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That's a New One on Me....
I have never heard of anyone having a Love Boat phobia before. ds/User_files%
16 messages
01-21-04 12:43 PM
The Gauntlet Finale
The end of the Gauntlet was shocking. I never expected Sarah, Cara, Or Veronica to finish at all! The Real World made a HUGE mistake by sendin
4 messages
01-22-04 03:04 PM
the last song
Does anyone know who sings the last song played and the end of the real world paris. I one as they all were leaving. Thanks
1 messages
01-23-04 08:52 PM
OMG! They've killed Coral!
Did I hear the preview correctly? Coral stops breathing? I don't think it's too much of a spoiler to remind everyone that she's competing
16 messages
01-24-04 05:25 PM
gauntlet theme
does anyone know what the theme song of the gauntlet was and who it was by?
0 messages
01-25-04 01:10 AM
Underage Drinking
Now I admit, I am a drinker and smoker and I am over 21. I get sick of those truth commericals, trying to badger MTV into stopping smo
0 messages
01-28-04 01:27 PM
First Inferno Boot off Is...............................
Whell i was reading on tubescanboard and this girl gave a clue to the first person to be elminated teh clue was y'all should just some with a bear a
6 messages
01-28-04 01:31 PM
Real World San Diego what do we think after episode 1?
Personally, I think MTV needs to stop showing everyone puking, hacking up lungs, etc... I am so sick of watching and listening to this.
14 messages
01-28-04 07:23 PM
Tonight, on a Very Special Episode of The Gauntlet
Brave and ballsy Sarah, who has shown more heart and courage than any of the other morons on this show, has been given a reprieve by her "teamma
16 messages
01-28-04 07:41 PM
Must Have Been a Slow Crime Night
I'm as delighted as anyone at the sight of not one, but two, of these losers hauled away in cuffs for a night in the San Diego hoosegow, but e
10 messages
01-31-04 06:31 PM
Inferno cast finally confirmed
it on now the cast is confirmed as everyoen already knows its Real World 1. Syrus from Real World Boston 2. David
8 messages
01-31-04 06:32 PM
Does anyone know who/when gets booted from INFERNO?
I am searching for a BOOT ORDER... some spoiler info would be very helpful THANKS! CHEERS
0 messages
01-31-04 10:36 PM
Mary-Ellis Bunim dead at 57
Just came over the wires... cles/story.php?s=2210
4 messages
02-01-04 01:50 AM
Murray-Bunim wrote the ignore them
It was sad to know that Mary Bunim passed away at 57. That is way too young. Mary and her partner, Murray are the "parents" of reality tv. Real
mocha madness
1 messages
02-02-04 04:08 PM
Julie is trying to kill Veronica!
Looks like the going rate for a dead BMP ho is $10,000. God, I love this show!
18 messages
02-04-04 09:42 PM
Real World San Diego
It seems every year that real world turns into more and more of a porn with editing when people get naked. THese people are at this house for a long
4 messages
02-04-04 09:55 PM
Most Loved/ Hated
Who do you love the least and the most of all Real World / Road Rules cast members. My favorites are Melissa from New Orleans / Norman
27 messages
02-04-04 09:59 PM
What Happened Last Night? I Missed It.
Spill. ds/User_files/3f4e5b4328259df7.gif
5 messages
02-06-04 04:21 PM
a bunch of ingrates
I haven't seen one website of these brats that even mentions, let alone offers sympathy for the death of Mary Ellis-Bunim. A few have e
5 messages
02-07-04 07:11 PM
Okay, They Put Ruthie Through an Intervention on TV... I think it's time the housemates suggest NOT DRINKING to Frankie. How many blackouts has she had in roughly 10 days of filming? If she wak
9 messages
02-09-04 01:14 AM
Real World and/or Inferno Viewers, It's Time to Vote!
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-09-04 AT 06:44 PM (EST)[/font] 1. How many minutes will elapse between the time Robin and Ran
3 messages
02-10-04 02:04 PM
What am I doing?
Ok, I'm just trying to figure out what all these different little link buttons do...and I think this one is making my own post, but I'm not su
4 messages
02-17-04 07:45 PM
Frankie scared of BOATS?
what the heck is wrong with this weirdo? first of all, she's tryin to hook up with the 2 dudes. that's not gonna happen b/c she's a frea
16 messages
02-18-04 02:15 AM
Just Change the Name to Mike 'N' Coral's Flaming Scary Challenge
Cos damn, each and every one of these things now centers around these two. Like Coral, I wouldn't have minded seeing a few roaches crawling aro
7 messages
02-18-04 04:31 PM
Real World Hawaii Phone for sale on Ebay, hmm.
Looks like that certificate of authenticity is legit, could be interesting. wItem&i
1 messages
02-18-04 04:36 PM
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