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The Real World San Diego - My Neighbors
I apparently live exactly one mile from the Real World San Diego house... which is located in Point Loma. Should I check it out or what?
1 messages
09-10-03 04:59 AM
I've got to admit that I wasn't impressed with the Tina-Mary Beth makeup scenes in last night's firewalk on Road Rules: South Pacific. Tina s
3 messages
09-12-03 02:39 PM
Old Pueblo Real World Top Stories
Old Pueblo Real World Top Stories 09-15-2003 03:11:PM (Tucson, AZ) -- It has been said that the good life is "playing the gu
0 messages
09-16-03 01:08 PM
Mallory Snyder's page /mtt/snyder_mallory00.html who knew how pretty she was!
11 messages
09-24-03 02:27 AM
Lindsay Brien's (RW Seattle) New Show
0 messages
09-24-03 03:09 PM
Real World vs. Road Rules: The Gauntlet
Anyone excited about this? I'm pumped. I love these challenges. Can't wait until I can participate in my first all-star challenge. ;) %
10 messages
10-11-03 01:50 PM
Did anyone else feel like Donnell provoked Abram until he got him to fight? To me he baited him into it, it was a scheme. Donnell is obviously a l
6 messages
10-17-03 11:57 AM
Raver Pic of Christina
So.....I was cruizing the Club Rubber web site in preparation of the big Pimp & Ho party at the San Diego Sports Arena and who do I happen to see en
2 messages
10-24-03 05:27 AM
this real world is crazy Chris took credit for Leeahs freinds actions.And never fessed upand told the girls tat it wasnt him he just kept taking credi
1 messages
10-31-03 08:39 PM
New Couple
Although I hardly think it will last. According to Wanda, they met on the RW/RR Challenge. To me, it sounds like a match made in hell. %0
5 messages
11-08-03 07:27 AM
RealWorld Siting
Since I haven't been following the cast of the RW San Diego I dont know the names but while at On Broadway tonight, I ran into the blonde girl and
0 messages
11-15-03 04:25 AM
camp cool
hey, i just saw this over on the mtv site. maybe they'll finally give some air time to people who aren't just anorexic pretty boys/girls.%
0 messages
11-21-03 07:42 PM
Rape reported at Real World House
Just read it in the Smoking Gun, see for yourselves! d1.html Scary huh!%
2 messages
11-26-03 04:46 PM
Couldn't have been better!!
I think that Real World was awesome. Whoever didn't like it was boring thereself. I wanted Mallory and Ace to hook up. They looked extremely cut
2 messages
11-29-03 07:29 PM
Real World Paris
This season of the real world has been boring to me. Is anyone else just plain bored with it too? I mean, its not horrible but kinda dragging and
13 messages
12-03-03 11:20 AM
Real World: Paris Reunion
It was too short..I thought that the interaction between Leah and CT was really strange...Leah is really blunt too lol she will say "
0 messages
12-03-03 04:19 PM
The Real World San Diego
So The Real World has been in San Diego taping for about a month now. Its been interesting to watching them shut down my favorite ice cream store and
3 messages
12-03-03 09:26 PM
Which rock star did Cara kiss on RR Chicago?
Just wondering who it was? Anyone??????????
3 messages
12-19-03 06:03 PM
the gauntlet.
even though she might be right....ooooooo coral is gonna get her comeuppance and i can't wait til they boot her butt...she is so high and migh
6 messages
12-20-03 05:43 PM
CT is a #####
Anyone know where to find this guy...He needs to be taught respect for the humble people he piks on...I laugh when I see him acting that way towards p
0 messages
01-04-04 07:35 AM
The Reunion
I was a little confused by the whole thing, are Leah and CT together?? What a strange couple, if so! But CT was looking hot, why didn't
7 messages
01-04-04 04:00 PM
Gauntlet Spoiler-Don't read if you don't want to know
fillerfiller---------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
40 messages
01-04-04 04:07 PM
RW/RR Challenge: The Inferno (Jan/Feb 2003) List
The new challenge will be airing the same as the newest RW: San Diego. Here's the latest list of who will be on the newest RW/RR challenge:%0
13 messages
01-05-04 10:38 PM
too old?
is it just possible that i have crossed the age line and i am just too old to be watching the real world? i used to LOVE the real world....i loved n
24 messages
01-07-04 07:03 PM
Real World San Diego
I was really insulted by the first couple episodes of this Real World... I cannot believe the ignorance of some cast members not to mention Came
1 messages
01-15-04 08:00 PM
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