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did you guys see this commercial Evan made? it's actually pretty funny JE he's at the very end pretending to be a apple store employee.
1 messages
04-23-10 10:29 AM
The Real World DC
Just watched the first episode on Tivo. Kind of boring. Andrew is a total dork!! If he gets some action this season I will be shocked. What girl i
3 messages
03-01-10 01:13 PM
Live chat with Nick Brown of Real World Hollywood
Come chat live with Nick Brown of Real World Hollywood and RW/RR Challenge: Duel 2 and The Ruins! It will be hosted on http://www.liveclou
0 messages
01-11-10 04:26 PM
The Challenge.......................(is to keep watching)
I think I hear my echo in here. Last night's episode was interesting. Did anybody watch the after show? I am so dis
3 messages
12-31-09 00:04 AM
The Ruins - Episode.....who knows.......
Is there an echo in here or what?? Is ANYBODY watching? I am....and for the love will someone please slap me. I'm a
4 messages
11-14-09 04:32 PM
The Ruins 10/21/09 - WTF?
Wow is all I can say. I'd like to make a plea to MTV to please stop casting Tonya on these shows. This woman is obviously unstable and should not
2 messages
11-14-09 00:49 AM
Rachel Moyal Wedding
Rachel got married over the weekend if anyone cares.
3 messages
10-22-09 10:00 AM
The Ruins Episode 1
Wes, what a tool. I hope he looses it and gets kicked off which it looks like it's going to happen. What do these women see in him? Tanya i
4 messages
10-07-09 04:10 PM
Isaac's Girlfriend Noirin on British BB
Hey... I don't use this forum much anymore but, I was wondering if you guys knew that Isaac's girlfriend, Noirin, from Ireland is on the Bri
1 messages
08-27-09 12:47 PM
This site is a discussion forum. If you are simply posting here to plug your own site/blog, your posts will be deleted and your posting privileges
0 messages
07-02-09 03:14 PM
Trisha gives christians a bad name. [View All]
Why is it the most judgemental, rude, selfish, hypocritical, also now violent person on the show claming to be Christian? Every
22 messages
06-08-09 03:02 PM
ANDRE COMEAU from the original REAL WORLD is going to be in Hollywood!
Remember Andre Comeau from the first ever season of the Real World in New York? His new band, River Rogue, is playing at Knitting Factory HOLLYW
0 messages
05-05-09 04:23 PM
The Duel 2
So, I just happened to catch an episode. It's in New Zealand. Before the challenges even start, CT and Adam are kicked off for beating each ot
0 messages
04-23-09 07:11 PM
New Episode, 3/18/09
I have been watching TRW this year, but there hasn't been much to post about. In all of my years of watching TRW, this was the most m
7 messages
04-06-09 03:10 PM
HELP! Name that tune
Tonite on Real World, a song played called Child Inside. I didnt get the name of the group/artist who sang it. Can anyone tell me? Please & Th
1 messages
03-12-09 02:30 AM
Angry Boys Dirty Girls
Wow did yall see this weeks episode? I cant believe no no actually I kinda can believe that JD broke the table and ripped the phone outta the wall.
5 messages
03-06-09 11:23 PM
Real World, Rats-R-Us
I think this Real World season might not be the most exciting, but at least the people are a tad less idiotic than usual. Not necessarily normal,
DaveThe Dude
7 messages
03-04-09 09:24 PM
Is There Anybody Out There?
Well, episode #3 is in the books and no one started anything for Episode #2. This is not good. What happened to all our loyal fans? Have they
DaveThe Dude
14 messages
02-20-09 04:37 PM
Brooklyn Real World Series, Episode One
Well, what did all you people think of this season's first Real World episode? There is certainly a strange mixture of people (and I use that
DaveThe Dude
9 messages
01-27-09 08:55 PM
Producers Fail....Cast Real Human Beings....Details at 11
I had dropped out of Real World a long time ago because I was tired of the fake jobs that the cast would not or could not perform because they were la
mocha madness
0 messages
01-12-09 04:55 PM
The Island....Anyone watching this??
I watched last night. Not sure about the new format. Could be interesting...comments anyone.
12 messages
12-23-08 11:41 AM
season 22
so for season 22 the internet can pick their cast i'm up in the running help me get on the show!
0 messages
10-30-08 10:07 AM
real world dvds
2 messages
10-25-08 02:43 AM
Move Over Sodom and Gomorrha! Make Way For the Real World!
The Real World has become nothing more than a show about a bunch of adolescence exploring their sexualities and a bunch of immatures going after far-f
4 messages
10-16-08 10:09 AM
The Reunion Show
Well, I suffered through the Reunion Show. The best was when Janelle came on and completely abused the curly headed Detroit loser for his lack of ta
DaveThe Dude
7 messages
07-18-08 10:36 AM
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