 AM
Who was (or still is) your favorite Boy Bachelor?
Your pick doesn't have to be a gay bachelor. Mine was Robb. I'm still trying to figure out how he got the boot. He was fun, handsom
10 messages
08-24-04 01:09 AM
I just bought the dvd of season one, and now I am trying to find out when season two is coming on? There is nothing to be found on or
2 messages
08-24-04 01:06 AM
Boy Meets Boy Episode Six Official Summary: “Testing James’ Gaydar” (or “The One with the Somewhat Happy Ending)”
[I]Some of you may recognize yours truly as the reality-TV-addicted writer of the critically acclaimed series ‘Gay Survivor Journal.’ I have
3 messages
09-22-03 10:08 AM
odd BMB update
Well, tonight I learned something new. Everyone was called back to do a reunion show. This is from mate Jason. He was a guest bartender at a neig
2 messages
09-10-03 00:54 AM
new james interview from TV guide
Last week on Bravo's Boy Meets Boy, the gay dating show concluded with James Getzlaff choosing Wes over straight imposter Franklin and boring bart
0 messages
09-08-03 03:59 PM
Boy Meets Boy Aftermath
Has anyone heard anything about the status of James and Wes since they taped the final episode? Have they already gone on their trip? Are they dat
3 messages
09-08-03 12:28 PM
Interview with James
James' Interview [ rnum=545|Gaywatch: The dish from James of "Boy Meets Boy"]
1 messages
09-07-03 03:45 PM
Am I the only one who hoped James picked the Str8 guy??
I mean, c'mon. You don't get nothin for free honey. And it serves him right for trying to come on a game show to find "true love" on a [b%
1 messages
09-07-03 00:45 AM
BMB: Surprised NO Disappointed YES
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 09-02-03 AT 11:40 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
2 messages
09-03-03 11:21 PM
Boy Meets Boy - Who is the straight man left? [View All]
I like Wes but suddenly, I am thinking he might be the one who is the stright guy. There is an actor by the same name. He doesn't list in his bi
61 messages
09-03-03 05:05 PM
Boy Meets Boy - Why I think Franklin is Straight
It's simple Although my intuition says Franklin's the straightest, I know that can go wrong at times. It's only 50% accurate.
2 messages
09-03-03 01:22 PM
Racist BMB??
Why is that every non-picked guy got some extra airtime except for the Black Guy Chris?? And HE was gay!
2 messages
09-02-03 11:58 PM
James' Gaydar sucks!
It seems like he got every one wrong that he was trying to guess with Andra...unless they only showed us the ones he got wrong!
1 messages
09-02-03 09:31 PM
Boy Meets Boy: Franklin could be gay
The very good Franklin/Sean theory might not be 100% correct if you think outside the box as the producers obviously did from the beginning. Withi
4 messages
09-02-03 07:21 PM
BMB Blue Shirt versus Black Shirts (spoiler maybe)
I just had a thought about the coming episode of Boy Meets Boy. Do you think there might be one more elimination, before James' final decision.
1 messages
09-02-03 07:15 PM
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