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Twisted Mole APPLY TODAY
Apply for the twisted mole today it will give you what you need so that you can surive till the next mole airs go to
1 messages
07-27-03 00:29 AM
Celebrity Mole to return
TV Guide Online is reporting that there will be another Celebrity Mole. ews/030314.asp%
17 messages
07-14-03 11:23 PM
New Online Mole Game!
If anyone is interested... I'm starting a new online Mole game--though this one will be themed... I am going to be sending finalist contestants the
1 messages
07-12-03 02:06 AM
Celebrity Mole 2 Where?
Now what are everyones opion's on where the next Celebrity Mole will take place. With the threat of war, I assume they don't want to go far. My
5 messages
06-28-03 04:33 PM
Celebrity Mole:Hawaii Finale Summary "The Finale"
Announcer: [i]Previously on Celebrity Mole: Hawaii[/i] (everyone collectively holds breath) [i] the waterfall game, sheep game
13 messages
06-26-03 06:39 PM
The Mole Online
Hey everybody im starting a new Online game. Which will involve 12 contestants including a mole. To apply you must have AOL Instant Messanger. I think
3 messages
05-25-03 05:08 PM
Mole Central
I have started a new mole online game. I know that there are many of these out there but this is just something to do in your spare time. The websit
1 messages
05-24-03 02:09 PM
The Mole: Internet Betrayal
Hey ya'll, I hate to actually post here in this sort of fashion, but heck, advertising ain't easy these days. Anyway... %
0 messages
04-26-03 08:47 PM
Celebrity Mole 1 to be repeated on ABCFamily Channel
For a walk down memory lane and to see how each episode flows one after another check out ABCFamily Channel on Saturday. http:/%2
1 messages
04-17-03 03:50 AM
Frederique on E!
Frederique a.k.a. "the best mole--ever" will be on the Michael Essany Show on the E! channel tonight(Sunday)at 10:30 pm PST. I've never
2 messages
03-18-03 04:45 PM
The Execution Program
Does anyone know about the execution program in the Mole. When there is an execution the host enters a name into the computer. Then presses enter. Doe
2 messages
03-17-03 10:06 PM
I cant say this more enough, this season of the mole has became one of my favorite reality seasons ever, and I couldn't have asked for a better
17 messages
03-13-03 02:44 AM
Kim Coles on Star Search
Anyone catch Kim tonight? She was a guest judge....Arsenio also said that she was a performer on the show back in the 1980's, I guess she was a
0 messages
03-12-03 11:47 PM
who was asked, but didn't do Celebrity Mole
As I was watching The Wayne Brady Show the other day, Tom Arnold was on. He mentioned he was asked to be on Celebrity Mole but turned it down. So th
2 messages
03-04-03 09:17 AM
kathy in a movie idea
ok....wondering if anyone else thought this. i am in the middle of the book "light of the moon" by dean is pretty good....none will ev
0 messages
03-01-03 08:53 PM
Lunch with Celebrity Mole: Hawaii winner, Kathy Griffin
Visit for a chance to go to lunch with Kathy Griffin, winner of Celebrity Mole: Hawaii - 70% of the proceeds from this auction g
1 messages
02-25-03 03:38 PM
Another Mole Series?
This is my first time posting and I haven't gotten a chance to read any of the other postings so maybe this subject has already been covered. Anywa
3 messages
02-25-03 08:46 AM
The Sim Mole Italy
Hey Guys, just trying to re-open the excitement of the mole, I know I can't go a week without betrayal:) Finally after about two
6 messages
02-23-03 12:57 PM
DinoBoy on Law & Order:SVU
Erik was on Law & Order:SVU tonight. I kept expecting someone to jump up and accuse him of being the mole. And when they were trying to decide i
0 messages
02-21-03 11:32 PM
Thanks everybody!
I've been a lurker since Mole 2, and I wanted to tell everyone that it is 100 times more enjoyable joining in the conversation! I think the who
0 messages
02-20-03 03:03 PM
Mole With·draw·al
Just wanted to have a thread where everyone could post their sadness that the Mole is over. :( Anyone else going through withdrawal right now?%
5 messages
02-19-03 09:19 PM
I'm such a DAW, it's sad... ;-) Kathy reads the message boards. I think that's pretty cool. If I ever was on the show, I wo
0 messages
02-19-03 03:48 PM
Chat w/ Kathy
From Chat w/Kathy last Thursday from MSN. Digital Dish Diva was the moderator/host (just in case). She reads the message boards although SB
0 messages
02-19-03 02:14 PM
Looking for Season 1 of the Mole
Please let me know if anyone might have the episodes of the 1st season of the mole on VHS. I would appreciate any info that you could give me!%0
5 messages
02-18-03 06:29 PM
Celebrity Mole Marathon!
Just wanted to let everyone know that ABC Family will be running a Celebrity Mole marathon tomorrow (Sunday, 2/16). It starts at 1:00 PM ES
1 messages
02-16-03 11:20 AM
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