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Kendal-What do you think?
Did she do the right thing by putting herself into the Inferno instead of Timmy?
13 messages
05-06-04 05:52 PM
The best Real Worlder of all time...or well at least top 5...
5. CT- he is the man, plus he is dating Coral, and she is fine azz hell! 4. Ruthie- she is so cool and down to earth, and I'm glad she
24 messages
05-06-04 06:02 PM
Hi Everybody!
I've been looking all over for a good Real World message board. I'm so glad I found one!!! I visisted the MTV Real World message board and
32 messages
05-06-04 08:05 PM
frankie's hands...
ewww.... n14/flipbooks/episode/images/1414/1414_04.jpg
33 messages
05-07-04 06:48 AM
rape on the show
i heard that someone was raped in the before they went on their big greece trip....if you look in the archives on you c
3 messages
05-07-04 11:12 AM
Fine line between "Real World" and reality?
So someone allegedly was raped in the RW San Diego House. I recently read that BMP is not going to air anything that had to do with the rape. I have m
Mon Cherie
20 messages
05-07-04 03:00 PM
Coral or Veronica-Which is the biggest B**tch?
It's apparent that Coral and Veronica are both extremely manipulative, rude, underhanded and dirty, which is precisely why they have been back
29 messages
05-08-04 11:17 AM
Oh oh!!!! 6041renzi1.html
7 messages
05-10-04 04:33 PM
Real World Predictions
I hardly remember what tonight's previews were. All I remember is that Robin is on the street crying (in front of a bar) while her little boyfr
7 messages
05-11-04 03:19 PM
My fault?
Did anybody read the message about the AIDS charity? It's gone now, the moderators must have deleted it. I hope I didn't say anything bad.
8 messages
05-11-04 07:35 PM
Neato Skeeto on this boring Day.
Check it out! I found a really cool website that has TONS of pictures of the Real World houses. I'm so jealous! I LO
3 messages
05-13-04 09:23 AM
Question...Are Holly and Christena Lesbians?
We never see these two girls with love interests or even interested in any males and they are somewhat masculine themselves...both of them. Holly is t
42 messages
05-14-04 06:10 PM
Coral Is a hypocrtical BI^*#
Ok, correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't julie say she wanted to go against katie in the inferno but coral bitched and moaned about how the tea
10 messages
05-16-04 01:56 PM
Is Colin really gay?
According to his website,, he said that he is finally coming out of the closet (but many think he's joking)?
0 messages
05-16-04 09:34 PM
Cast members posing nude
Ok I am new to this site....but I was shocked to find pictures of several cast members from the Real World and Road Rules shows completely nude on a s
9 messages
05-18-04 04:28 AM
Real World and RR upcoming Playboy pictures.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-24-03 AT 08:30 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
3 messages
05-18-04 03:21 PM
real world miami season
does anyone out there have the real world season 5 (miami) on video?, the full season.
1 messages
05-18-04 08:44 PM
I hope Katie gets even
I'm never one to throw a competition, but I almost hope that Katie does throw this one. I know she won't but the fact that she mentioned it was
48 messages
05-19-04 06:02 PM
The Real Robin
I want to talk about tonight's Real World. Why wasn't there an episode last week? Looks like Robin gets drunk and shows her belligerent side tha
42 messages
05-19-04 08:53 PM
Topless RW Cat week?
Hope I dont get in truouble for the subject heading but who else is waiting to see the big fight. I myself is hoping for mutually assured destruction
19 messages
05-20-04 00:15 AM
Who would you like to see in the next challenge?
I'd like to see Julie, Veronica, Coral, Nicole, Emily, Ellen, Ruthie, Melissa...the rest...well I'm not good with names
7 messages
05-22-04 01:53 PM
Next RW/RR Challenge??
I've heard it's going to be Battle of the Sexes 2. Is there any more truth to this??? It's supposed to be filmed in July/August and star
4 messages
05-22-04 02:00 PM
Hasnt the past few RR/Rw seasons sucked?
Im pretty sure that im not the only one that thinks that RR South Pacific/RW paris / Gauntlet/ and INferno SUCKED! The last Good season w
0 messages
05-22-04 02:24 PM
RR/RW superlatives
( pick your faves ever )My votes Most Attractive/Looking: Eric J. (RR 11) Kendal (RR 11) Most Funny: Timmy
1 messages
05-23-04 01:45 AM
why do people like mike?
why do people like mike? hes so gay and corny, hes not hot hes ugly.
2 messages
05-24-04 06:26 AM
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