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Let's play a game (you can make it a drinking game by quaffing your favorite beverage each time one of the events below takes place-double points
23 messages
06-14-04 01:22 PM
Julie Peed On Corals Bed!!!!
*Sorry if this has already been posted* If you watched the reniun show, it shows a clip that didnt air. That Julie peed on Corals bed
18 messages
06-14-04 02:53 PM
Question Here: Where is The Newlyweds...
I know this is not the correct forum to post this in but this show is on MTV. So where is the forum for the Nick & Jessica Newlyweds show? Or can
2 messages
06-14-04 03:41 PM
Road Rules: Extreme - Episode 1 - 6/7/04
Thought I'd get a thread started for discussing the new Road Rules Extreme ds/User_files/40
58 messages
06-14-04 04:53 PM
I don't feel like working today, so I'm going to ______________.
Fill in the blank. For me, I'd guess it would be "leap off the roof deck into San Francisco Bay." See...I'm leaning waaaaaaaay
13 messages
06-17-04 11:03 AM
The Real World Episode 24 6/15/04
Let's get the ball rolling. Charlie's first full episode will be tonight. I can't remember what the previews showed. Any good drama? http
39 messages
06-20-04 01:24 PM
Road Rules: Extreme - Episode 2 - 6/14/04
I need to get this started. I see some people already want to talk about tonight's episode. ds%
66 messages
06-21-04 02:29 PM
Don't tell me....
I know I saw previews for the new episode of Real World...ya know, Cameron freaking out and breaking Charlie's guitar.... Well I was ju
4 messages
06-23-04 09:23 AM
Future locations for Real World
Hey. My friend and I were thinking up new locations for the Real World and here’s our list. Tell me what you guys think. 1. Austin or Da
17 messages
06-24-04 08:47 PM
The Real World Episode 25 -6/22/04
I am steping in for Rabbit this week. I hear that she's helping with a new baby! What did you guys and gals think of the show tonight? Ahh Camer
33 messages
06-26-04 11:57 PM
Road Rules: Extreme - Episode 3 - 6/21/04
OK...let's discuss...where is the rabbit? ds/User_files/3fc56f1e690a24e1.jpg http%3
23 messages
06-28-04 11:20 AM
Nowhere to go but up: any thoughts on the Replacement Roomie?
Do we know who's pinch-hitting? Will they bring their own cutlery? I'm kind of hoping for a miltant islamic person. Mix things up
47 messages
06-29-04 02:31 PM
Extreme Challenge
I find the RR Extreme to be really extreme.
2 messages
06-29-04 05:05 PM
has anyone ever applied to be on the show? last summer i applied (i guess for the san diego one) by sending in a tape and went to the audition i
8 messages
06-29-04 09:17 PM
This is a title in the database that I am currently working on and when I saw it...I LOL! Because just the opposite is true! http:/
2 messages
06-30-04 09:57 AM
Frankie's Reaction To The Real World Show
I wonder what is Frankie's reaction to watching the Real World on TV? Has she commented on this? Does anyone know what is going through her head
17 messages
06-30-04 10:35 AM
At least one person gets voted off current Road Rules...
Jeffrey Epstein is a writer for OUT magazine and in the current issue (July 2004) he interviews Danny and Nick. Both gay guys that are apart of th
36 messages
06-30-04 08:45 PM
Road Rules Extreme: Episode 4- 06/28/04
All right guys...let's keep discussion about this week's episode here! I haven't seen Rabbit this week so I don't know if she is
41 messages
07-01-04 04:57 PM
If you want the Real World: San Diego turned into a DVD come here! tion.html Sign the petition! We need as many signitures as possible!
Miss Cameran
1 messages
07-06-04 12:57 PM
Season Finale - Road Rules
Did anyone catch the season finale last night? IMO the rape incident totally screwed the remainder of this season. Even though the subtitle says o
21 messages
07-07-04 06:31 PM
The Real World San Diego DVD; The Big Blue House
Yes yes i am new..but anyhoo, does anyone know if the Real World San Diego will have a DVD of that season?, oh yes and one more thing, for tho
1 messages
07-08-04 10:46 AM
Fall RW/RR Challenge announced
As previuosly rumored, it will be Battle of the Sexes 2. Found the info on tvtome's website for the challenge. Here's the info: Jun
44 messages
07-08-04 07:59 PM
Real World San Diego Reunion show.
Who caught the reunion show last night? Looks like we missed some good stuff that happened in Mexico! Next week they're going to show the unseen
14 messages
07-09-04 11:51 AM
frankie looks dead...
in the upcoming reunion show.....gray hair is NOT working
12 messages
07-09-04 11:54 AM
Jamie in Stuff magazine
Did anyone happen to see Jamie in Stuff magazine in the Girls of Reality television layout? What did you think?
19 messages
07-09-04 03:20 PM
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