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The Real World World Sydney Episode 5 Discussion 09/05/2007
Isaac and Shauvon get into a fight. Will KellyAnne continue to pursue Cohutta? Will Cohutta go for it? Let's find out and discuss the madness he
17 messages
09-23-07 02:07 PM
The Real World Sydney Episode 6 Discussion 09/12/2007
Again, my TV Guide says that a local hooks up with someone in the house...who? KellyAnne! Let's see if it really is a local or someone that ju
5 messages
09-13-07 07:02 PM
The Real World Sydney Episode 4 Discussion 08/29/2007
Well, it appears the newness has worn off and the attraction has died down for KellyAnne and Parisa wonder what they ever saw in him.
11 messages
09-03-07 12:51 PM
The Real World Sydney Episode 3 Discussion 08/22/2007 [View All]
Will Parisa succeed in getting Dunbar? Will Isaac snag a local? Many more questions will prolly be answered tonight. Let's talk about 'em here
27 messages
08-29-07 04:41 PM
The Real World Sydney Episode 2 Discussion 08-15-2007
Will Parisa and Trisha continue their bickering? Let's chat about it here.
20 messages
08-24-07 00:32 AM
Real World: Austin [View All]
Looks like the Real World is finally coming to the Lone Star State!! I am glad they picked Austin. While I like Houston and Dallas, Austin has
43 messages
08-19-07 08:39 AM
The Real World: Sydney [View All]
Did you guys know about RW:Sydney? I just saw the commercial for it during "Reunited."
26 messages
08-14-07 07:13 PM
Reunited: Real World Vegas (Ep. 5) 6/27/07
Interesting episode. I can't decide if Frank went down a few notches after hia dismissal of all three women Trishelle picked out. After all, how m
8 messages
07-13-07 11:58 PM
MTV"S Made: Diem wants to dance
I had this recorded from last week and just watched it. It is the MTV show Made and in this episode Diem wanted to be made into a ballroom dancer for
3 messages
07-13-07 11:52 PM complete scam!
so they say we the viewers can choose the one of the people to get on the next real world. so there was a contestant who dominated their contest won a
3 messages
07-13-07 09:57 AM
Real World "Las Vegas" Reunion Series
Just wandering if any of you have seen this..... Real World Vegas cast will reunite for six-episode series The
19 messages
07-08-07 01:08 AM
Inferno III, Episode 14 06/26/07
Okay I officially can't stand Susie and Cara. What b!tches! I didn't like Paula on her RW season but I love her on the Inferno. I'm looking
5 messages
07-06-07 00:58 AM
Real World Person?
Who would you all like to have on the MTV Real World. What kinda of character would you all like to watch? We all complain about who we dont like -
5 messages
06-30-07 11:22 AM
Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas [View All]
Is anyone watching? ds/User_files/40b5811d7749d1d3.gif
27 messages
06-25-07 10:06 PM
RIP Frankie RWSD
"On television, re-runs allow you to live on, ageless, in perpetuity. Sadly, life affords no such reprieves. We here at the Pitch just recei
7 messages
06-22-07 12:41 PM
Vote for Antasha for MTV's Real World! (Video inside)
Hey everyone- so round 2 is almost over & I'd really like to make it to rounds three & four. In order to do that, I'm going to need A LOT mo
0 messages
06-22-07 00:42 AM
Reunited: Real World Vegas (Ep. 4) 6/20/07
Frank makes peace with Irulan and Arissa and the gang gets to see Trishelle in ninja action. Is anyone still watching? Why do I get sucke
4 messages
06-22-07 00:25 AM
Real World Jenn video interview on
Check out an interview with Jenn from Real World Denver on - a TV station's website from Chicago.
0 messages
06-20-07 03:19 PM
Inferno III, Episode 8 05/29/07
Oh, the drama!! Will Aneesa get voted into the Inferno? I'm not telling. Don't want to spoil it for everyone like I did a few weeks ago. S
3 messages
06-20-07 02:04 PM
Hey guys just posting this hoping to get some votes. i am 27 which is completely over the age of who the producers usually cast but am hoping that if
0 messages
06-18-07 07:59 PM
The Real World Denver The S#!T They Should Have Shown
Can it get any lower than this? Alex in Collie's bikini? Funny but weird. Loved that Alex is so cool about Davis and his antics. I believe that
7 messages
06-15-07 11:58 PM
Inferno III, Episode 5 05/08/07
I'm watching. Caught the sneak peek this afternoon. Great challenge. I loved the inferno. Davis beats Danny!!!! I'm rooting for the Good G
15 messages
05-29-07 12:01 PM
The Real World Denver Reunion Show 05/23/2007
I don't know if I can watch the snoozefest but we can chat about it here. ds/User_files
15 messages
05-28-07 01:29 PM
The Real World Denver Season Finale
Well, it has all come down to this...what can we say that hasn't already been said? The drama is almost too much to take...isn't i
16 messages
05-23-07 08:00 PM
Vote for Weston for Season 20 of The Real World
Hey, this is Weston. I'm currently being considered for Season 20 of The Real World. Soon, they are going to post my profile onto along
3 messages
05-17-07 08:44 PM
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