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How well do you think The Real World portrays the daily life of young adults? What draws viewers to watch these shows each week?
8 messages
12-06-04 09:40 AM
Coral is my girl, and I love her attitude, it reminds me of mine; however, she let me down when she backed down with Julie on the wrestling ch
1 messages
12-06-04 09:42 AM
Two questions...
Ok, why was Shawn voted off?? and What are the guys going to do w/ gift certificates to Pottery Barn Teen?
3 messages
12-06-04 09:43 AM
Katie from RR 10---Pregnant
Seems Katie from Road Rules, is pregnant. Seems her boyfriend Johnny Fairplay from Survivor Pearl Islands is the father. There has been rumors about
9 messages
12-06-04 08:30 PM
Congrats to Shavonda....
...for showing a lot of courage and overcoming her fear of 4 year old retards in wheelchairs. She is a true American hero! %
shakes the clown
19 messages
12-09-04 06:11 PM
Real World Philly: 12/07
The drama continues! Will Karamo give Dorian the boot? Let's find out! ds/User_fi
19 messages
12-10-04 11:03 PM
Official Summary Real World Philly; Episode 13: Fraternizing
I had a rough time trying to determine how to approach this summary. This is an episode that was given no reasons for airing. Almost like the alleged
7 messages
12-11-04 06:54 PM
Battle of the Sexes 2 PTTE Week 9
Welcome to Battle of the Sexes PTTE. I have your scores ready, and wanted to get them posted today before I fell way behind. The STANDING
6 messages
12-13-04 10:39 PM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: 12/06/04
Well, we have a huge game of Operation scheduled for tonight. I guess the women get electricuted and the men win! What do you guys thin
22 messages
12-15-04 08:54 AM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: 12/13
The men dominate in yet another challenge. Let's talk about it!
38 messages
12-17-04 05:52 PM
Battle of the sexes 2: Dec 20 episode
The drama continues! Let's chat it up here... vor/vols.gif
35 messages
12-21-04 03:19 PM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: 12/27 Episode
Shane gets b!tch slapped. Let's cuss it out here... vor/vols.gif
38 messages
12-30-04 10:51 AM
Summary up tomorrow
Sorry for the delay peeps. Been sick and 2 family birthdays this week. Gah. Have a happy and safe New Year's! Mon
Mon Cherie
0 messages
12-31-04 03:40 PM
PTTE Results Weeks #10-#12
I'm back with your scores for the past few weeks. We're nearing the end of the game with only three more eliminations to go. THE STAND
4 messages
01-02-05 04:37 PM
losing faith
I am a real world fanatic, however, I am very disappointed with this seasons cast. I am not a huge fan of Philadelphia, of course I still watch
10 messages
01-03-05 11:30 PM
Real World 12/28 Episode
The drama starts up again...let's see where this takes us! vor/vols.gif
31 messages
01-04-05 06:30 PM
RTVW Official Summary: RW Philadelphia Ep. 15
[b]RW Philly Ep. 15 Summary:"A Very Special RW" (AKA "The Night My Head Finally Exploded")[/b] It was bound t
Mon Cherie
8 messages
01-05-05 01:48 PM
Download Real World episodes?!
Are there any places like newsgroups, IRC or otherwise where I can download Real World episodes? I've looked everywhere and no one seems interes
0 messages
01-05-05 06:14 PM
Real World Philly: 01-04
Landon and the knife we go!
56 messages
01-07-05 07:33 PM
Real World Philly Official Summary: I'm not drunk...I just have these blackouts!
Before I get started just let me say that I hope things get interesting soon because this boring season is getting old. How many more times do we have
2 messages
01-07-05 09:24 PM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: 01/03/05
Well, let's see what happens tonight! Looks like Coral gets upset...SURPRISE! vor
40 messages
01-10-05 11:30 AM
Real World Philly 01/11/05
They find out they are going on a trip...let's watch the drama!
15 messages
01-12-05 02:20 PM
No More Road Rules For Us?
New York Post is reporting that there may not be another season: 5.htm Howev
14 messages
01-13-05 07:32 PM
Does anyone know if
rachel from raod rules 11 is bi or "straight with a gf", .....or a full lez.... cuz shes hot
16 messages
01-14-05 09:07 AM
Eric's Rope
.......................................- ....................................................................... http://community.realitytvw
13 messages
01-14-05 10:05 AM
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