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Celebrity Mole: Hawaii Anti-Executee ep1 results/ep2 picks
[h3]Coles is Mole's First Victim[h3] Once again welcome to the game. We have 46 players in this game!!! Welcome all our n
36 messages
01-15-03 10:01 PM
Looks like all the tapes were saved
I found this on the Stone Stanley sight. It looks like they were able to save all of the tapes. [i][b]‘THE MOLE’ MUST GO ON!
0 messages
01-15-03 03:18 PM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii PTTE ep1 Results
[h3]Living the Single Life[/h3] Welcome all to Hawaii and welcome to our new game!! I would like to welcome all to our game%
4 messages
01-13-03 09:13 AM
is anybody playing the pick 'em game at
if so, post your scores after this week and let the best fan win!
1 messages
01-13-03 08:58 AM
Moleron Popularity List, v.C.1
(C for "CELEBRITY")....for those of you on the left coast, make sure not to click this unless you want valuable, confidential Mole informa
16 messages
01-11-03 08:24 AM
Season 1 Tapes
I am very curious to see if anyone has the first season on tape and would be willing to make a copy of it for either money or a copy of season 2. If a
0 messages
01-10-03 10:30 AM
Mole's Ratings
Interesting info from ratings. Celebrity Mole may help chances for Mole 3. (Celebrity Mole doesn't count as Mole 3) From
0 messages
01-10-03 02:52 AM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii, Anti-Executee Contest [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-23-02 AT 12:05 PM (EST)[/font] [font size=1]edited to add cast list[/font] %0
66 messages
01-09-03 10:27 AM
the I'M SO EXCITED thread
Countdown to the Mole thread!! I'm calling in sick so that I can spend the day meditating in a field of olive trees and camphor bushes (sic%2
9 messages
01-08-03 05:12 PM
Rashad on Regis
I saw a commercial for the Regis show today and I taped it. Rashad didn't have anything too interesting. They showed a clip of a game of blackjack t
0 messages
01-07-03 05:13 PM
Hey Sherps: Summaries Now? [View All]
With the first episode only three weeks away I think Now is a good time to line up our summary writers don't you think Sherps? I would like t
23 messages
01-06-03 09:19 PM
Welcome Mole Fanatics Board!!!!
Hey y'all!!! The Mole has moved up in the world!!! It now has its own spoiler and fanatics board!!! Bring on the tape
3 messages
01-05-03 04:27 PM
In case you miss it
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 01-04-03 AT 08:27 PM (EST)[/font] It looks like ABC Family will rerun both the Batchelorette and
1 messages
01-05-03 12:56 PM
What is this? You mean...
ABC is actually using things towards their advantage! With all of the college football hoopla going on around the New Year, lots of viewers are t
2 messages
01-03-03 09:07 PM
Magazine Ad
I was reading a magazine the other day, the new issue of *mumbles behind her hand* People. They had an ad for the Mole. here it is, but I had
6 messages
01-01-03 03:27 AM
How does everyone get those nice little pics into their signiture. please help ive been tryin to figure this out for the last 3 hours %
4 messages
12-27-02 09:50 AM
Is the mole also an arsenist?
[url] ly.html?29360[/url] Fire Damages Hollywood Studio Tue, Dec 17, 2002
8 messages
12-23-02 07:02 PM
Celebrity Mole Fire/Water damage
The following article is from Variety. [i]Blaze may put 'Mole' in the hole Jan. 8 debut in jeapardy due to water damag
2 messages
12-20-02 05:37 PM
"Celebrity Mole" to premiere 1/8/2003 -- air after "The Bachelorette" tmnews.shtml#810
2 messages
12-17-02 11:06 AM
Mole 3 Commerical
Heard from dear old mom today that she saw a commerical for the Mole 3 on Television. I missed it. Anybody else catch it? What'd it say? %0
6 messages
12-14-02 12:28 PM
Questions for Mole 2 contestants -- Part 2 [View All]
I'm just making a new thread for this since the old one has started to get a bit unwieldy. ...but feel free to finish any discussions that that sta
45 messages
12-13-02 07:16 AM
Celeb Mole Update (includes Cast list)
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-04-02 AT 03:23 AM (EST)[/font] edited to say that Loree had the link to this article on the ot
13 messages
12-05-02 06:06 PM
Anderson is out
From TV Guide online: "I SPY AN EXIT: The Mole's best kept secret is history: Sexy snarkster Anderson Cooper will not be returnin
12 messages
12-05-02 04:56 PM
Need Mole 2 Episodes 11-13! Please help!!
I misplaced my tape containign episodes 11 - 13 of Mole 2. If anybody can help me get them, I would appreciate it. Here are my contacts. The cheaper
2 messages
11-18-02 11:33 AM
CNN to possibly merge with ABC
Did you guys hear about this? Anderson was talking about it on CNN the other day and he metioned the mole! He said- " if we merge wit
1 messages
11-05-02 11:53 AM
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