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Who wants more MOLE?
Maybe not the real show but I am hosting a newer version of the Mole called Twisted Mole! What's the twist? Email me an
0 messages
03-27-05 00:01 AM
No More Of........THE MOLE
I am sure all you Mole lovers were sorry to hear there will NOT be a MOLE 3. If you remember when the second season with Anderson Cooper was to come o
0 messages
03-16-05 04:10 AM
Is the Mole or celebrity Mole coming back?
Has anyone heard if the Mole or Celebrity Mole is coming back this year? Normally the season starts early January and I see nothing of it coming bac
4 messages
02-05-05 00:01 AM
The Mole: Season 1 on DVD?
Hey guys! I got an e-mail today, informing me that there was news on the first season of the Mole being released on DVD. Thought some of you fan
5 messages
02-04-05 11:58 PM
BREAKING NEWS ABC's The Mole Becomes a Free Agent
(sorry hosts for posting in both boards- did this incase anyone was gonna watch the repeats and didnt want to visit the other board) The mol
15 messages
11-06-04 02:20 PM
The mole 15 players working together in task but one of them, a cheater a traitor, the mole. Wh
0 messages
07-29-04 01:47 AM
3 messages
07-14-04 05:17 PM
The Mole on GSN
Just a reminder that GSN (the Game Show Network) is re-airing the original Mole series starting tonight at 10 PM EST. Re-runs will air on Sunday
8 messages
07-08-04 02:10 PM
Is there an official mole website for the first season of the mole?
1 messages
07-07-04 09:08 PM
Another Mole
Does anyone know if another mole will be out soon? Another Celebrity mole?
3 messages
07-07-04 08:56 PM
An intresting point
I might be the only on who thinks this but, should there be a kids version of the mole. Really it would be something that would be interesting. So a
2 messages
06-24-04 03:21 PM
Bring back Anderson...
... and for the love of all that is holy, enough with the celebrity Mole shows, already!
1 messages
06-17-04 11:02 AM
AC's 360
I was watching Anderson Cooper on his 360 show Friday and he had an interview with the One and Only EPMB. Funny thing, they talked about "reality%
1 messages
06-08-04 02:21 AM
Mole not on anyone's Fall line-up
All six networks released their fall line-ups and the Mole was nowhere to be found. Is this the end of the Mole??? CBS could use a mid-season re
0 messages
05-25-04 05:30 PM
Free Celebrity Mole DVD's for all Celebrity Mole summary writers!
I'm pleased to announce that in addition to the twenty Celebrity Mole Hawaii DVD collections (a $29.98 value) that we're giving away via our
5 messages
05-13-04 11:50 PM
Mole done??
I guess since the Mole isn't seeing any signs of life that I believe the Mole has ended its run. Has there been any possible news/rumors of the Mo
0 messages
05-11-04 03:55 PM
Mole Players at Reality4Diabetes event
Hey there, Mole Fans... If anyone is interested, pictures from the R4D charity event in Cincinnati at the end of March 2004 are now up on my websi
0 messages
04-20-04 10:17 AM
CMY FOMO Game - Final Results!!!
WOW! What a finish! Much to everyone’s surprise, ANGIE was the mole. Well, almost everyone was surprised. Congrats to those of you who p
16 messages
03-05-04 02:13 PM
Celebrity Mole: Yucatan Final Results
[h3]Congrats To buckeyegirl and magic_star[/h3] Well, who would have thought that another model would have been the mole. I gu
3 messages
03-01-04 06:44 PM
i just heard mole is going to fox
now we can see how many viewers it can get
3 messages
02-29-04 02:05 PM
Celebrity Mole: Yucatan AE wk 5 results/Finale Picks [View All]
[h3]Tracey Has Some Growing Pains[/h3] Dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it. Tracey was my new pick for mole and was on most
35 messages
02-27-04 07:55 PM
the mole was a surprise to me....
i like most mole fans was very surprised, and shocked to find out that the mole was angie everhardt. i thought it was dennis rodman, especially af
1 messages
02-24-04 06:00 PM
How does CMY compare?
After it's over now, how would you say Celebrity Mole Yucatan stacks up against the past seasons of The Mole? I've noticed that some people r
12 messages
02-22-04 08:09 PM
Final Episode Ratings
ABC Sees its Strongest Wednesday in 5 Weeks “Celebrity Mole: Yucatan” Hits its Best Adult 18-34 Rating Ever in its Season Finale%
2 messages
02-21-04 03:04 PM
Thre Freak and the Sneak: The official CMY Finale summary
MOlerons! the one night of the year we wait for has come and gone again. The time of year when we all sit around and say "That was a clue?" I
5 messages
02-21-04 00:21 AM
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