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MJ on Sports Talk show.
MJ was recently in New Haven and made an appearance on a sports show called The Penalty Box. The broadcast can be downloaded at %
0 messages
02-19-05 11:13 PM
Real World Philly: 02/15/05
Well, here we go! Let's chat about it!
24 messages
02-22-05 12:24 PM
randy and kina are dating!
me and my friends were eating at Friday's, when we saw Kina from Road rules getting cozy with Randy from Real World San Diego
2 messages
02-22-05 02:22 PM
I think Veroniho forgot to do something...
You'll see what I mean if you go to the Inferno 2 site, click on CAST PHOTOS, and go to Picture #10. http://community.reality
2 messages
02-22-05 07:22 PM
RTVW Official Summary : Episode 22; I am not currently dating anyone
To start things off I would like to answer the most asked question. Yes, this boring season is still being aired! These idiots are still threateni
20 messages
02-24-05 05:11 PM
RTVW Official Summary: RW Philly Ep. 23
RTVW Official Summary: RW Philly Ep. 23: Amazing Race, Real World Style Joy of joys! It's time for another girlfriend visit
Mon Cherie
15 messages
03-01-05 04:45 PM
Real World/Road Rules Uncensored
anyone watching?
20 messages
03-02-05 01:52 AM
Real World Research :)
Hey all :) I am doing a research study about The Real World and its avid fans. Being a fan of the show myself, I couldn't think of
2 messages
03-04-05 02:25 PM
what's this I hear about a tattoo in Fiji?
Apparently all of the cast had XV tattooed on their body while in Fiji. Any body else hear about this? Check out this [link:www.wi
2 messages
03-04-05 03:05 PM
Is RW San Diego's Jacquese a...
Stud? According to MTV's Wanna Come In? He is. Today's episode featured him and Steven (Las Vegas) as the studs. http://c
5 messages
03-05-05 07:16 PM
Real World Philly - March 1st
OMG! You people are too funny. If only I'd gotten here sooner. Looks like I'll be contributing tonight. BTW, If you ever catch the
36 messages
03-06-05 01:20 PM
Official Summary; Real World Philly: Episode 24; I haven't gained THAT much weight!
I want to begin by apologizing for taking so long to get the summary written! I had last week’s TAR summary as a tag team effort with Jims. If you
5 messages
03-12-05 03:27 PM
Inferno 2: Good vs. Bad
Who else is watching and wants to chat about it?
53 messages
03-13-05 02:36 AM
Finale Summary....
Will be up no later than tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, been dealing with some personal and family issues. Thanks, Mon
Mon Cherie
1 messages
03-14-05 09:43 PM
Inferno 2: 03/14 Episode Discusion Thresd
The drama continues tonight folks! I am watching last week's to get ready. Let's see what happens!
21 messages
03-15-05 10:10 PM
Real World Recap Tonight!!
And WOW...did you see Landon's new buzz cut?? I LOVE IT!! He looks so much better!! Anybody plan on watching? I might...
19 messages
03-18-05 08:36 PM
Official RTVW Summary: RW Philly Season Finale
[h4]Real World Philly Season Finale Summary: "I Hate to See You Leave, but I Love to Watch You Go"[/h4] Ahhhh, I
Mon Cherie
4 messages
03-19-05 01:15 AM
Coral & Veronica
am I to understand that all these girls do with there lives are RR/RW challenges? Come on ,its been 7 years already.These shows need some new bl
28 messages
03-23-05 06:01 PM
Inferno 2: 03/21 Episode Discussion
What happens tonight...the drama of it all!
29 messages
03-24-05 10:07 AM
Inferno Life-Shield Rule Question
I still don't understand how this works. It makes little sense. When somebody uses the life-saver 1 of 2 scenarios happen. #1:
5 messages
03-25-05 08:21 AM
The Inferno 2 03/28 Episode
The big money grab and more drama than you can shake a stick at! Let's talk about it. BTW: I just about got sucked into The Bachelor.
15 messages
03-31-05 09:50 PM
The Inferno 2 Episode 04/04 Discussion
Can the bickering continue? Of course it can! ;-)
40 messages
04-08-05 11:25 AM
song question
Does anyone know what the song was when Landon and Shavonda were saying goodbye? Thanks!!!!
3 messages
04-09-05 00:00 AM
Real World Philly Finale!
Discussion of the final episode. This season has been like having a root canal! URGH!
21 messages
04-12-05 12:12 PM
The Inferno 2: 04/11/05 Discussion
Here comes another episode! I was just rewatching last week's show and can't believe how hot CT looked while arguing with Karamopuss.
32 messages
04-15-05 09:35 PM
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