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AI10 PTTE WEEK 4 RESULTS WEEK 5 CHANGES ds/User_files/47b3829c78c867f7.gif Oh, well, no more rose suits and mumbling...I%2
4 messages
02-05-16 04:37 PM
Amanda Overmyer in SEXY HOT PANTS, Boobs a flashing, bulging Derriere Cheeks, Racy Legs, HOT PANTS, and thigh-high LEATHER BOOTS has proven%
5 messages
01-13-16 09:11 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
1 messages
12-11-15 02:57 PM
Purchase Best Quality Real and Novelty Passports,id cards,visas,drivers license,stamps,birth certificates,diploma ,Permits for all count
2 messages
12-11-15 02:55 PM
Top Reality TV Singing Performances of All Time?
Here's a list of the top reality TV singing performances of all time, including ones from around the world. What do you think? Who's missing
6 messages
09-04-15 02:59 PM
American Idols Live Tour 2009!!
I canít wait to see the American Idols Live Tour of 2009. I heard itís going to be such an amazing show! You better get your tickets before its
2 messages
05-29-15 05:00 PM
Died a slow painful death! ds/User_files/52f314529687c4fe.gif %0
1 messages
05-29-15 04:31 PM
Crystals "big plans"?
Does anyone have any speculation as to what "big plans" Crystal has for R&B week? This one has me puzzled. Obviously she's ditching the gui
1 messages
05-15-15 11:01 AM
Ding Dong, the Idol's dead!!!!
0 messages
05-14-15 11:58 PM
Why American Idol is the best show on earth
[ d-Irish-priest-fools-Simon-Cowell-TV-show-45293157.html|What the?] Sometimes you jus
5 messages
05-14-15 11:52 PM
Guy Sebastian Autographed Sunglasses!
Guy Sebastian Autographed Sunglasses! Okay so I went on this site called, which has pretty much become my recent obses
1 messages
05-06-15 02:17 PM
AI PTTE FINAL RESULTS ds/User_files/47b3829c78c867f7.gif WOWZA Chris won! [font color %
6 messages
05-04-15 01:01 PM
Ever wonder how bad the AI contestant contracts were?
Ju'Not would like you to believe they're worse than you've previously imagined. h
6 messages
03-25-15 09:36 PM
wow it's getting empty in here!
7 messages
03-15-15 11:34 PM
Adam and Kris on Billboard 200
I thought this was interesting. I didn't know AI did this. Have they done it before? Season 8 favorite performances. Adam ente
4 messages
03-06-15 05:14 PM
AI9 Audition Dates/Cities
From Joes Place blog [ ican-ido-season-9-audition-dates-and-locations/|link]
1 messages
03-06-15 05:10 PM
Been away awhile
Hi guys - are there any regulars that were on this board years ago? I know I've been away for a few years. Looks like we
6 messages
02-28-15 02:08 AM
MOBITALENT A New Way to Showcase Talent
So i am inlove with this new app called Mobitalent that lets you record or upload a 30-50 second video clips of you dancing ,singing or performing a
2 messages
02-19-15 04:21 PM
Reality Television Tourism
Hello Members! I am a doctoral student at Texas Tech University that is obsessed with all things pop culture and reality television. I am compl
3 messages
01-26-15 05:25 PM
New Danny Gokey Album
Former American Idol contestant Danny Gokey is back with a brand new album!!! "Hope In Front of Me" will be out June 23rd! The single "H
2 messages
11-19-14 07:08 PM
Nothing's broken: let's fix it. exec-producer-on-controversial-twists-and-more.htm
0 messages
05-13-14 07:51 AM
Same crap, different season, different judges
Hi All - I had high hopes going into this season that things would be different this time - different producers, fresh judges, etc...b
2 messages
05-02-14 07:17 AM
Early Prediction
OK - we have our top 30. Lets have a little fun. Lets make some early predictions before a single live show has aired. Who is your predic
4 messages
02-24-14 07:22 PM
Barn doors
HI to all members, I am going to post a topic or embed a website here about barn doors great site special for all peoples who are interest in b
2 messages
02-13-14 03:27 PM
X-Factor cancelled
Gosh. However will FOX waste its money now?
0 messages
02-09-14 11:16 AM
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