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Rob's Mole Audition Video...
is on his business website, [|Sta- gazing Productions] Check it out.
4 messages
08-19-02 02:26 AM
Email ABC in support of The Mole 3 - contact info HERE
Andrea Wong is the ABC executive who ultimately has the decision about whether or not to renew The Mole for additional seasons. Her email a
1 messages
08-18-02 11:22 PM
Nielsen Ratings for Finale
Didn't see this anywhere, sorry if it's a duplicate. Here is the link: o
3 messages
08-16-02 09:26 AM
Interesting thoughts from Italy re Mole 2
In another thread on this page, we posted pictures that were taken during Mole 2 filming in Italy and published recently on the Web site www.barcane
5 messages
08-15-02 03:22 PM
help me
my little bro stepped my mole tapes and i need to get the episodes bak somehow, any suggestions?
4 messages
08-15-02 01:21 AM
Tuesday Night Blues
I just realized why I'm feeling a little "off" today...NO MORE MOLE! :-( There is no reality show to watch tonight and I feel so blue
Red Lady
8 messages
08-14-02 01:30 PM
Lurkers Speak Out [View All]
I really want to know how many different people read this board. If you are a lurker and have never or just rarely post to this board. Would you speak
128 messages
08-14-02 12:06 PM
Weren't the producers taking a HUGE chance with the telegram clue??
Hi guys, I'm new to the forum but I've got a question. Am I the only one who thinks the producers were taking a HUGE chance with the
4 messages
08-13-02 10:47 PM
Read some interviews
[ html|check it out.]
11 messages
08-13-02 04:01 AM
Rehashing the Reunion - General Comments [View All]
Heather looked VERY disappointed when her key didn't turn the mole lock door. Dorothy looked adorable with the new haircut and a little
53 messages
08-12-02 04:21 PM
HELP!!! missed 7/30 episode
My Wife has every other episode on tape except this one. She went on vacation and set the VCR but for some reason it didn't tape. She is heart bro
chris boughter
0 messages
08-11-02 04:46 PM
The power went out at my house and my VCR did not record the last episode of The Mole. Is there anyone who would be willing to get me a copy of the t
1 messages
08-11-02 04:15 PM
My Thoughts
This was my first season watching the Mole, and i thoroughly enjoyed it. Unlike most people, I didn't catch the clues...but that might because i
3 messages
08-10-02 11:53 PM
Just a question
What does FOMO mean? I've seen it everywhere on this posting thing, and I don't know what it stands for :C)
2 messages
08-10-02 08:35 PM
Question about the last game
Ok. Bill is the Mole, but I just wonder if Bill had to go through all the hiking and asking for direction that were shown on TV. I also wonder if th
1 messages
08-10-02 04:13 PM
Isn't there supposed to be a FINAL Summary?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-10-02 AT 06:22 AM (EST)[/font] I'm just wondering where the [b]final summary--[/b]
2 messages
08-10-02 03:46 PM
Cool article on Bill!
Here's another article I've come across... it's from a newspaper in Washington State; check it out!
3 messages
08-10-02 04:51 AM
Top 10 Lists
Surprised we haven't had one like this yet... Anyway, here is a good place to post your top 10 lists, whether it's Favorite Moments
11 messages
08-10-02 04:07 AM
Here's another site to post your opinions on The Mole
I found this on another message board, but I thought I'd share it with you guys. USA TODAY has an entertainment discussion feature called TV Talk
0 messages
08-09-02 04:11 PM
Formula idea for paying the Mole
From what I know (which isn't much) the Mole just gets a set amount of money based on whatever the production company pays him/her, it has n
0 messages
08-09-02 11:22 AM
Tribute to Dorothy
She was one of the most under the radar, sneaky, and intelligent players there. I'm talking about Dorothy who gained $636000 which she can tha
7 messages
08-08-02 09:17 PM
Mole Finale Tape For Sale
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 08-08-02 AT 09:12 PM (EST) by SurvivorBlows (admin)[/font] If you would like a copy of the Mole 2
1 messages
08-08-02 07:29 PM
The Payment for the game
Since each of the players had to sign releashes and things I am wondering if all players did earn some kind of payment for being in the gam
3 messages
08-08-02 04:33 PM
Stone Stanley Says There is a Mole 3
Just an FYI, i visited the Stone Stanley website to see if there was any info on the Mole 3 and it says te following: With six shows cu
14 messages
08-08-02 07:02 AM
Anything we can do to ensure there is a Mole 3?
Hi to everyone, What could we do to ensure the Mole 3? Write to ABC to support it? I watched Mole 1 and 2 and liked both of them. I act
2 messages
08-07-02 09:25 PM
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