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real world/road rule girls in playboy
how many of the girls from real world or road rules have posed nude? i only know of mary beth decker from road rules.
2 messages
07-11-04 12:01 PM
Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) on the Real World: San Diego
This will interest about 2 people (a random person and myself), but being the big Simmons fan that I am, I had to post this. An intriguing tho
7 messages
07-13-04 08:48 AM
Road Rules Extreme
Does anyone know the type of puppy that they have on the show?
11 messages
07-14-04 02:00 PM
RR: Extreme Film Dates
So, anyone know when this season was filmed? I'm assuming some time between January and April due to the weather. (It's summer there then.
2 messages
07-15-04 01:28 PM
Road Rules Extreme: Episode 4- 07/05/04
I am so excited, I had to go ahead and start the thresd! Let's keep the chat for tonight's episode here! Hope you don't care R
11 messages
07-16-04 08:33 AM
I'm Just Wondering, which X-Treme Key did Nick bring? Was it the Blind Driving Key or the Don't Have a Cow Key? FlamingCactusIT
1 messages
07-20-04 01:36 PM
The Sad Demise of the Real World
Is it my imagination, or did alot more people at one time respond to this Message Board? Perhaps it is true that less people are responding to the
5 messages
07-20-04 04:34 PM
D.A.: No Rape in "Real World"
Don't know if anyone saw this reported on yahoo.... ory&cid=797&e=5&u=/
3 messages
07-25-04 03:36 AM
Real World 7/13/04 "The #@%& They Should Have Shown"
Just wanted to get the ball rolling on a discussion of this "Special". It doesn't air on the left coast for a couple of hours but I'm hoping t
14 messages
07-26-04 08:51 AM
Road Rules Extreme - Episode 7 7/19/04
I just wanted to get the ball rolling on tonight's episode. Who is the new guy? What will he be like? Will we like him better than Derrick? Wi
10 messages
07-26-04 04:03 PM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 8: 7/26/04
Let's discuss it here folks! This is episode 8 and they just said they had been in the RV for four, they have LOADS of do
18 messages
07-28-04 07:25 PM
The New Trend
1 messages
08-05-04 09:43 AM
Coral of Real World/RR Inferno
What a nasty lady. She's mean as a wild cat.
3 messages
08-05-04 03:33 PM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 9: 8/2/04
I wanted to get the ball rolling on the discussion about tonights episode. Who will get voted out? What will the new roomie be like and will they co
13 messages
08-06-04 02:21 PM
Battle of the Sexes(again!)
I added this to another posting, but thought I would make my own posting b/c there was so much info. Here are the teams: (This is per realwo
26 messages
08-07-04 03:26 PM
Challenge Spoiler! Challenge Spoiler
Well, there a 15 missions total. We've seen nine, so that obviously means there are only six left. I know four of them already, and with your
3 messages
08-07-04 11:36 PM
The whole race angle. Self respect, or lack thereof.
MTV always likes to highlight the ignorance of the White cast members,and that is fare enough. People like Robin and Cameron have views that they be
13 messages
08-09-04 10:40 AM
Road Rules X-Treme Stats
Stats for first 10 episodes: 1. Preformance Mission 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Player: Danny A A A F A B
0 messages
08-11-04 01:33 PM
derrick was so wrong to manipulate the gang
when derrick said "snap to it buddy" that was condescending , how would anyone react to a 'team member' treating someone new like dirt on th
2 messages
08-11-04 01:46 PM
MTV is currently casting for the Real World... its posted on Bunim and murray website...
8 messages
08-12-04 01:22 AM
Road Rules Extreme: Episode 6- 07/12/04
Anyone wanna discuss this week's episode? ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http%3
15 messages
08-12-04 06:36 AM
A Quick Question
Does anybody know that say a team loses their last mission, does a new member come, do nothing and get the handsome reward? Do they just finish
4 messages
08-12-04 10:22 AM
does anyone have any info on Malik? any pics?
0 messages
08-14-04 02:16 PM
Road Rules Extreme Episode 10: 8/9/04
Okay Road Rules fans lets get the ball rolling on tonights episode. According to the previews for tonights episode it looks like they loose this missi
23 messages
08-15-04 02:28 PM
What is it with Nick?
There's just something about Nick that really creeps me out, and I can't put my finger on it... he seems like he could be a really amazing guy%2
1 messages
08-16-04 03:43 PM
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