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Fresh Meat Episode 6 Discussion 07-03-06
Another week and more drama. Let's chat about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5
12 messages
07-13-06 08:06 PM
tyler & janelle
Can someone tell me who the ##### these two divas think they are?! I mean come on! At first I had sympathy for tyler with the whole ea
19 messages
07-11-06 03:32 PM
Fresh Meat Episode 7 Discussion 07-10-06
The drama continues here. What will happen next? Let's talk about it.
2 messages
07-11-06 08:55 AM
Some Austin gossip
I was reading and came across this interesting item. Johanna and Wes are still very much together but rumor has it that Danny and Melinda
11 messages
07-09-06 09:18 PM
Fresh Meat Episode 5 Discussion 06-26-06
Let's chat it up here!
7 messages
07-04-06 07:25 PM
Official Summary; The Real World Key West, Episode 17: You shoulda stayed in Philly, you Low Life Beotch!
Hurricane Wilma has caused the roomies to retreat from Key West to Fort Lauderdale, to Orlando. Word has it that 90% of the Island is flooded, s
10 messages
07-02-06 00:56 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 16 Discussion: 06-20-06
Tonight we get to see the kiddies go through another hurricane for the "realest" show ever. Let's see if we get some good stuff. http
5 messages
06-29-06 01:24 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 17 Discussion 06-27-06
They are in Orlando...will they ever get back to Key West? Let's find out. ds/User_fi
10 messages
06-28-06 09:59 PM
Freshmeat Episode 4 Discussion: 06/19/06
Let's talk about tonight's show. OH.THE.DRAMA ds/User_files/42ade5f1273
6 messages
06-27-06 10:44 AM
Real World San Diego
I've been looking for the Real World San Diego DVD uncensored but i can't find it anywhere.. did mtv not make avaiable to the public or wha
1 messages
06-26-06 08:11 PM
Possible Next Challenge Cast
I copied this list for another site. Don't know if it is right. But if it is, this challenge looks like a nightmare. Of course there's most
7 messages
06-26-06 11:06 AM
Official Summary The Real World Key West: Episode 16: Hurricane Wilma and Volcano Paula
Last weekís show was preparation for Hurricane Wilma that was expected to hit Florida. The roomies were debating on whether to stay or go. The previ
1 messages
06-24-06 01:24 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 16 Discussion: 06-13-06
Are we gonna get to see some skin? I think John unhooks Janelle's swim suit top...Janelle doesn't like it. Let's chat about it here.
5 messages
06-20-06 01:47 PM
Official Summary The Real World Key West Episode 16: Hurricane Home Depot
As the season has progressed, we have seen each roomie show a side that we hadnít previously seen (some more than others) and I think this has
1 messages
06-17-06 03:48 PM
Freshmeat Episode 3 Discussion 06-12-06
The drama continues tonight so let's talk about it here. ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090
8 messages
06-14-06 02:02 PM
Official Summary The Real World Key West Episode 15: Do You Know Who I Am?
As the season progresses, we are finding out that some of the roomies arenít as mature as we once thought. Skinny is a mess, Slutty is a spoiled
3 messages
06-11-06 09:44 PM
The Real World Key West Episode 15 Discussion: 06-06-06
Slutty goes home to be with Martin as his dad is terminal. Wonder what else happens? Let's chat about it here. http://community.r
5 messages
06-08-06 10:38 PM
Freshmeat Episode 2 Discussion 06-05-06
What is up for round 2? Let's chat about it here! ds/User_files/42ade5f1273090f5.
11 messages
06-08-06 12:52 PM
Official Summary: The Real World Key West, Episode 14: Operation Beotch Takedown
Lounging on the sofa, John and Paula are having a talk about her therapy sessions. John confessional: "I think the fact that Paula is in th
6 messages
06-06-06 02:34 AM
Freshmeat Episode 1 Discussion 05-29-06
The first episode is an hour long. Here we go with another challenge. Let's talk about it here.
13 messages
06-06-06 02:30 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 12 Discussion: 05-16-06
Paula gets drunk and goes Walnuts all over 'em! Let's chat it up here. What do you guys think? http://community.r
17 messages
06-06-06 02:24 AM
The Real World Key West Episode 13 Official Summary: The Greatest Business Woman Ever!
The Real World Key West has been a welcomed relief to the drinkfest that has preceded this season. Even though it has been fun to watch there hasnít
2 messages
06-04-06 11:59 PM
Crossover: RR's Theo Vonkurnatowski makes the Top Forty on Last Comic Standing.
Just thought the regulars here would want to know he's finally made it off MTV. And Bravo. And VH1 'Behind the reality' sp
2 messages
06-03-06 06:57 PM
The Real World Key West Episode 13 Discussion 05-23-06
Jose and Janelle FINALLY get into the action and give us an argument. Let's chat about it here...UMKAY? http://community.realityt
5 messages
06-01-06 08:21 PM
The Real World Key West Episode 14 Discussion 05-30-06
Rumor has it the roomies get upset with a possible visit from Skinny's abusive boyfriend. *rubs hands together* Let's t
3 messages
05-31-06 07:51 AM
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