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Official Summary: Real World Philly; Episode 10: Disappearances, Super Heros and Whores...OH MY!
Let me start by staying that I am so happy that President Bush isn’t competing with Shavonda for public office! If he thinks that Kerry
5 messages
11-15-04 05:39 PM
Veronica "Alltime Hottie"
Yes, although Veronica can be a btch sometimes I think she is one of the hottest women that have ever been on the show. Just look at her she is s
0 messages
11-16-04 02:02 AM
just my 0pini0n!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it me 0r is karam0 h0ttt??? he's 0ne 0f the finest men i've seen on RW in awhile.
29 messages
11-16-04 08:26 AM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: 11/08/04
Cow brains behind us! Who will win and who will go home...let's chat it up! Looks like a "build a boat and paddle somewhere" chal
30 messages
11-16-04 09:51 AM
Nick from Road Rules!!
I'm a big fan of Nick from Road Rules!! Does anyone know if he has a website and/or how to contact him??
1 messages
11-16-04 01:55 PM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: 11/15/04
Can the girls pull together a winning streak? NAH! Let's see how they lose this one! I.CAN'T.WAIT! http://comm
19 messages
11-17-04 10:26 AM
Real Word/Reality TV Crazy!
For all the fans of Real World...what would you think if someone created a show like Wild on E!, but just for your part of town??
3 messages
11-19-04 11:29 AM
Mark Long (RR2) King of the Dodgeball Court?
Last Night, I was looking for something to watch between The Simpsons and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, and I decided to watch GSN's Extreme Dodgeb
4 messages
11-20-04 03:35 PM
Trishelle on eBay
Looks like $1,150 just doesn't cut it wItem&category=60&item=4051267885%2
3 messages
11-20-04 06:12 PM
Real world cast
Is it just me or the entire cast of the real world annoying? Sarah the drama queen of the night who cried because Landon yelled at her? People g
10 messages
11-20-04 06:16 PM
Hey Flaming cactus, can you post our scores?
I know we got spoiled... but I still wanna see our scores and play the game. i think we should still play, we can DQ the spolier saavy people, and
0 messages
11-22-04 11:45 PM
does anybody know how I can come in contact w/ Karamo?!?!?!?!?
I know I'm going to sound like an obsessed fan of the man, but I can't help it. He's so fvckin fyne!!! If only all u people knew how h
Step Teams G
2 messages
11-23-04 04:19 PM
Judd Winick (RW SAn Fran) Career Update
This is the first time I have ever created a topic here and while this may have been posted in the past, nothing came up when I did a search. Anyway
2 messages
11-27-04 09:50 AM
Can I just say that Mark on the RW/RR challenge is such a hottie! I watch for him every week! I will be pissed if they vote him off! I don't
2 messages
11-27-04 10:09 PM
Official RW Philly Ep 12 Summary
[b]RWTV Offical Summary: Real World Philly Episode 12: "He will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine!"[/b] Tonight
Mon Cherie
3 messages
11-27-04 10:21 PM
Real World Episode Eleven Summary - Reprehensible
Is anyone still watching this show? For you, I have but one question: Why? This week, I'm watching it too. But I have to. In wh
5 messages
11-27-04 10:30 PM
Theo in Battle of the Sexes
Theo is got a weird sense of humor...i found a spot where you can read his journal and even get some cool BOTS2 merch www.realityspot
0 messages
11-29-04 01:04 PM
Battle of the sexes 2: 11/22/04
Who goes home tonight after the men win yet another challenge? Let's chat it up folks! http://community.realitytvwor
25 messages
11-29-04 04:30 PM
What job description do you call this?
Coral made a point last night about having to get a real job. My question to you all is, what would Coral put on her resume as previous employment%
5 messages
11-29-04 04:32 PM
It's Back! PTTE Results Week #4- Week #7
It's been a while, but welcome back! Here's your scores.... THE STANDINGS: 1st bighair (11) 2nd Reality_Junki
3 messages
11-29-04 10:19 PM
Real World Philly: 11/23/04
Sara converts a gay guy...let's watch! ;-) ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg
14 messages
11-30-04 07:41 PM
Battle Of The Sexes 2: Nov. 29, 2004
WOW! It seems like it has been a month since we have seen an episode of BOTS! I can't wait...let's chat it up! http://commu
30 messages
12-01-04 02:24 PM
Battle of the Sexes PTTE Results Week 8
Welcome! I'm your host Cactus here with your updated PTTE score for week 8 of the Battle. Here are your Week 8 Scores. The Standings:
1 messages
12-01-04 05:39 PM
Real World Philly; Nov. 30th Episode...
I have the summary so I will be here tonight..want to chat about it? ds/User_files/3f
14 messages
12-04-04 11:10 PM
Real World Entire Seasons on DVD
Witin the past week I noticed that there was someone on E-Bay selling DVD's of the Real World. Nothing special there, except that what were be
DaveThe Dude
2 messages
12-05-04 11:20 PM
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