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Guess who is working for Jim Rome now?
I'm listing to Rome and he welcomes a new comer to his show....use to be on the RW and Days of Our Lives.... Kyle Brandt: http://
5 messages
01-11-08 05:28 PM
Real World Sydney Discussion 01/02/2008 Episode
Is this season not over yet? Looks like Alex re-appears and there some type of announcement that have the roomies on edge...what is it?
14 messages
01-09-08 01:01 AM
Real World Sydney Discussion 12/26/2007 Episode
What does 'em in? KellyAnne's drinking or Dunbar's temper? Let's talk about all the drama here.
15 messages
12-29-07 10:29 PM
Real World Sydney Discussion 12/19/2007 Episode
Let's talk about this week's episode here. What will the idiots do next?
14 messages
12-21-07 11:19 AM
This show is a losing battle, but with Isaac being a hottie, it makes it worth watching. He is so calm, witty and sees the mentality of the oth
1 messages
12-20-07 09:12 AM
Real World Sydney Discussion 12/12/2007 Episode
Looks like it is couples night. Cohutta/Kelly Anne and Kristi(or whatever her name is)/Dunbar. Lets keep discussing these idiots here.
17 messages
12-14-07 09:22 PM
Real World Sydney Discussion 12/05/2007 Episode
Isaac makes it home and let's hope he puts everyone in their place. Let's talk about it here.
17 messages
12-10-07 02:31 PM
It made me sad that NO ONE backed Parisa up during that "house meeting." Man, I was sooo proud of her for sticking to her guns! Especially aga
19 messages
12-06-07 05:47 PM
I am on Parissa's Side
Haters will always hate and that will push you to keep going forward in LIFE... I think Parissa did a good thing to kick Trisha out. T
1 messages
12-04-07 02:05 PM
Real World Sydney Episode 17 Discussion 11/28/2007
I missed last week's pushfest and hope to catch it on a rerun. I guess we see what happens with the fallout from here. Let's talk about the idiots
15 messages
12-03-07 01:34 AM
What a joke!!!
I missed last weeks episode and just watched it right now. Is KellyAnne serious???? She was spitting??? OMG, how immature!! Who do
1 messages
11-30-07 01:34 PM
Real World Sydney Episode 15 Discussion 11/14/2007 [View All]
The idiots continue to survive from one week to the next...will someone else go home this week? Let's chat about the drama here.
28 messages
11-29-07 11:56 AM
Trisha is an #####
So, she pushes someone. Physical violence which is even worse than her verbal abuse and she has the nerve to be upset because she has to go home?
4 messages
11-29-07 09:19 AM
Kelly Ann as a victoria's secret model?!
I may be (probably am) wrong, but is this Kelly Ann? Doesn't it look like her? [ 2
3 messages
11-21-07 12:47 PM
Real World Sydney Spoiler (Trisha or Parisa)
Don't read, if you don't want to know who gets booted. =filler= =filler= =filler= =filler= =fil
1 messages
11-20-07 11:32 AM
Individual Profiles
Here are all my thoughts on this years cast. Feel free to leave comments. I can't wait to see tonight's show and see what's going on with Isaa
1 messages
11-16-07 05:03 PM
Isaac Has Faxed Himself to China
Check out all my thoughts on last night's episode, my favorite one of this season. Feel free to make comments of your own. http:/%
0 messages
11-15-07 00:57 AM
Real World Sydney Episode 14 Discussion 11/07/2007 [View All]
The newbie arrives and let's see if she fits in. Chat about it here.
23 messages
11-12-07 10:21 AM
Real World Sydney Episode 13 Discussion 10/31/2007
It is finally here...TV Guide says that someone voluntarily goes home this week. Wonder who that could be???? Let's talk about the departure
18 messages
11-04-07 06:16 PM
Real World Sydney Episode 12 Discussion 10/24/2007
My online TV Guide doesn't give me a description of tonight's episode but you just know there will be bickering between the b[]itches. Let '
16 messages
10-27-07 04:20 PM
Real World Sydney Episode 11 Discussion 10/17/2007 [View All]
The fight are we up for round 2? Let it all happen and let's sort it out here.
32 messages
10-25-07 01:57 AM
The Real World Sydney Episode 10 Discussion 10/10/2007 [View All]
Let the hens continue to bicker and we will chat about it here.
24 messages
10-18-07 06:27 PM
The Real World Sydney Episode 9 Discussion 10/03/2007
Parisa, Trisha and Alek get into a love triangle. Which wench will he end up with? Will Cohutta keep his wits and STAY AWAY FROM KELLYANNE? Let%
16 messages
10-12-07 02:34 PM
The Real World Sydney Episode 7 Discussion 09/19/2007 [View All]
It's Mardi Gras time...let the fun and drama begin. Let's talk it up here!
24 messages
10-04-07 01:49 AM
The Real World Sydney Episode 8 Discussion 09/26/2007
It is early in the season to find out but they have a job! The roomies find out what they will be doing but they seem to get lost talking about Pari
6 messages
09-29-07 08:47 PM
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