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Finale Ratings for Celebrity Mole:Hawaii
And finally the last of the ratings. Overall, not a bad showing for the mole. This is proof to ABC that they have a possibility w/this franchise
1 messages
02-14-03 12:42 PM
Mole Fans
Even though I'm sure Mole fans differ as much as any other group on the planet, we do share some things in common. Namely, our love of:
3 messages
02-13-03 12:53 PM
Top Ten Mole Games
[font color=blue][font size="1"] ---------------------------------------- ------------------- The Quotes are back!
20 messages
02-13-03 02:46 AM
Favorite Celebrity Mole Moments (Thus Far)
I figure with the big Celebrity Mole finale coming up tonight, it would be fun to look back on our favorite moments from the few past episodes we ha
8 messages
02-13-03 02:42 AM
Any info on Mole 4 yet?
I know this is a bit early since Mole 3 hasnt even finished does anyone have any any info on Mole 4 yet, or if there is officially even going to be
11 messages
02-13-03 02:40 AM
Who would you want to see play Celebrity Mole-2?
8 messages
02-13-03 00:17 AM
This season's tape/mole killer
Based on the numerous locked threads I hearby dub "EBAY JOURNALS" This season's taped bag / mole killer clue. Congratulations, it
7 messages
02-11-03 11:51 PM
Celbrity link
no clues no hints and the only ones who would find this interesting is posters on these boards.But a fun bit of info none the less. Kathy g
6 messages
02-11-03 05:24 PM
Celebrity Mole Episode 5 Summary: Dress Me Up, Strip Me Down
[b]Official Celebrity Mole Episode 5 Summary: Dress Me Up, Strip Me Down[/b] Bebo’s Mole Journal [i]I AM THE
5 messages
02-11-03 02:48 PM
Touring the shoot location--sadly, no spoilers
Hi everyone, I wish I had some info that would help spoil the ending tonight, but then I wouldn't be in this forum, would I?
6 messages
02-10-03 11:00 PM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii ep.5 ratings
The weekly dish on how the Mole did in the ratings: From [i]At 10 p.m., NBC's "Law & Order," 12.3/20
3 messages
02-10-03 03:45 PM
Two words.
Spell. Check. Okay, I know they've spelled Erik with a C on a previous quiz, but tonight, they went overboard (okay, not OVERB
6 messages
02-09-03 03:16 PM
i caught fred on some morning show...and she was just as negative towards erik or is it eric...anyways...she was even talking about being sick of kath
1 messages
02-07-03 09:36 AM
Celebrity Mole Ep 4 Summary: How do you play "rock, paper, scissors"?
Sorry for the delay everyone (been busy with school and the usual stuff). Also please ignore all typos, spelling, or grammar errors!! :
11 messages
02-06-03 08:34 PM
Celebrity Mole Popularity List, v.C.5
Well, I guess you can tell I'm bored with the show, since I didn't even remember to do a popularity list last week.....even though there have
5 messages
02-06-03 02:00 PM
how do you spell that? like a cooker thats all i wanted to to say
0 messages
02-06-03 08:26 AM
Such Cr*p
The F*ckin* sucks and blows at the same time. Saw it coming like 10 mins into it (should have seen it from what they did last year) but s
1 messages
02-06-03 00:07 AM
Celebrity Mole Hawaii: ep.4results/FINAL show picks
[h3]DXCEETUE[/h3] What an interesting interesting show. Man do we all stink. I am sure that when we saw red, there was a colle
31 messages
02-05-03 10:00 PM
Celebrity Mole: Hawaii PTTE ep.4 results/FINAL changes here
[h3]At The Bottom Of The Ocean Floor[/h3] Well it was easy to score this week's PTTE. :) Most everyone had +3 or +2 fo
23 messages
02-05-03 09:57 PM
Celebrity Mole: better than expected?
Now i remember two months back when most of you laughed at the idea of a celebrity mole. Most of you thought that it would not be the same and it woul
18 messages
02-04-03 12:31 PM
Not that there is going to be a twist at the end, but I was curious. What would be your ideal ending to the game that would make you go "Wow"%3
4 messages
02-04-03 09:11 AM
Celebrity Mole:Hawaii ep.4 Ratings
Ratings for ep4: From [i]NBC moved into first at 10 p.m. with a rerun of "Law & Order," 9.5/16. CBS' %
3 messages
02-02-03 09:27 PM
The Mole Season Tapes
Does anyone have every episode of the Mole season 1 and/or season 2 on tape? Please let me know! Thanks!
1 messages
02-02-03 02:07 AM
Celebrity Mole Ep 3 Summary: "The Corbin Show"
[i]Well, I know it's only Thursday, but I'm feeling a little crazy today... And the fact that I had the whole day wide open to write it.%5
18 messages
01-31-03 06:28 PM
The show in general
Although I think the mole is a great show, I can't help but feel that the shows are a bit of a rip-off. You only know what you are being shown,
1 messages
01-30-03 12:12 PM
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