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Celebrities so far [View All]
[i]While the host is unknown, some of the players for the celebrity version are known. According to the wire reports, three “celebrities”
21 messages
11-02-02 11:04 AM
Celebrity Mole Host Revealed
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-14-02 AT 02:24 AM (EST)[/font] The host has been revealed for celebrity mole. All I can do is
10 messages
11-02-02 10:57 AM
Mole DVD online petition
Hey, how about doing a "good deed for the day"? There is an online petition to have Mole 1 and 2 made available on DVD. Think about it: h
6 messages
10-18-02 03:34 AM
Wondering About Mole Three and Celeb Mole
What can you people tell me about The Mole Three and about The Celeb Mole? Im new here? lol so fill me in! %0
1 messages
10-14-02 10:26 PM
Celebrity Mole...Who do you think or want it to be? [View All]
I'm stealing this from Cycle in another thread... Even though most of us agree that Celebrity Mole could suck, who do you want to see o
24 messages
09-15-02 05:27 PM
Mole 4 Audition Information...
... Will be posted on sometime NEXT week.
13 messages
09-14-02 03:46 PM
Questions for Al [View All]
Welcome to the board Al, aka NYMole1. You played a great game and certainly made the show a lot more interesting to watch. You were my husband's
24 messages
09-08-02 09:05 AM
The Mole: Woven Betrayal
Hey guys! Long time reader, first time poster! Just wanted to let you guys know about a mole game I'm running called: "The Mole: Wo
Woven Betrayal
2 messages
09-06-02 05:53 PM
Help! I need a mole episode!
Please help a desperate dad! I failed to tape the final Mole 2 episode for my son, who watched it all season. Any sympathetic parents (or kids%2
3 messages
09-05-02 05:08 PM
Heather's radio interview
Here is a summary of Heather's 8/10 WGN interview (I did not actually hear this interview, and I am blatantly copy-and-pasting this summary fr
15 messages
09-02-02 02:33 PM
Worked on the Mole 2 [View All]
I was on the crew of both seasons of the mole and I also loved the show...I was the one who filmed heather getting chased by the wild was ve
58 messages
08-31-02 06:54 PM
Mole 2 Cast Members: Are You Lurking?? [View All]
If any of the contestants on Mole 2 are lurking around this message board, how about sharing your insights about the game or answering a few of our
86 messages
08-30-02 04:10 PM
More Gnomes!!!
Okay, I'm not sure if I should post this over here, but I guess I will since the boards are a little slow (naturally). Did anyone
5 messages
08-30-02 00:29 AM
::latency incorporated::
Hey everyone, I am hosting a new mole game, located at s.html It should be a great game, and you can
4 messages
08-28-02 09:41 AM
Mole 1 and 2 on DVD petition
I was looking around on petition and I found this~ [code] perl/signed.cgi?grangerj%
0 messages
08-27-02 12:57 PM
Mole 3 & Mole 4
Just to keep things straight; ABC and Stone Stanley are referring to the Celeb Mole as Mole 3. The next "real person" mole will be Mole 4.
9 messages
08-27-02 11:53 AM
Mole 3 and Celeb Mole a GO! [View All] pe=4&cat=0809&id=0208200402131903
24 messages
08-23-02 01:39 PM
good news/bad news
I am delighted that the Mole will return. That is good news. The bad news is that Mole 3 will be a celebrity edition, and as others have pointed o
mocha madness
7 messages
08-23-02 12:18 PM
Now that we know there is going to be a Mole 3 and 4 I thought it would be a great idea..
to start looking for the personality types that would make someone a Mole candidate, and what behavior to look for during the game to see who could
1 messages
08-23-02 01:07 AM
Mole 3 game ideas [View All]
This thread was brought up before, but since the show is over, maybe we can come up with some ideas (and hey, since people affiliated with the
21 messages
08-21-02 09:43 AM
mole 3 petition!
heres the site. just go there and sign. its very simple and it means a lot. i got it from another site. dont know if any of you have heard it but here
3 messages
08-21-02 00:43 AM
Clutching At Anything We Can Find
The final interviwe is up on the ABC site [ le/transcripts/mole2_final_chat_1.html|. Can we survi
12 messages
08-19-02 05:44 PM
Rob's Mole Audition Video...
is on his business website, [|Sta- gazing Productions] Check it out.
4 messages
08-19-02 02:26 AM
Email ABC in support of The Mole 3 - contact info HERE
Andrea Wong is the ABC executive who ultimately has the decision about whether or not to renew The Mole for additional seasons. Her email a
1 messages
08-18-02 11:22 PM
Nielsen Ratings for Finale
Didn't see this anywhere, sorry if it's a duplicate. Here is the link: o
3 messages
08-16-02 09:26 AM
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