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Real World Austin
Is there anyone out there that knows where to get those great hats that Danny wears?? I have been looking at malls and online to try and track the
0 messages
09-21-05 03:53 AM
Real World Austin Episode 13; 9/13/05 [View All]
Time flies when you are having fun. Let's see how things shake down this week.
31 messages
09-18-05 11:24 AM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 12: My Childhood wasn't exactly Leave it to Beaver
This episode starts the realworlders in a meeting with Paul Stekler, who is a University of Texas filmmaker. "So, lets talk about your pro
13 messages
09-17-05 11:35 AM
Veronica & Rachel getting a TV show
This is a nightmare posted on Veronica and Rachel from MTV's Road Rules and The RR/RW Challenge are filming a ne
13 messages
09-15-05 06:56 PM
Rela World Austin Episode 12 Discussion 9/06/05
Another week has come and gone. Time for the Nehemiah break down this week. Let's see who he gets into a fight with because from the previews it loo
8 messages
09-11-05 12:45 PM
Official Summary Episode 11: Hanky Panky Time
As this season continues to drag along with the same ole stuff that has happened in each and every season there is a sense that we are not dealing wit
7 messages
09-06-05 11:31 PM
Real World Episode 11 Discussion 8/30/05
It is another week and let's see what happens next! ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.
15 messages
09-02-05 09:25 PM
Real World Austin Episode 10 Discussion 8/23
Danny returns but he isn't too happy to be back in the saddle with Mel. Let's see how this one pans out. *waves* to everyone!%
17 messages
09-01-05 07:28 PM
Who do you want to see naked....
No matter how much they try, the "15 minutes of fame" for many of these virile, young male stars of Real World/Woad Rules are offically over
0 messages
08-28-05 03:57 AM
Wes is fugly!!!!!
That last episode when Wes finally hooked up with some skank in Austin was priceless. I was laughing my @ss off when Neiamiah was saying that Wes is
13 messages
08-28-05 01:28 AM
Whatever Happened to Frankie from SD?
What ever happened to frankie from the san diego cast has anyone heard anything?
5 messages
08-27-05 10:21 AM
Official Real World Summary, Episode 10: Jose Cuervo to the rescue!
Remember when you were in school, and you had a substitute teacher? And how your regular teacher would always leave piles of busy work to keep you
6 messages
08-26-05 02:16 AM
Real World Austin Episode 9 Discussion: 8/16 [View All]
Will Danny return tonight? Will Wes and Nehemiah [s]hookup[/s] look like idiots to some of the Austin ladies? Let's chat it up.
29 messages
08-23-05 05:49 AM
Real World Austin women are in Stuff
from A bunch of ex-Real World women are baring some or all of their bodies this month. Using Kill Real
8 messages
08-20-05 09:34 AM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 9: Stop Playing with my Heart!
We start this episode with Johanna and her boy toy 'Leo' walking through town. Leo wants to hold Johanna's hand, but Johanna does not want an
5 messages
08-20-05 04:53 AM
I had to remove the original thread in which this was posted, as well as the reply warning that the site is loaded with pop-ups, because the poste
0 messages
08-16-05 07:52 PM
Real World Austin Episode 8 Official Summary: Transitions
I want to say that this summary will be snark free due to the nature of the episode. Everything during this episode was all deep end stuff and some se
3 messages
08-13-05 05:28 PM
The Gauntlett 2
I was recently in Tobago where the Gauntlet 2 was being filmed! I got a lot of inside info on the show through a girl from england that I was seeing
1 messages
08-12-05 00:02 AM
Real World Austin Episode 8 Discussion
Well, the sad stuff continues as Danny goes home to bury his mother. Will he return? Will we find out tonight? Bring it on.
16 messages
08-11-05 02:49 PM
is this show only about mel
yeah shes somewhat cute but if every girl would walk around with there, well with little panties on who wouldnt look? i mean come on shes not that
5 messages
08-11-05 11:26 AM
The Real World Austin Episode 7 Discussion [View All]
Danny should be good to go and let's Wes dug some game out of a hole somewhere or he will go home alone! What else could happen...oh wait...someth
22 messages
08-10-05 03:01 PM
Music on tonights show
Does anyone know what songs were played on tonight episode (tuesday aug. 9th)- The episode where dannys mother past. The music was so moving i nee
0 messages
08-09-05 10:38 PM
what the H
No one writes me..I look on here everyday ahhhhh, I need a life! Someone talk to me.....or
0 messages
08-09-05 04:26 PM
Official Real World Summary, Episode 7: What else can go wrong?
Well, it starts out as a [b]happy day[/b] for the seven roomies! After all.... its Valentines Day! Danny sets out on a quest to make s
12 messages
08-05-05 12:59 PM
If anybody wants to know what the RW house is gonna be...
in the near future, find out on this thresd. Some of you will not like this idea, so I've added this filler ...... I've heard some of the RW h
6 messages
08-04-05 01:16 PM
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