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Fame-Ep. 2
The way things started off last night, I thought that the talent in group two was going to be subpar. Luckily, I was wrong. Todd-It'
4 messages
07-10-16 04:16 PM
The winner is: [View All]
***************************************- **********
21 messages
02-18-16 02:36 PM
Fame-Ep. 1 [View All]
Wow does the talent on Fame blow American Idol out of the water! I don't think ANY of the top performers of American Idol would've made it past
21 messages
01-27-16 01:38 PM
FAME 6-18-03 SHOW
I thought the show was great tonight. Alex was my favorite.
11 messages
01-27-16 01:33 PM
Fame, the second eliminations
I didn't see a previous post about last night's show, so I hope I'm not accidentally duplicating effort here. I agreed with the two
5 messages
01-15-16 04:51 PM
Jesse Borrego was my favorite
I watched Fame faithfully everytime it came on just to see him dance. He is still fine and my favorite.
4 messages
12-08-15 04:59 PM
unable to vote !!
I live in san diego and this is the third week in a row I tried to phone in from my home area after watching the show ... after dialing in ... a recor
4 messages
03-11-15 12:50 PM
Unofficial Summary: Remember my Name Fame!
Remember my Name Fame! I’m gonna live forever, I’m gonna learn how to fly high! I feel it coming together, people wil
14 messages
03-11-15 12:16 PM
I really like the remix of the theme song for this show. Does anyone know who it's by? I've been looking and I can't find it anywhere. Any
1 messages
03-09-15 11:03 AM
Harlemm got the shaft
Not too long ago, Harlemm made an appearance in San Diego. I was there, but by luck. If I had not been flipping the channels, I would have mis
1 messages
03-05-15 06:28 PM
Debbie's guffs
Did anyone notice the two faux pas' Debbie Allen made at the finale show? First she tugged at her hair in the opening couple of minutes, which
2 messages
03-02-15 05:25 PM
Off subject topic, in wrong area...BUT I NEED HELP FROM YOU REALITY FOLKS!
I'm trying to track down the Songs from the "Fame" TV show that lasted about 6 weeks. From what I've seen of it, I like it. I've been as
0 messages
10-18-06 09:58 PM
Fame. The first eliminations
So I'm pretty shocked to see Alysson Arena make it into the next round and Lauren Hildebrandt didn't. In my review of last week, I had Garry Ad
13 messages
12-09-03 11:25 PM
Who got voted off tonight?
I missed the show and I heard that 3 people were getting voted off. If anyone knows I would love to hear. Thanks!
5 messages
07-22-03 12:57 PM
Fame-What Drama!
Hi Serena You did great! Congratulations. Very proud of you and happy for your growth thatís taking place. Iíve seen you dance for a l
0 messages
07-17-03 04:07 AM
So who actually votes on "Fame"?
I stopped watching after last week when Jamisen was voted off the show, but I did catch some of th eelimination between "Paradise Hotel" breaks
3 messages
07-14-03 10:40 PM
FAME Episode 7 Help!!!!!!
Hi, I've managed to tape every single episode of Fame, up until this past Wednesday night (July 9 - Episode 7). Does anyone have
4 messages
07-14-03 09:54 PM
Fame Latest episode 7/8/03-Crazy but try it!
Serena-If you really want this, forget about Vegas show lounges. In fact, don't ever mention it again. Pull the reverse, tell your mind t
0 messages
07-11-03 02:10 AM
Fame latest episode
Hi, I am loving the show! I watched it the past couple of weekends on Bravo like for hours. Then when this past Wednesday hit, I was so hyp
0 messages
07-11-03 01:19 AM
Fame, Episode 4
I know I've said a LOT of bad things about this show and the contestants. I haven't turned over a new leaf on the show, I still think the Debbi
8 messages
06-15-03 05:52 PM
Fame-Ep 3
Anyone else watch tonights show? What did you think? I thought the first girl was smokin. She did a good job with her song choice,
13 messages
06-11-03 07:56 AM

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