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What a(nother) bunch of spoiled freaks! RW 3/16
Gah. Five minutes into the RW and I am about to throw something at my TV. RW does not combine well with PMS. Frankie is going on about her
Mon Cherie
15 messages
03-30-04 05:36 AM
I was into the RR/RW challenge shows, before the Inferno/gauntlet. but now with these two, they really show how pussy,spoiled,overated the
2 messages
03-30-04 09:15 AM
David & CT are HOT
Love those Boston bad boys. CT seems to have a poet's heart underneath his tough, brooding exterior. David is just so smart and totally hot. Doe
15 messages
03-31-04 11:03 AM
Did Coral get a boob job?
I saw Coral and the Miz on MTV's Spring Break and I could swear she had a boob job. Maybe it was the clothing but her boobs looked much bigger.
3 messages
04-01-04 06:23 PM
I can NOT believe I am about to say this but I will. I am kind of crushing on CT after last night. Whatever meds they have given him appear to be wo
25 messages
04-02-04 06:13 PM
HOT*****Real WOrld Discussion/ Dirt ****HOT
I found out from a reliable source that Frankie ends up leaving the house and going home for good... She apparently couldnt take living in that house
3 messages
04-05-04 10:05 AM
What is the deal w/ Mike? Does anyone think he is hot???? He always seems to hook up on the shows.....I just don't get it!
4 messages
04-05-04 04:01 PM
SD:Jamie's DUI....
Looks like the Smoking Gun found another RR/RW in trouble with the law. [ echung1.html|Ja
2 messages
04-06-04 02:42 PM
How dramatic?
Geeze, how dramatic can these previews get...Jamie-"i see her walking out of the bathroom, she dropped a knife. We think she might be a (dum d
17 messages
04-06-04 04:37 PM
Frankie IS the drama QUEEN
Frankie has been driving me nuts since the first episode with all her antics. Last night when she called Robin a Drama queen I almost threw something
12 messages
04-07-04 12:31 PM
"PG Rated..."
Did anyone else notice that the show used Robin's "Nothing but PG rated" quote again?! But this time it was to describe her fling with the
5 messages
04-07-04 03:54 PM
Best Real World???
which season is the best? i feel that the Vegas one was really good. full of drama, fighting, sex,...everything the viewers wanted. I do fe
21 messages
04-07-04 06:09 PM
Frankie's a cutter?, as in, she's from the movie "Breaking Away"? Ride that bike Frankie, ride it fast! %0
shakes the clown
2 messages
04-09-04 03:38 PM
Has anyone noticed
I have been watching The Real World since the first NY cast. But as I think about each season, THere really isn't diversity in the cast other
11 messages
04-09-04 05:42 PM
pretend I'm Frankie walking past the two people standing there..
Do-do-duh-dee-dee....ooops("jeeper- ,I hope they didn't see the huge KNIFE I purposely dropped so as to get the attention I so desparately cra
1 messages
04-11-04 04:53 PM
Props to Brad's Parents
Its about time he was brought back to reality, he is 23 he should be moving out and forming his own life. I'm glad his parents told him its time
7 messages
04-12-04 02:08 PM
Mallory needs to go!
Mallory is a terrible competitor. she is there b/c she is cute and stays quiet. she needs to go back to that 10 year old(ACE). i hope she and
8 messages
04-12-04 07:53 PM
RR are scum bags, and so is Julie & Coral, heck they all suck
How could you stab someone in the back on national TV? I knew I did not like them before but this takes the cake. I just hope that RR lose and lose
9 messages
04-12-04 11:29 PM
Road Rules are Dirty!!
I can't wait I have to say this now. The way road rules threw the mission so Katie would go to the inferno! Thats so low. I hope Katie wins and ma
3 messages
04-13-04 05:45 PM
Did anyone see that coming!?!?!?!
That she was totally gonna freak out about brad on RW having a girlfriend its like duh you had to of known
3 messages
04-13-04 06:18 PM
Wasted half hour....Again.
What a waste of a half hour. Tell me how you can make a whole show about Brad and his one night stand. What a waste of time, them discussing "is h
1 messages
04-14-04 12:25 PM
If your happy and you know it clap your hands *clap clap*...if your happy and you know it clap your hands *clap clap*....if your happy and you
8 messages
04-14-04 02:43 PM
I love camron!
Okay, i've been seeing some anti-camron messages, but i think camron is absolutely adorable. yes, she is increadibly immature, no doubt, b
0 messages
04-14-04 03:38 PM
About Brad
Does anyone know? I live in the neighboring city and have seen him out.... any ideas? I think I might have gone to school with him but not sure.
0 messages
04-14-04 11:07 PM
Adam's arrest
Me and some friends just met Adam and Ace at a local bar. They were guest bartenders at the bar's 1st anniversary party. Ace and Adam were cool an
3 messages
04-14-04 11:09 PM
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