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Any interest in ABC's new "Push, Nevada" series? [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-05-02 AT 02:00 AM (EST)[/font] I'm just wondering how many of the Mole fans here are t
29 messages
08-07-02 12:59 PM
Next to last "Mole II" episode attracts series' largest audience to date
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-06-02 AT 11:21 PM (EST)[/font] Breaking ratings news released by ABC late this afternoon... c
5 messages
08-07-02 12:38 PM
I thought it was al
remember the apple? when he rode by anderson was eating a red apple. When someone else (I think elavia) rode by he was eating a green. red and g
0 messages
08-07-02 12:29 PM
I knew it!
0 messages
08-07-02 12:22 PM
Anderson Cooper: Are you Lurking?? [View All]
AC, if you're lurking, do you mind posting something? A clue? A hint? A witty rejoinder?
37 messages
08-07-02 11:40 AM
Feedback on the Mole 2--What would YOU like to say?
Well, if I were one of the contestants booted from the show, I would certainly be cruising these sites to see what the viewers had thought about t
19 messages
08-07-02 10:58 AM
Favorite moment [View All]
Hey everyone i doing this post to see what was there Favorite moment, Player, and game. in light of that next week is the last eposide o
40 messages
08-07-02 01:49 AM
Somebody help.... please!!!!
OK my husband and I are sitting here thinking we are both crazy. Why do we remember Heather being the Mole and a guy winning the show? We remember
4 messages
08-07-02 01:27 AM
Anyone see this site list: You know you're a Mole-a-holic When . . .
You know you're a Mole-a-holic When . . . You bought the "Mole Killer" can on Ebay for over $50. You see a Television commercial w
4 messages
08-07-02 01:25 AM
To All of You.
Although I’ve hardly posted at all, I have followed all of your topics since ABC resurrected “The Mole 2.” Now that the show’s over, I ju
2 messages
08-06-02 10:41 PM
Why Did ABC Originally Kill The Series Off???
This may have been discussed before off and on, but why in the world would ABC kill the series off when they first showed it? Yes, the ratings
6 messages
08-06-02 08:38 PM
PTTE results ep. 11
[h3]A Sad Day[/h3] This is a day of mourning becuase my ship sank last night. The S.S. ALFOMO was jinxed by having the "MOLEFO
7 messages
08-06-02 04:56 PM
Mole 3 Online Petition tion-sign.html?
6 messages
08-06-02 11:41 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-04-02 AT 09:38 PM (EST)[/font] I would like to know everybody's input on the boar attack on
1 messages
08-04-02 09:34 PM
Help Me Please!
I really need a copy of episode 3 (where Lisa gets executed). I have every other episode on tape, so I have no problem trading episodes if you w
1 messages
08-04-02 03:49 AM
Official Episode 12 Summary
This is my first time, so be gentle... Last Week on the Mole: Al endures hours and hours with a Ho and bubbles, and it is not as
17 messages
08-02-02 05:16 PM
Design a Contest/Challenge for the Mole
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-01-02 AT 03:30 AM (EST)[/font] I think some of the best things about the Mole are the contests
3 messages
08-01-02 07:08 PM
A song parody - dedicated to AyaK
Here ya go. You wanted song parodies, etc. so I wrote one just for you. I don't think I need to tell people which song...Molerons should be able
12 messages
08-01-02 07:03 PM
Mole Ratings
I don't know how many of you guys have been keeping up with the Mole Ratings, but they are definitely good. At one point when it first started ag
14 messages
08-01-02 04:36 PM
Another song for AyaK
"And you can tell everybody, that this is your song..." No, that's not the parody. Back when I first agreed to summarize E4 in B
4 messages
08-01-02 02:28 PM
where was july 30 episode filmed?
Does anyone know where the last episode was filmed? (July 30th) I know that it was a small town in Italy, but does anyone know exactly wh
1 messages
08-01-02 09:52 AM
OFFICIAL Episode 11 MOLE Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-29-02 AT 09:33 AM (EST)[/font] [center][font size="4"][b][i]Valley of th
12 messages
07-31-02 06:57 AM
VERY UN-official Episode 11 Summary
[center][font size=6]Don Ho should be shot[/font] by Femme ds/User_files%2
20 messages
07-30-02 11:49 AM
Tiny Bubbles! [View All]
That entire scenerio with Anderson's fun house was very funny to me, but nothing funnier then Al stuck in that room with the song tiny bubbles pla
21 messages
07-29-02 04:39 PM
The Bribe
Hey everyone i want to here some reasons of why they think Elavia was offered her bribe i have my reason i'm not gonna post it yet i want
4 messages
07-29-02 12:06 PM
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