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So let's do a LEAST favorite RW/RR thread now
Here's my top 5: 5. Donell - crybaby! i never felt right about abram going while donell stayed. 4. David from New Orleans - m
24 messages
05-25-04 01:47 PM
The Inferno Reunion show May 31st
The MTV site has posted pictures from the reunion show which will air May 31st. Here's a couple Abe with a crew cut! Don't like it. ht
9 messages
05-25-04 07:29 PM
real world party
I heard that is throwing a party for the real world philadelphia crew. They are planning on having it at one of the new clubs and are
0 messages
05-27-04 00:59 AM
Frankie Fun Ball
[i]With Apologies to Saturday Night Live:[/i] [b]Frankie FUN BALL![/b
1 messages
05-27-04 01:24 PM
The Final Inferno challenge
Let's talk about tonight's challenge! [b]Lust[/b] - The Lust portion was hysterical with all of them humping that big round
25 messages
05-27-04 01:34 PM
Holly .vs. Ruthie whos stronger?
Ruthie and Holly seem to me to be the strongest and the leader of all ladies, so who would win in a inferno? or w/e
10 messages
05-29-04 02:26 PM
Abram & Coral?
Ok I need to know that this little hook up isn't true. I'm a big of Abram and I suppose I want him all to myself.. Not that Coral doesn%2
29 messages
05-29-04 04:37 PM
......frankie is a cutter. what happened to that? was she cured in one episode? what do you people think about frankie? i ha
21 messages
05-29-04 10:27 PM
Why is Frankie still on my TV????
I thought she was leaving when her parents came to town. Why oh why couldn't her mom have said "please honey, just come on home"?? My g
Rockytop Chick
34 messages
06-01-04 06:04 PM
I just rented Nude Girls of Reality TV,..... my take on the MTV girls, and Reality girls overall........
It had Trichell and Ireline (sp??) from the real world Vegas, and Katie from road rules. This is shocking, but I actually though Katie wa
11 messages
06-02-04 03:36 PM
real world marriage
i just read online that kelly just married actor scott wolfe from "party of five". i guess she crossed the "show biz line" and is on their sid
6 messages
06-02-04 04:29 PM
I just don't get it..
You know what I really don't get? Frankie can do all this stuff like, cutting herself, and she's not getting put away (in the mental hospi
blue tears
26 messages
06-03-04 01:46 PM
Did we miss the rape?
From what I remember about the incident I believe the rape was allegedly commited by one of Randy's friends who was in from out of town visiting. D
shakes the clown
20 messages
06-03-04 01:49 PM
I F****** Love Katie! you?
Katie freakin rocks, her team hates her and always trys getting they're own team mate kicked off ( her ) but she always fight back and proves
3 messages
06-03-04 04:17 PM
What nationality is coral and do you have any pics of her?
5 messages
06-03-04 04:20 PM
Whatever happened to.....?
I need your help, guys. Someone in the Old Farts Club has to come through on this one. Do you remember, a long time ago on RR, there
24 messages
06-03-04 05:41 PM
She is finally gone
I know we have discussed Frankie on many threads but I wanted to dedicate this one strictly to her departure. Thank God she is finally gone. It i
30 messages
06-06-04 01:56 PM
old real world eposdes
doese anyone know where i can get all the old real world eposdes from 2 season all the way up to new orieans so i can see all the epo
1 messages
06-06-04 10:32 PM
T Minus 24 hours and counting..
Road Rules starts their new season tomorrow night. Do we have any spoilers for this one? I know lots has been discussed about the Inferno
25 messages
06-07-04 07:50 PM
Does anyone know how tall Frankie, Jamie, and Cameron are???
Does anyone know how tall Frankie, Jamie, and Cameron are???
3 messages
06-08-04 03:03 PM
its like seeing Monkeys build solve puzzle
Thats all I can say about this pick a roommate episode. WHY GIVE THEM A CHOICE!!! And the one guy brad seemed way to normal to be le
14 messages
06-09-04 04:18 PM
Road Rules 13 Cast Revealed!
Well, the cast has been revealed...what do you guys think? n13/ http%3
27 messages
06-10-04 04:57 PM
where is the next real world and how can i be in it
i want to know when is the next real world and when i can send the tape too
8 messages
06-13-04 01:25 AM
Hey everyone! I am an 18 year old and ever since Real World started, I've wanted to be on it. I watched year after year as MTV had the casting s
1 messages
06-14-04 08:25 AM
New room mate......
What do you guys think? I think the real reason Brad didn't want Brad2 to be the new room mate had nothing to do w/ his name. I think Brad kne
10 messages
06-14-04 10:49 AM
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