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Celebrity TAR
I heard Neil Patrick Harris say he's pitching the idea to Mark Burnett. How cool would that be? I hope they do it.
15 messages
09-18-06 07:05 PM
Just Add Salt: Spoiler from Kuwait?
From RFF, via Sucks, there is a final 7 team spoiler being floated around, ostensibly from someone who saw the teams in Kuwait: "
2 messages
09-18-06 05:41 PM
TAR10 - EP1 - East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Let's keep posts about tonight's episode on this thread only until 11:30 PM eastern. Thanks.
89 messages
09-18-06 10:54 AM
Tar10 Fans, It's Time To Vote, Toot Quick!
Wow, this one snuck up on us, especially with switch from Tuesday or Wednesday to, oh criminy, Sunday! The purpose of this thread
15 messages
09-17-06 07:52 PM
TAR10 ep. 1: "Real Fast! Quack, Quack!"
[b]"Real Fast! Quack, Quack!"[/b] - The Amazing Race 10 Sunday, 8:30PM, Sept. 17th, 2006 . . . .
3 messages
09-17-06 05:39 PM
Starting time for the starting line
Beware -- although TAR 10 is suppose to run from 8 to 9 here in the East, TV Guide has tonight's episode starting at 8:30 (depending on the l
1 messages
09-17-06 11:52 AM
Amazing Race moves to Sundays this fall....
Hello all! I've posted here maybe a couple of times. I just saw this about the Amazing Race being moved to Sundays: http://tv
20 messages
09-17-06 11:37 AM
Seattle: To exorcise the spectre of Flo from AR#3
As reported by others the latest edition not only starts from Seattle, but from Gasworks Park, the site of the finish line in AR#3. Long time f
mocha madness
2 messages
08-21-06 01:08 PM
Season 10 cast revealed
I saw this on another site and want to mention it here: html
5 messages
08-19-06 07:13 AM
My views on the TAR10 contestants (long)
Lots of interesting things about this group. I'll quickly share them before I get into the analysis: * After being almost model/be
0 messages
08-18-06 04:34 PM
TAR 10 to start in Seattle
This article gives a few details. amazingrace17.html
1 messages
07-27-06 01:53 PM
From Reality TV Forum..Sightings of 3 Teams PAR to NYC hp?PHPSESSID=b57ef9bf0bcbc5dbb7b5a42e36f97a33&topic=8610.375
3 messages
07-14-06 04:09 PM
Amazing Race in Toronto?
Been reading this forum for ages, but have never actually posted. Finally I have something interesting to contribute. Was staying a
3 messages
06-18-06 10:03 PM
Amazing Race 10 Sighting
To those who are interested: A friend of mine saw a team from what I guess is Season 10 on an Air New Zealand flight from Queenstown to A
7 messages
06-16-06 07:16 PM
fg olbluepig/Misdirection/weeklyentry.jpg
0 messages
05-24-06 11:04 PM
The Racers, the Strategy and the Editing. Part 2 [View All]
Since long threads are slow to open sometimes, I followed ECP’s advice and opened a new one. If you want to read the discussions in the first one%
60 messages
05-22-06 11:10 AM
Editing different this season
I know that some are going to read this as "I told you so." However, when I keep saying "I said this, I said that" it's not to follow u
10 messages
05-19-06 03:17 PM
TAR9 Finale East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Let's keep posts about tonight's episode on this thread only until 11:00 PM eastern. Thanks.
76 messages
05-18-06 05:22 PM
TAR9 Finale..........TAR Fans, It's time to vote! [View All]
For the finale you're voting for the placements at the Finish Mat. As always you're replacing the "RE:TAR9 Finale..........TAR Fans, It's
29 messages
05-17-06 11:09 PM
EP 11 A Final Scenario
I posted this earlier over at RFF and since there seems to be so little information about the final posted on this board, I thought I would move my
3 messages
05-17-06 08:07 AM
Spoilers for Japan leg?
I haven't seen much on the activities in Japan. What is with the amusement park? How can that be worked into the race? With such a fantastic
4 messages
05-16-06 01:39 PM
Season Finale: CBS misdirection
These are the clues for Wednesday's finale: -One team is ecstatic when they learn the location of the next detination,a place they'
7 messages
05-16-06 01:24 PM
Possible Clue Box Sighting in Victoria, BC Canada
Hi guys, I don't usually post over here I just lurk - but I just got an e-mail from a friend of mine who watches TAR with me and thought I would
9 messages
05-15-06 04:55 PM
Alaska Leg
Leg 12 (Japan to United States) Anchorage, Alaska, USA Anchorage (Rust's Flying Service) http:/%2
11 messages
05-14-06 02:44 AM
Updated odds
It seems as though there's two races on this edition - the race for first, and the race for third. BJ & Tyler, 2-1 - It seems optim
3 messages
05-12-06 03:01 PM
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