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Yeah Katie!!!!
I'm so proud of Katie for sticking it to them and winning. They continue to dog her but she keeps coming back. If they would only learn that you c
6 messages
04-15-04 09:56 AM
I Missed It. Help Me Savor the Moment.
I missed the ouster of Julie and I'm still kicking myself. Can someone describe the episode to me? I want painful details - anything that can au
7 messages
04-15-04 10:05 AM
Brad's one night stand - and one night stands in general
Brad met a girl Jackie at a bar and then they slept together after only knowing each other for a few hours. Cameron was annoyed by his actions. %
38 messages
04-15-04 01:07 PM
Has there been an I.Hate.Cameron thread?
Well, if not then wait no more! I.Hate.Cameron!! If she says something is disgusting and she is going to puke 1 MORE TIM
11 messages
04-15-04 05:33 PM
Julie Got screwed in the inferno
If you go to and read mikes inferno diary for the last episode. It says that when they go to the jump roping part of the inf
10 messages
04-16-04 07:47 PM
re: I am a Black woman and hate Coral
I am a Black woman and I hate Coral. She is nothing but all mouth. In the last show she made it to the finals and got bit by a spider and was out! C
23 messages
04-17-04 07:40 PM
What Happened to Julie's Boyfriend Gabe?
Well, according to the [link:www.realworldroadrules.blogspot.c- m|RW/RR Blog Spot] he put out a restraining order against her. B
2 messages
04-18-04 06:22 PM
CT is da man
I was pretty fired up watching him tear into Leah, everything he said was completly true. When she said she contributed to the team and he just said
3 messages
04-20-04 12:17 PM
what's with the mormon?
could someone please tell me what's the big deal with julie? do u people hate her and have a reason for it? i really cant find a reason for ha
14 messages
04-20-04 02:15 PM
Who will win the fight? Will there even be a fight? Place yer bets...
26 messages
04-20-04 08:29 PM
Is Elka Still Seeing Walter?
I knew Elka was moving to Las Vegas to go to school and to move in with Walter. On THE GAUNTLET, she recently said: "I'm single --
18 messages
04-21-04 11:08 AM
Now what's the deal with Leah? She can't do any height challenges but still gets to stay in the game. I personally think she should be sent ho
9 messages
04-21-04 12:38 PM
Michelle from Road Rules 3
I just found out today that Michelle from Road Rules 3 was killed in a car crash in October 2002. Being a huge fan of Road Rules, The Real World and
2 messages
04-21-04 12:39 PM
I *Heart* Holly! How about you?
Yes it is official Holly is the WOMAN! I loved her on Road Rules I loved her on Challenge 2000 and I love her now! She is awesome! This a threa
9 messages
04-22-04 10:51 AM
Is anyone into their Girl/Boy friend as much as Frankie?
They (Frankie and the Sid Vicious wanna be) see insain. They kinda couple involved in suicide packs cause their love is so intense, and NO one w
3 messages
04-22-04 03:26 PM
RR3 Michelle killed
According to TV Guide Online, she was killed in a car accident in Texas over the weekend. No other info was given, it was just a one line snippet.
4 messages
04-24-04 10:06 AM
Arissa from RW Las Vegas did Play Boy w/ Trischelle!
If you google Arissa's name, which is Arissa Hill, you'll find websites that sell the video. And if you go to her website,
1 messages
04-25-04 01:20 PM
RW Philadelphia website
Sorry for the advertisement but just wanted to let this community know: is for sale. <A href="http:/%
2 messages
04-26-04 04:55 PM
I have a prediction. They are going to blow a great opertunity to visit this wonderful country by hanging out in clubs at night. This seemed to b
6 messages
04-28-04 10:31 PM
Brad caught doing coke!!!!
Brad is from the same city as i am, and i have seen him at this local's a well known bar...Well it happens to be the fact that good ole d
11 messages
04-29-04 00:27 AM
Emily and James
I was just wondering if anyone knows if Emily and James from Road Rules are still dating.
2 messages
04-29-04 10:16 AM
Coral is fun and ridiculous
I love her. She's such a #####. But when she argues, it's clear she's the child. She just plays that ##### thing becaus
3 messages
05-03-04 10:35 AM
I think that this chick has major issues with her race and her Bitchy attitude. She is not nice she is the reason Abortion is possible. She claims tha
0 messages
05-04-04 02:33 PM
Cameron and Brad
I was going to rag on Frankie and Dave's matching outfits but I decided that speculating on Cameron and Brad escapades in the sleeping bag might be
33 messages
05-05-04 01:53 PM
The Big Blowout in Greece
My power went out Tuesday night and I missed all my favorite shows (AI, 24, and RW). Luckily you can always count on MTV to re-air the episode
23 messages
05-05-04 07:23 PM
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