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Application for Real World?
hey, my names nina and i'm from germany. i just wanted to know if theres any way to applicate for real world? im thankful for every information.
1 messages
12-18-05 03:30 PM
The Real World Austin: What they should have shown us...12/06/05
Well, if it is something they SHOULD have shown us...why didn't they? We get to see Rachel wet the bed and who knows what else.
13 messages
12-12-05 10:01 AM
Shirt worn by Johanna
I was hoping someone here could help me. I am looking for this shirt that Johanna worn a few times as a shirt and once as a dress. It is long and bl
0 messages
12-11-05 06:17 PM
The Guantlet 2 - SPOILER - Full Season Episode Summaries
Someone posted this on sucks. I don't know if it's true, so don't shoot the messanger. The links don't work, but maybe they did at one t
0 messages
12-10-05 04:58 PM
The Gauntlet 2 Episode 1: 12/05/05 [View All]
Another Gauntlet with all new drama. Looks like there is major drama on night one. Let's talk about it here. http://community.reali
29 messages
12-10-05 04:05 PM
Roofies and engagement rings - the true story
Ok, who slipped Danny the roofie? I'd pay to find out what happened that night. Now where are the cameras when you really want them. %
3 messages
12-07-05 08:32 PM
Does anyone not like this show that much any more? / What changes could be made?
First, I did not come here to really bash the show or anyone who likes it. I still don't mind it, but I don't like it nearly as much as I once
7 messages
12-06-05 06:13 PM
The real Real World Austin
This article has a few laughs in it about what their lives were like in Austin. My favorite part is that Nehemial is giving motivational talks on alc
16 messages
12-05-05 04:48 PM
The Gauntlet Preview Show
Is tonight at 10pm. Let's talk about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.gif%0
8 messages
11-27-05 11:28 AM
Former Real Worlder Porno
According to Reality Blurred a former Real World Female Cast Member is doinReal World cast member looking for 30 guys to star in a porno with her. Ar
11 messages
11-25-05 10:10 PM
Tonight's the big night - SPOILER
I can't believe this show if finally ending. Usually when you watch a finale you are kind of sad because a good show is ending. But not this crap.
4 messages
11-22-05 08:05 PM
Official Summary Real World Austin: Episode 22; Texas Justice
On the last episode of 'The Real World', we heard Wren ask Wes "Why are you looking at me like that, and not saying anything?" Let me an
10 messages
11-21-05 05:47 PM
Real World Austin Official Summary Episode 21: This is a collect call
The sickening slowness that is being called The Real World Austin continues to scoot along as slow as watching water boil. Danny and Mel continue to b
6 messages
11-20-05 04:31 PM
The Gauntlet 2 Summary Sign-Ups
Webby, I hope you don't mind if I start a thread for the summary writing sign-ups. You had said back in the fall that we could do summaries for Th
1 messages
11-19-05 09:48 AM
The Guantlet 2 - Cast
Per Mtv website here is the cast. gauntlet2/# Veterans Robin rw/san die
15 messages
11-18-05 10:17 PM
Real World Austin Episode 22 Discussion: 11/15/05
I totally forgot about last week's episode. I will have the summary up for the episode sometime tomorrow afternoon and batts will be doing this week
12 messages
11-16-05 10:29 AM
my guess
I missed last nights episode...but i think i may be able to predict what happened..... Melinda flirted with someone danny pouted rachel
8 messages
11-15-05 04:04 PM
Landon is going to be at my school to speak
I opened up my email this morning to find: Landon From MTVís Real World: Philadelphia 'Keys to Success and P
5 messages
11-10-05 05:06 PM
Tonya from RW - Nude pics
Is this really her? Im not really sure if it looks like her. Are these the pics that everybody has been talking about? If you are offended by nudi
10 messages
11-09-05 08:13 PM
Real World Austin Episode 20 Discussion 11/01/05 [View All]
Let's discuss tonight's drama here. I am sure Satan's Secretary will be in for some rumor spreading! Bring it on.
27 messages
11-08-05 09:22 AM
Official Real World Austin Summary Episode 20: A Change of Venue Changes Nothing
Previously on The Real World... OK. I've got a confession to make. I haven't seen the last 10 or so of these episodes. But let me take
5 messages
11-07-05 09:35 AM
Official Summary Real World Austin; Episode 19: Blood, Sweat, and Beers
Paul and David come over to the Real World house to see how the roomies are doing on their documentary project. Did you guys see what I saw. Is
5 messages
11-02-05 06:28 PM
More trouble in Key West
Sounds like business as usual on the next Real World. archives/the_real_world_key
1 messages
11-02-05 08:55 AM
Real World Episode 19 Discussion 10/25/2005
Let's chat about tonight's very [s]special[/s] boring episode. Will Satan's Secretary make a fool of herself for like the 19th week in
10 messages
10-31-05 04:04 PM
Real World Episode 18 Discussion 10/18/05
Can we really take any more drama than what happened last week? I guess we will have to try really hard to [s]suffer[/s] sit through the e
15 messages
10-30-05 07:53 PM
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