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WHat HAppen To that 1 guy!!
did his mom die?
1 messages
08-02-05 10:01 AM
Official Real World Summary, Episode 6: I only have eyes for you -- and Jello shots
Episode 6? How many weeks has this show been on? Seriously. I’ve lost track, but it seems like eons. Sure, that might have something to do w
10 messages
07-30-05 10:52 AM
The Real World Austing Episode 6 Discussion
More drama than you can shake a stick at...I'm sure. Let's talk about it! ds/User_f
10 messages
07-29-05 12:04 PM
Veronica from Roadrules Killed
She was killed yesterday in the gym. oh well , I never liked her anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 messages
07-29-05 07:15 AM
The Next, Next Challenge-Casting News
So I was looking at and came across this int he enterainment news section. The(!) round of MTV's clumsily titled The Re
0 messages
07-28-05 10:24 PM
Official Real World Summary Episode 5: It's All About The Hook Up!
The beginning of this award winning series has Rachel carrying a box looking for scissors. The box is from Erik, her boyfriend back home and it is a
9 messages
07-25-05 07:24 PM
Real World Austin Episode 5 Discussion [View All]
Well, the lvoefest of Mel and Danny continues. It is a never ending story. ds/User_file
23 messages
07-22-05 04:15 PM
Mark from Road Rules
Has anyone else noticed that Mark from Road Rules and the challenges (good buddies with of the "old school" crowd)is now on Extreme
4 messages
07-21-05 11:21 PM
Angela from RR X-treme on Entourage...
Did anyone catch the episode last night. I'm positive this was Angela from X-treme. Don't know who she was playing, but she ended up topless i
2 messages
07-20-05 01:34 PM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 4; I Don't Believe In War
Sorry for posting so late; I will spank myself for the slip ;-). Previously on The Real World, Danny got drunk, his head smashed in and surg
10 messages
07-18-05 05:16 PM
Here is a little reality tv pop quiz
POP QUIZ 1. Name three different reality TV shows. 2. How many roommates are cast on MTV’s The Real World? %
1 messages
07-18-05 07:13 AM
Reality TV Pop Quiz
1. Name three different reality TV shows. 2. How many roommates are cast on MTV’s The Real World? 3. Who was the winne
1 messages
07-16-05 08:06 PM
Real World Austin Episode 4 Discussion
I can't wait to see Danny after his surgery. Let's see how it pans out. ds/User_files
16 messages
07-16-05 09:14 AM
your perfect real world
if you could take any seven housemates from any of the 16 seasons and put them in a house who would it be...what would make it a good season...i would
0 messages
07-14-05 08:33 PM
Official Summary Real World Austin: Episode 3 She Wants to Play Games, Im Better at Them
We start this episode off with a shot over Town Lake to the east, towards downtown Austin. In our first shot of the realworlders, we catch th
12 messages
07-12-05 05:42 PM
Landon modeling underwear?
Have you guys seen these? has some interesting pics of are a couple that I found: http://www.wax
10 messages
07-12-05 10:29 AM
Real World Austin episode 3 discussion
Danny gets his surgery. Let's see what else happens. ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.g
16 messages
07-07-05 04:55 PM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 2: It's The Mel and Danny Show!
The episode begins with Danny holding his head while talking to his doctor on the phone. The doctor explains that the surgery cannot take place until
19 messages
07-05-05 08:05 PM
How bad does the Real World Austin suck? [View All]
Real Bad. I just happened to watch it the other day and i really thought it sucked. It makes you wonder with all the people they probably had tryout f
25 messages
07-05-05 10:49 AM
Real World Austin Episode 2 Discussion [View All]
Well, let the drama continue. How many peeps will get drunk tonight and how many times?
22 messages
07-05-05 07:37 AM
Only a Matter of Time: Yo!Hanna in "Smoking Gun"
Quell surprise. 8051botta2.html
11 messages
07-01-05 12:56 PM
The Real World Austin Premiere [View All]
Here we go for another round. Bring on the drunks! Let's talk about the new season. This season is in Austin and home of our very own B
77 messages
07-01-05 05:37 AM
Official Summary Real World Austin: Episode 1; A loaf of Schlotzky's bread, a jug of wine and POW
Plinky banjo music. Shots of cows. Line dancing. The obligatory “yee haw” shouted during the oh-so-stale “This is the true story…” rigmarole
19 messages
06-29-05 12:16 PM
The Inferno 2 Reunion Discussion
The reunion is on tonight. Let's talk about it here. I can't wait to here about the drama. http://community.realitytvw
11 messages
06-28-05 07:25 PM
Rachel and Veronica
What up with those two? Does anyone else think they are a little "close" in this season? I think they are together. Anyone else think so? I
3 messages
06-23-05 11:02 AM
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