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The Osbournes
I LOVE the Osbournes, I am 55 years old. I think they are very funny I think Sharon is very sweet and has it together more than most of you ranting
5 messages
12-03-03 11:41 PM
Are the Osbournes happy?
Hi to all! Im new here. I got a very important question,because i think the osbournes have so many problems do they love each othe
Iron man
0 messages
11-11-03 04:11 PM
The Success of the Osbournes
Let's be brutally frank here. The Osbournes show was funny because these people are so off the board. As in most reality shows, the entertainmen
2 messages
10-29-03 03:37 AM
PLEASE HELP - was the whole thing staged????
i saw the last episode and it was obvious that the episode was staged and minnie didn't die, etc. but it also showed dialogue from other shows (
0 messages
10-14-03 10:34 PM
rock ds/User_files/3f831b9f1b129acd.gif [font color="blue" size="20" face="face"]
0 messages
10-07-03 04:04 PM
give me a break....i actually fell for this episode...says a lot about the acting....makes me feel stupid... i kept saying to my hubby...NO
9 messages
10-06-03 06:59 PM
Hey Osbournes fans.... [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-10-02 AT 10:52 PM (EST)[/font] How about a poll--what is your favorite line from the sho
23 messages
09-21-03 10:30 AM
Anyone Buying The DVD?
Just wondering if anyone is planning on buying this? I think I saw it for $22 on, I've thought about it, was wondering if anyone
6 messages
09-20-03 02:05 AM
the premiere was bad
did anyone else think the season premiere was a bunch of random old crap thrown together to make an episode? it didn't even make any sense, and
3 messages
06-14-03 08:39 AM
Jack has a problem. Who ever would have thought?
Put this here instead of OT.... No one reads this board anymore, but I still thought it was the appropriate spot. Report: Ozzy Osbourne%
3 messages
05-05-03 03:49 PM
sharon osbourne is cool
i really like the osbournes,sharon is a great mum and i was really upset when she got cancer i dont really like her because of ozzy as i dont really
1 messages
04-09-03 07:35 PM
Summary writers, you're off the hook. For whatever reasons, this show seems to be one that's difficult to summarize. Perhaps because it's mo
2 messages
02-19-03 10:11 PM
pathetic attempt
well ....i have to admit...the osbournes bore me.. i thought the wedding was sooooo contrived. sharon was sooo into having this big wedding and b
3 messages
02-17-03 04:07 PM
i KNOW they are teenagers but...
the sad thing is....when they grow up and look back at themselves...mainly kelly...i hope she will be disgusted with the way she has been treating her
2 messages
02-11-03 04:48 AM
I read recently that the last episode was the lowest one since last year. It got about the same amount of viewers as Real World did and was about half
2 messages
02-05-03 08:05 AM
I hate Ozzie's kids!
You know, I'm not particularly fond of teenagers anyway. They're so self-centered and immature, but Ozzie's kids take the f*cking cake on
16 messages
01-30-03 07:28 PM
Nominated for an Emmy, woo-hoo. I have to say this. Kelly Osbourne did not inherit her father's musical talents. If I hear "Papa Do
6 messages
01-25-03 10:07 AM
Christmas Eve
It just dawned on me that the Osbournes are going to be on Christmas Eve next week!!! Usually it is customary to rent holiday movies are spend t
2 messages
01-07-03 07:22 PM
Let's take long til Ozzie kicks it?
I give him 6 more years til the Ozman kicks the bucket. But wow would I like to see him as a 90 year old coot. He'd be that old guy in the park sh
6 messages
01-01-03 07:29 PM
Umm you guys, how psycho was that fan that came up to Kelly (was it in the airport?) last episode? Not only was she abrasive, loud and gid
1 messages
12-18-02 01:19 PM
Osbournes Fans, It's Time To Vote....
Hehe, couldn't think of much of a game for this show, but I figured we could give it a try.....which Osbourne do you think will spit out the mos
2 messages
12-07-02 03:00 PM
Little help?
Our summary writer for ep1 has gotten slammed with life and won't be able to get the summary done. Anyone who saw the show willing to churn somethin
0 messages
11-29-02 06:45 PM
The Osbournes
Did anyone watch this on MTV last night? It was f@#!ing fabulous! When he told his son (who was complaining about his sister) "I love
12 messages
11-29-02 00:42 AM
Osbournes Summary Writers Needed
Ugh, I'm a dumbass and forgot to post this earlier, so sorry for the extremely short notice. "The Osbournes" begins its second season Tuesda
15 messages
11-27-02 00:26 AM
Unofficial summary episode 1.
We open with our happy family all in bed at 10:00 am on Monday Morning. Ozzy Walking down the stairs wipes the sleep out of his eyes and
1 messages
11-26-02 03:48 PM
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