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David Broom, Msaada Nia
Whatever happened to David Broom of The Real World New Orleans and Msaada Nia of Road Rules Maximum Velocity? Besides being arrested a couple of yea
0 messages
03-07-06 11:44 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 1 Discussion: 02-28-06 [View All]
Let's meet the new idiots and see where this season is going to take us. Looks like drama all around! Let's talk about it here. http%
28 messages
03-07-06 03:31 AM
The Gauntlet 2: 02/27/06 Discussion
Don't kill the messenger here but my online TV Guide says that Beth continues to cause problems with her teammates. Kina also gets upset...let's s
12 messages
03-06-06 03:31 PM
The Gauntlet 2 Complete Elimination List **SPOILER**
The complete list of who went against who, who lost in the gauntlet, who is on the final teams are listed below. DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU D
2 messages
03-05-06 08:23 PM
LOOKING for Copeis of seasons on tape or dvd
I am looking copies of seasons of the real world to purchase that are not for sale. email me at
0 messages
02-28-06 06:03 PM
The Gauntlet 2; Episode 12: 02-20-06
The drama continues...doesn't it always? Let's chat about it here. It is a guy's challenge and wonder who goes home next? http:
18 messages
02-24-06 06:20 PM
Austin Cast Update
Someone at Sucks posted this and I thought you might be interested in what these guys are up to. Johanna talked about binge drinking? Sh
0 messages
02-20-06 08:52 AM
Fresh Blood/Exile Cast
I found this over on Sucks about the cast for the next challenge and didn't see it mentioned here. I don't know if it will be called Fr
10 messages
02-19-06 01:03 PM
You know who I really miss being on this Gauntlet?
I am really missing Dan (RW Miami) being on the Gauntlet this time. I was so glad to see that Cora and Veronica decided to stay home and beg
0 messages
02-18-06 04:48 AM
The Gauntlet II - 02/13/06
What do you think the Gauntlet has in store for us tonight? Lets see it is a girl Gauntlet, so I'm sure Beth will have some drama or Cara and K
7 messages
02-16-06 07:06 AM
The Gauntlet 2: Episode 10; 02/06/06
My online TV Guide doesn't give me a preview as to what the drama is about tonight and I haven't even seen the previews. Let's chat it up here%2
17 messages
02-13-06 02:45 PM
Danny on the Gauntlet 2
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me who makes the shirt that Danny was wearing last night (02/06/06) - the one that was black with
0 messages
02-08-06 05:00 PM
The Gauntlet 2: Epsiode 9; 01/30/06
Tonight's show is the "challenge over water" thingy. Looks like two peeps are tied together and have to walk a tight wire without falling. %0
14 messages
02-05-06 02:27 PM
real worlders not working on superbowl
well i can tell you that they are definately not working on the superbowl... i am working a part of the superbowl and where they would most
4 messages
02-05-06 05:32 AM
The Gauntlet 2: Episode 8; 01/23/06
Let's chat about it here. What happens tonight and who goes home? ds/User_files/42
19 messages
01-29-06 06:28 PM
The Gauntlet 2: Episode 6 01/09/06 [View All]
The drama continues with body painting }> and an argument between Derrick and Brad. Let's talk about it here. http:/
21 messages
01-26-06 03:01 PM
I need help
Well, I am sure all of you already knew that but I need a refresher course on Road Rules. Which season was Jake Bronstein a part of? He
4 messages
01-24-06 08:48 PM
free clothes signed by Landon of Real World Philadelphia
Ringleader Clothing ( is having a contest where you can win panties, shorts, tank tops signed by Landon of Real Wor
0 messages
01-23-06 08:35 AM
Real World Key West page up on MTV eason17/series.jhtml Season starts February 28. A whole new season of dr
0 messages
01-20-06 11:09 AM
The Gauntlet 2: Episode 7; 01/16/06: Beth vs. Montana
The teams compete in sack races and then we have Beth vs. Montana. Who will be the bi[]tch of The Gauntlet 2. Let's discuss! http%3
15 messages
01-18-06 08:53 AM
The Gauntlet 2: Episode 5; 01/02/06
I can't believe I forgot to start a thread last week. Let's talk about tonight's episode and the drama it will create. http://c
18 messages
01-08-06 11:40 AM
'The Real World' RPG
Ever wanted to be on the Real World, well now's your chance. Sort of. Whilst browsing I came across a site that is starting it's own Real World
dr banner
0 messages
01-04-06 01:13 PM
Real World Key West Pics - I have them...
I was down in Key West the first week of December for Fantasy Fest and this happened to be the last week of filming for the Real World crew.
6 messages
01-02-06 07:22 PM
The Gauntlet 2 Episode 3 Discussion 12/19/05 [View All]
Tonight is women boxing...damn...where is Coral when you need her? Let's talk about ALL the drama here! http://commu
28 messages
12-31-05 08:00 AM
Just signed up
Hello all. I've been reading for awhile and decided to sign up any ways I know this isn't a topic right now and no one probably cares because it d
1 messages
12-30-05 09:59 AM
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