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Good News
I got this from Terry Dietz over on POS talking about his son he wrote: "So this guy right here just had his 3 year checkup and the doctor said
0 messages
08-20-18 10:58 PM
While you wait for new season
Check out survivor in 36 hours! Shot over one weekend. Tribal council every 2 hours! Let me know what you think, took me a while
0 messages
01-11-18 10:43 PM
Parvati gets engaged
Parvati is now engaged with John Fincher from Survivor Samoa. icle-4100194/Parvat
6 messages
04-13-17 01:47 PM
Survivor Dan Kay has passed.
Rest In Peace [ ituary/show/Daniel-R.-Kay-104311956|Dan Kay]
1 messages
01-04-17 11:08 PM
Survivor Auditions 2016
Victory Casino is having an open casting call for Survivor on Sunday, April 10th from 10 am to 2 pm.
0 messages
04-01-16 12:00 PM
Koah Rong: For the "Love" of the Game
I contributed a post-Premier assessment in the Basher Forum where fellow posters and myself had fun appropriately poking fun at the castaways thanks t
0 messages
02-21-16 01:21 PM
Announced today that Richard Hatch will be a contestant on this upcoming season of the Biggest Loser! OMG! Wonder if he will form alliances and
2 messages
02-19-16 06:30 PM
TPIR Special
If anyone is interested, episodes of The Price is Right featuring Survivor, Tar and BB contestants should air sometime later this year:
1 messages
02-18-16 06:03 PM
Former 'Survivor' contestant, Michigan native Michael Skupin faces child porn, racketeering charges
[ -survivor-contestant-michigan-native-michael-skupin-faces-child-porn-racketeering-charges|Skupin fac
1 messages
02-06-16 08:10 PM
Uncle Spliffy
This news on ESPN made me laugh: ll/story/_/id/14621057/cliff-robinson-open-mar
1 messages
02-02-16 04:25 PM
“The old dog’s still got some fight left in it".
This was taken from the New York Times website: ss/media/survivor-defies-
3 messages
11-06-15 02:57 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:38 AM
Living conditions
Hi all. New poster long time reader. What are the living conditions like for Jeff and the crew? How many camera (women / m
1 messages
09-13-15 09:55 PM
I just re-watched Survivor: Exile Island
Thanks to having Hulu Plus, I can finally revisit some of the seasons again. It's kind of slow in these forums, so I'm just going to throw ou
5 messages
07-26-15 10:26 PM
Survivor Second Chances Posting Thread [View All]
I am posting this thread and extending an invitation to all Survivor Second Chances candidates to stop by and give us a pitch! Let's welcome them
Scarlett O Hara
23 messages
05-27-15 04:58 PM
Shirin's Practical Joke
Despite Jeff's praise, this season was rather boring and the last Tribal Council was not much better. One thing that I enjoyed though was Shirin%
14 messages
05-26-15 05:54 PM
Want to play survivor?
Ok looking for feedback. I'm looking at buying my own island in Central America. It is about 35 acres in size and around a 7 mile ride by boat from
Play Survivor
4 messages
05-22-15 01:42 PM
HELLO BLOWS! We all know that currently there is a big campaign to vote back previous Survivors for the next season: S31, Survivor Second Chanc
7 messages
05-20-15 04:03 PM
Survivor Paley Center Photography Exhibit
3 messages
02-21-15 01:42 AM
The Twin Paradox [View All]
This season illustrated perfectly the randomness of this game. We have always said that the winners needed luck to become Sole Survivors but it was m
41 messages
02-11-15 10:11 PM
R.I.P. Caleb Bankston
Regardless of how we feel about his partner... Caleb was definitely a better than average personality and possibly worthy player (or at least s
13 messages
01-18-15 01:13 PM
Baylor for Hottest Reality TV Star of 2014
Baylor and a buch of other survivor castawyas are up for Hottest reality tv star this year...
9 messages
01-05-15 05:51 PM
Sobering news about Todd Herzog
This is a stunner... I've seen brief references on Twitter and elsewhere that he likes a little party here and there, but had no idea it was this
10 messages
11-14-14 12:19 PM
Extra Rations Pool
Here he comes... 29_ep6_10_22/vc_s29_ep6_10_22_0011.jpg Jiffy, with his best guano-nos
6 messages
10-27-14 05:39 PM
Jon Mesch Lookalike
Anyone else think these two look exactly alike? Sure Jon is a little beefier, darker haired, but I swear they look a lot alike! Both very cut
5 messages
10-27-14 02:04 PM
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