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In risk of sounding stupid
I'm young and the first season of Road Rules I ever watched was South Pacific. Every time I see Veronica on RW/RR Challenges It Shows her name in
4 messages
08-16-04 04:19 PM
Future Road Rules Themes and Stuff
A lot of the threads seem kind of dead today, so I guess I'll start one. We've discussed possible Cities for Future Real World Seasons, but no
3 messages
08-16-04 10:26 PM
Kit Hoover on ESPN2 every morning
I don't know if anybody else knows this, but Kit Hoover of Road Rules 1 is co-host of ESPN2's Cold Pizza Morning Show. Cold Pizza airs 7-11 am E
3 messages
08-17-04 06:23 PM
Road Rules 12 Re-run
Does anyone know if MTV or anybody will show Road Rules South Pacific again?
1 messages
08-19-04 01:00 PM
Real World Complete Season DVD's
Does anyone know when or if MTV will off any DVD's of any Real World seasons other than Las Vegas and the first New York show? At the very least%2
4 messages
08-22-04 11:21 AM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 11: 08/16/04
Let's get the ball rolling on tonight's episode. The newest girl joins the cast. The old new girl is jealous. Wait, the old new girl
20 messages
08-23-04 02:44 PM
okay, i watched the tango mission, but i cant remember if they won or lost that mission, if they lost it who got voted off? Can someone please
4 messages
08-23-04 05:46 PM
im from clemson and see cameron from real world san diego all the time downtown she seems pretty cool
0 messages
08-23-04 09:12 PM
Can anyone answer mt questions?
Does anybody know when RR Extreme was filmed, with Danny Dias? Does anybody know how to contact him or have his email address? How old is Danny%
1 messages
08-23-04 09:55 PM
Danny Dias
Ok, I will try this again!! I am trying to contact Danny Dias, not Danny Roberts. Ok, does anyone have anyway to contact him? T
0 messages
08-25-04 05:49 PM
Dannu Dias.
Ok, know, I would like to contact Danny Dias, not, Danny Dias. sonDetail/personid-304946
3 messages
08-25-04 10:46 PM
There's a girl named Shavonda...
Brrr... Supposedly ``black`` names... Oy vey... I simply cannot stand that kind of name...
6 messages
08-26-04 03:28 PM
hope you like my cheesy poem :P
well I made a poem..... I know .... its pretty cheesey, and dumb but maybe itll make somebody laugh I hope.... here goes. :P if you want ... you c
1 messages
08-27-04 10:12 AM
Anyone Remember the Mission Mayor's Names?
Let's Face It, the Mission Mayors have had really weird names this year. So Does anybody remember their names? Mission Mayor List%
5 messages
08-27-04 09:51 PM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 12 : 08/23/2004
Let's keep the discussion here folks! ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http:/
21 messages
08-28-04 06:28 PM
RW is *so* 1992
[font color=teal] i am reaching out on a limb here for someone, anyone at all, who is also sick of RW. it =SUCKS=. 12 YEARS they'
13 messages
08-31-04 06:21 PM
I'm almost sure Timmy of RR2 went to my school.
I'm almost positive that Timmy Beggy of Road Rules 2 went to my school, and I've been suspecting this ever since Timmy was wore a shirt that sai
5 messages
09-01-04 08:38 AM
Rachel Campos the WI delegate @ RNC
Former MTV Real World star Rachel Campos will represent Wisconsin as an alternate delegate at the 2004 convention. She is no longer amid the drama of
0 messages
09-02-04 05:39 PM
Road Rule Extreme Episode 13 : 8/30/04
Discussion here about tonight's episode! ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http:
23 messages
09-03-04 06:24 PM
It's that time Again: The Real World Philly Cast
I took this article about the cast members off of Bunim-Murray website. I am computer illiterate and can't post pictures so if someone wants to do t
29 messages
09-08-04 01:04 PM
Frankie's Car on eBay
Check it out!! API.dll?ViewItem&item=2488236906 http:/%2
2 messages
09-08-04 01:07 PM
Alton from the Vegas season
I don't know if y'all remember Alton talking about his little brother and best friend being abducted and murdered when he was a kid. a
2 messages
09-08-04 03:04 PM
Official Summary, The Real World Philly: Episode 1; Love Fest In The Love Nest!
Well, I must say there was hardly any confrontational stuff going on in the premiere episode! But, from the previews, we have lots of material
9 messages
09-11-04 11:27 AM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 14 09/06/04
WHEW! I am a little late tonight...been over in spoilers working on some challenge vid caps. However, the first mission was to drink 5
21 messages
09-12-04 06:45 PM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 15: 9/13/04
Getting excited about tonight's show! Let's keep the discussion here! WOO and HOO! http://community.realitytvwor
21 messages
09-14-04 02:47 PM
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