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A thought about RR...
This just hit me and I am wondering what you all think: Remember back when this monster started Derrick was all homophobic and everything
7 messages
09-14-04 09:56 PM
Real World Philly Episode 2: 09/14/04
Let's discuss here! ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http://community.reali
18 messages
09-15-04 05:15 PM
real world exclusive stuff
Hey guys Just wanted to let you know... I was on, registering for the prelection on the Choose or Lose website and I noticed that they
0 messages
09-15-04 05:38 PM
Audition Info
Has Anyone sent in an audition tape or went to one of the casting calls? If so have you heard anything or do you know anyone that has gotten anythin
0 messages
09-15-04 09:39 PM
RW: Philly Episode 1 Song
Does anyone by any chance know the song that was playing when Landon and MJ were taking a tour of the city? I've been looking around the net all n
1 messages
09-17-04 00:19 AM
Why is every Real World the same?
The names and faces change, but the plot has stayed the same for the past 5 or so editions of the "Real" World. There's really not much else b
5 messages
09-19-04 03:02 AM
table of fire
Sorry if I missed this before...Does anybody know where you can buy the kind of table the San Diego Real Worlders have on the deck? You know...the
9 messages
09-20-04 02:46 AM
Serious Question
Does anybody know how much these people get paid for being on the show?
2 messages
09-20-04 04:08 PM
RW:Philly Ep 1 9/7/04
Well, I was waiting on Vols or Benny to start this, but here goes. Let's discuss tonight's episode here.
53 messages
09-20-04 11:26 PM
My take on Philly
I finally got to watch the premier. Woo Hoo. Vols did a great job of summarizing. I like the girl. I don't know her name but those of you who k
36 messages
09-20-04 11:44 PM
One Bad Trip
I know this is a Real World/Road Rules thread...but the show One Bad Trip is on MTV AND it was on last night right after Road I'm posti
2 messages
09-21-04 01:54 PM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 16: 9/20/04
Let's chat about tonight's show! ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http://
15 messages
09-21-04 07:37 PM
Real World Episode 2 Summary - Crime and Lack of Punishment
Heroes and Villains This is what happens when seven cretins stop acting real and start acting strange. This is also the story or
8 messages
09-21-04 11:50 PM
The Illadell
Hey guys, This season is going to be the best one yet! I was on the website and was registering for MTV's prelection, and saw th
1 messages
09-23-04 11:22 AM
Someone comes out during filming of RW Philly?
I was just on a gay message board (not a reality board) and there is a rumor over there that an article in US or People magazine says that someone
25 messages
09-23-04 05:40 PM
Should I start a PTTE for BSXS2
I don't know if I should do this, so does anyone here want to participate in a PTTE for the Battle of The Sexes 2? I'll sort out the rules lat
11 messages
09-24-04 10:53 AM
Karamo is annoying me
Not sure about you other guys, but Karamo is really starting to bug me. He totally disrespects Willie as "the other end of the spectrum" as if W
13 messages
09-24-04 12:07 PM
Posting this on the RW and Bachelor forums: I was set to write my summaries tonight, but had nothing on my VCR tape due to a damaged cable I
Mon Cherie
2 messages
09-24-04 10:52 PM
Which season would you like to see run as a Marathon
If you had a whole weekend to yourself and nothing to do but veg, which season of the Real World or Road Rules would you most like to see run as a m
19 messages
09-25-04 09:42 PM
Real World Episode 9/21/04
Vols? Where are you? How about last night's episode? Not much to talk about really. Sarah is still annoying me.
56 messages
09-27-04 11:29 AM
Real World: D.C.
So there has been lots of speculation about the next real world in D.C. - I am currently living in D.C., and I heard from a friend this weekend that
reality 101
6 messages
09-29-04 02:20 AM
Sarah on RW Philly.....
Who does this woman think she is.... (1) She is not that good looking to be acting this way! (2) She is coming across like a
11 messages
09-29-04 11:26 AM
RW Philly Episode 3 Official Summary
Sorry for the delay, peeps. Previously on RW Philly: Sarah became #1 on my list of most hated reality tv peeps. Yep, she kno
Mon Cherie
11 messages
09-30-04 05:42 PM
Road Rules Finale : 09/27/04
Let's discuss tonight's show. My online TVGuide says tonight is the finale. :-(
27 messages
10-03-04 07:14 PM
RW/RR Challenge - Battle of the Sexes 2 final cast list.
It can be viewed here. A great site that has episodes of each RW/RR Challenge of every season.
48 messages
10-04-04 04:10 PM
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