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MTV Battle of the Sexes 2
Does anyone know where i can find episodes of Real world Philly & the new Battle of the sexes to download...i am about to move to Korea for a year a
3 messages
10-05-04 00:31 AM
Where is that wabbit? Rabbit!! I have carrots! Where are you??
0 messages
10-05-04 03:58 PM
Battle of the sexes: Preseason show 10/04/2004
Let's chat about tonight's show! I can't wait for next week! ds/User_files/3f
19 messages
10-06-04 01:32 PM
Real World Episode 09/28/04
Let's discuss! I have this week's summary and these peeps BETTER give me some good stuff to trash! Oh wait...Sarah = trash...CHE
71 messages
10-06-04 03:13 PM
MTV RW/RR Challenge fantasy league game
Is anyone doing this? I have done it for three years, but havent won a car or anything. You pick six of the RW/RR cast who is participating and
0 messages
10-07-04 12:25 PM
Real World Episode 5 Summary: Men Behaving Sensitively
It is episode five of the Real World. Every episode needs a theme, and the theme of this one is... (drum role, please) [b]Men Behaving Sen
9 messages
10-11-04 05:54 PM
Real World Philly: 10/05/2004 Episode
Let's chat about it here! ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http://community
25 messages
10-13-04 01:19 PM
Real World and seasons on DVD??
Does anybody know of any release dates on the real world seasons. The one I am looking for is Chicago and San Diego, but cant seem to find any info
0 messages
10-13-04 11:11 PM
Tonights Predictions
Karamo gets mad at someone. (probably a white guy) Melanie talks. (maybe) Willie gets a new purse. (on sale) Sarah shakes
6 messages
10-14-04 10:53 AM
RR/RW Battle of the Sexes returns, starring our favorites...
Mike, Coral and Veronica. These three must be THE RR/RW brand-names, because they are truly in every show. Others come and go, but the unhol
9 messages
10-14-04 05:19 PM
Battle of the Sexes 2 PTTE/ Episode 1 Results
For the Rules, please go to this link... ds/DCForumID50/350.sht Week 1:
10 messages
10-14-04 06:00 PM
Real World Philly; Episode 6: 10/12/2004
OK...I should be over on Bravo watching MANHUNT but I have to be here to see what our idiots get into tonight! Let's discuss! %
23 messages
10-14-04 06:02 PM little surfer boy....??
Check out this website! I [i]think[/i] there is even a photo of Landon looking like a surfer boy with long blonde hair!! Is it him%
8 messages
10-15-04 01:59 PM
Battle of the sexes 2: Episode 1; 10/11/2004
Let's discuss the first episode here! I am getting all excited! ds/User_
43 messages
10-19-04 01:20 PM
Have you seen the MTV commercials with the crazy girl, Karen? I LOVE those commercials!! They had a few of them last night. One showed her
14 messages
10-19-04 02:24 PM
Real World Philly Official Summary: Episode Six: "Ivanna Pukealot"
Previously on "The Real World: Philly Cream Cheese": Landon stalked Shavonda. Sarah humped everything but the kitchen sink. Karamo whined. M.J
Mon Cherie
9 messages
10-19-04 05:42 PM
Battle of the Sexes 2 PTTE/ Week 2 Results
I'm Cactus, your host, here with this week's scores. TIED FOR FIRST ARE: 1st Reality_Junkie (0) 1st bighair %
3 messages
10-20-04 12:46 PM
MTV trying to prevent black male white female hookups?
Withing the last year they have casted the fat ugly black dude on Road rules. Why why cast a fat dude on a show that features athletic competition?
7 messages
10-21-04 05:25 PM
Official Summary Real World Philly: Episode 4; The Angry Black Man
Previously on Real World, Sarah’s Boobs…we get to see all the lovefest we have witnessed so far. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH! Why does MTV think we re
15 messages
10-21-04 05:31 PM
Battle of the sexes 2; Episode 2: 10/18/2004
I am watching a rerun of last week's show and I am getting all excited! Let's discuss! WOO and HOO! http:
20 messages
10-23-04 03:34 PM
Real World Philly; Episode 7: 10/19/2004
Ok...I will be over on Bravo watching MANHUNT but I am taping the show and will watch after manhunt goes off! Let's discuss...
40 messages
10-25-04 03:27 PM
Who got kicked off last night?
I missed last night's episode. Somebody fill me in, I need to know who got kicked off!
5 messages
10-26-04 02:28 PM
RW Philadelphia Timeline
The Timeline of Chronological Events: Enter House-????? Willie Meets Dan-????? Karamo/Cop Incident-4/27
0 messages
10-26-04 04:19 PM
last week theo said coral and abe wouldnt be possible in a few more missions and that it is a "shady ordeal" yet last night he was kissing tonya.
1 messages
10-26-04 04:21 PM
OT: Thoughts and Prayers
Hey everyone. This isn't Real World or Road Rules related, but to any fellow NASCAR fans (and those of you who don't like the sport) I
2 messages
10-26-04 04:52 PM
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