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Pot, meet Kettle....
Did I just hear FRANKIE refer to Robin as a drama queen? ds/User_files/400c7bb
Mon Cherie
6 messages
02-19-04 10:14 AM
Way to go, Ace.
WTF was up with him? He's in Mexico, with his girl Mallory, and he gives up after maybe 2 seconds of the challenge? They hadn't even put t
Mon Cherie
53 messages
02-20-04 06:30 PM
Mike the Miz
He sure likes to hook up a lot with his castmates! Thank God he and Trashelle are done. He and Kendall are next. Now at the next RW/RR challenge%
7 messages
02-25-04 04:10 PM
Pedro w/o the Courage or Selflove = Frankie
I think frankie is the saddest real worlder of all time. Some times she's childlike, depressed, and self loathing. I wonder if she would try to
3 messages
02-25-04 04:54 PM
"The Gauntlet" Theme Song
Anybody know who does the theme song for "The Gauntlet"? And does anybody know where I could get my paws on the "Road Rules: South Pacific%
5 messages
02-26-04 03:17 AM
Last Night's RW
I just don't know what to say. This cast has to be one of the most emotionally immature ones I have ever seen. Well here goes. Jaqueasy-
Mon Cherie
17 messages
02-29-04 12:55 PM
Real World Cast Car for sale!
Did you see this on ebay? API.dll?ViewItem&category=31873&item=2463453116
0 messages
03-01-04 03:45 PM
We Have to Wait til Next Week to See Who Gets Infernoed?
That was irritating. The editing and the fact that we are left, hanging, breathless with anticipation, leads me to believe Miz tanks. Which is
14 messages
03-03-04 02:17 PM
Cameran 19 and drinks ?
I believe Cameran is only 19. She always uses fake ids to get into clubs. When she does get in, she drinks in the clubs and she also drinks at home.
8 messages
03-05-04 09:32 AM
the Miz is here to stay!
i was happy to see that the Miz stayed. The Real World needs him. Mallory and Lea are some crappy contenders. One of those chics need ta go. %0
7 messages
03-06-04 03:18 PM
Guess who's gay?
Apparently having a threesome with Amanda and her stuffed bunny will drive any man into arms of another man cause RW Hawaii's Colin has outed himsel
shakes the clown
17 messages
03-10-04 03:37 AM
I I could have only one wish in this world.... would be that the average life expectancy for someone with cystic fibrosis would magically be lowered from 27 to 21. Anyone wa
shakes the clown
32 messages
03-10-04 07:31 PM
"I just dont like the #####." -Coral '04
How many people here know people like Coral? How many people here work with people like Coral? How do you like the additude that 'just because i
13 messages
03-11-04 04:36 PM
Cameran eats 2 burritos a day Frankie?
Every day? BS. She wouldn't be that tiny if she did that, nor would she feel too great.
1 messages
03-11-04 04:37 PM
Coral, The Manipulator
I can appreciate an individual standing up for themselves and even being opinionated. BUT, being a good listener, supportive of others and consid
0 messages
03-14-04 09:32 AM
Fogies Use their Heads
Go Syrus! Go Syrus! Go Syrus! ds/User_files/3f4e5b4328259df7.gif
2 messages
03-14-04 03:45 PM
Tonights Epsiode Was Shady (Cocaine Mansion)
hmm...strippers straddling old men...freebasing cocaine in the back of stretch escalades...the castmembers jumping fences wtf? that was t
10 messages
03-16-04 10:17 AM
RW: Do Brad and Cameran actually end up hooking up?
I think I saw from the first episode previews for the rest of the season that they looked like they were smooching in the hot tub. Anyone recall this%
4 messages
03-16-04 12:57 PM
I have to say I like it better than RW. I like the cattiness and the challenges. Poor Katie, we know she will be around for a while since she hasn
6 messages
03-17-04 06:25 AM
Even though she's gone
I still hate Trashelle. I can't decide who is trashier, her or Cara from Chicago? ds
10 messages
03-17-04 08:13 AM
The laziest people EVER
I have trouble feeling sorry for them having to get their lazy a**es out of bed and the crack of dawn (crack of dawn in this case being 11:30
Rockytop Chick
3 messages
03-17-04 02:28 PM
Real World RR guess who said it game
This can be an entire spiel, or a few words that we all might remember, or some of us might recall from some of the more talked about episodes thr
51 messages
03-23-04 12:10 PM
frankie and jamie seems a tad jealous...
for some reason, probably due to their own insecurities, frankie and jamie seems really bitter and jealous towards cameron and robin, especially
6 messages
03-24-04 03:21 PM
Rape incident in San Diego
Did anyone hear in the news about a cast member(?Robin?) of the real world getting date raped or something? i don't kno
5 messages
03-25-04 11:32 AM
Inferno 3/22
Can anyone give me a recap of last night's inferno episode? Who is nominated to go to the inferno? Was the Julie/Coral smackdown t
7 messages
03-26-04 10:31 AM
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