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Official Real World Austin Summary Episode 18: Run Erik Run!
Over the past 3-4 weeks I have asked myself why I continue to follow this horrible train wreck. I have yet to come up with an answer that makes any se
6 messages
10-21-05 10:46 PM
Judge rules...Keep on filming. 04712>1=7155 http://img.photobucket.c
1 messages
10-21-05 10:43 PM
I need a copy of an episode, can you help?
Hi all, I am new to this forum and have registered seeking assistance from other tv fans/junkies out there. I need a copy of Real World Pari
1 messages
10-20-05 07:56 AM
Real World Episode 17 Discussion 10/11/05 [View All]
Satan's Secretary (Lacey) gets caught lying on tape. I think she lies about Rachel. Let's see how it all pans out!
33 messages
10-18-05 09:30 AM
real world casting
okay this question is probably really lame, but how the hell to you get considered for the real world? i know you have to send in a casting tape%2
5 messages
10-17-05 11:16 PM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 17: Lacey, the Busted Backstabber
We start this episode with the realworlders filming around town, doing their job, meeting with bands, and filming their performances. While fil
7 messages
10-16-05 03:46 PM
Real World Favorites... [View All]
Ok, since we are waiting on a new Real World let's discuss the past: *Which season is your favorite and why? *Who is your
45 messages
10-16-05 06:39 AM
real world for teens
dude they should totally make a real world for teens that would be so cool it would be for like 13-16 year olds and they do the same thing that the re
5 messages
10-15-05 10:55 PM
Real World Questions
Hey all! I posted a message a few weeks ago mentioning that I was doing some research on the fans of The Real World. If you guys have a moment
12 messages
10-15-05 10:29 PM
who would you interview?
If you could interview any real world cast mate, who would it be? What is the first question you would ask them? %0
1 messages
10-15-05 10:17 PM
ethnic/racial/gender/sexuality diversity on RW/RR
some random, useless thoughts and questions... have you noticed that there have been barely any Asian or Latino men on real world or road
5 messages
10-15-05 10:08 PM
RW Melissa and Katie relationships
Has anyone figured out who this mysetery J is that Melissa Howard from RW New Orleans is dating? Hes in a band and the fact that she refuses to giv
Mizs Babe
2 messages
10-15-05 09:51 PM
New Orleans Real World House
Because of the devastation to the New Orleans area...I was wondering if anyone knew the status of the Real World House in New Orleans along St. Charle
5 messages
10-15-05 09:48 PM
Official Summary Episode 16: There is plenty of partying to be done!
I will get everyone caught up in a brief paragraph on what we know so far about this cast. Jo is a hoe just looking for attention and Lacey is a snitc
3 messages
10-12-05 08:05 PM
wat was the name of the club that willie went to?
0 messages
10-12-05 03:10 PM
Official Summary Episode 15: The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship
Previously on The Real World Jo the Ho met Leo the bartender. I really donít understand why we had to suffer through 2+ minutes of recarp for this
3 messages
10-11-05 06:47 PM
Are Danny and Mel still together?
I'm new to posting on here but I didn't see a post about them? I really like both of them! Does anyone know if they're still together?
12 messages
10-09-05 12:46 PM
Real World Austin Episode 16 Discussion 10/04/05
I am sure we will see them drink, drink, drink and then go out for a drink. Let's watch the drama unfold this week. *YAWN* http%3
12 messages
10-08-05 10:45 AM
Real World Key West Hangouts & Cast
Found this with a link to a picture of one of the new cast. archives/the_real_world_key
0 messages
10-06-05 12:28 PM
The Gauntlet
I could have sworn there will be a new season for the Gauntlet. I know I saw a snippet on TV, but I cannot find any info about it on MTV's websit
8 messages
10-04-05 02:13 AM
Real World Austin Episode 15 Discussion
Another week of complaining and getting drunk. Can we take it another week? ds/User_fil
10 messages
09-28-05 08:02 PM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 14: Grande Theft Carnation
This episode starts out with Rachel talking with Johanna about her uncontrolled drunken outbursts. Now... lets get this straight! Rachel is t
4 messages
09-25-05 10:06 PM
Real World West Palm Beach
Just read on that the Real World Cast was relocated to West Palm Beach for Hurricane Rita. Anyone know any additional informat
1 messages
09-23-05 12:23 PM
The Real World Austin episode 13 official summary: spurs that jingle jangle jingle
Previously on The Real World, everyone went out every night, got drunk, slept all day, rinse and repeat. The Real Worlders complain about ever
2 messages
09-22-05 01:26 AM
Real World Austin Episode 14 Discussion 9/20/05
It seems we have lost so many good posters! I hope you guys come back soon. Tonight we will see the aftermath of the great horse riding
9 messages
09-21-05 10:01 PM
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