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The Amazing Race 11 [View All]
Okay. I don't know if this has been posted yet, but I found this information about season 11. Let's hear what you all think! %
104 messages
03-04-07 01:58 PM
Good bye ........
I have a pretty good source (and I've never actually had one of those before) and can tell you t
7 messages
03-04-07 12:13 PM
TAR-Stars Episode #2 East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's episode on this thread until the West Coast gets to realize CBS pulled it for fear of competition with the A
60 messages
02-25-07 09:19 PM
TAR11 Fans, Time To Vote! Week 2 [View All]
[center][b]The Rules![/center] 1. Put the name of your choice for this week's bootee IN THE SUBJECT HEADING![/b]
21 messages
02-25-07 06:11 PM
Ep. 2: Beauty is Sometimes Skin Deep
The 10 remaining teams begin the second leg of the race in Ecuador and then travel to Chile where they must change a tire on a huge truck used at a co
0 messages
02-25-07 01:46 PM
Elimination Station
Ok so this is fantastic. I just found out that you can go see what happens to the teams eliminated from amazing race. The link is
7 messages
02-21-07 02:06 PM
Possible Spoiler from Innertube
As a rule, I do not post spoilers, as I don't want to duplicate what someone else has already posted. I haven't seen anyone else commenting o
2 messages
02-20-07 11:52 PM
So annoying
I for one am very annoyed that Golf has delayed TAR by 30 minutes. I am chomping at the bit for it to start!! Michael http:/%2
11 messages
02-19-07 05:43 PM
TAR11E01 - East Coast Update Thread [View All]
[/br]Please keep all posts about tonight's episode in this thread until after 11:00 PM Eastern Time. Thank you.
65 messages
02-19-07 08:19 AM
SO i only got to watch 4o minutes today. Who got eliminated??
2 messages
02-19-07 06:52 AM
TAR11 Fans, Time To Vote! Week 1
And welcome to an all new retread season as our "All-Stars" line up to repeat their runs! [center][b]The Rules![/center
21 messages
02-18-07 08:02 PM
TAR All-Stars Cast revealed [View All]
[C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\My Pictures]
21 messages
02-15-07 01:09 AM
This jusg in...
NEW YORK, Jan. 15 -- CBS News' THE EARLY SHOW will announce the cast for AMAZING RACE: ALL-STARS on Tuesday, Jan. 16 (7:00-9:00 AM, ET
2 messages
01-15-07 08:22 PM
Main Titles
Here is a breakdown of the titles. If you have information on a specific shot, please let me know so I may update: [b]1. Spinning
3 messages
12-14-06 05:48 PM
The Amazing Race 12!!! it looks like The Amazing Race ALL-STARS might not be the season that kills the series. On CBS's website along the left hand side un
2 messages
12-14-06 08:17 AM
TAR 10: The Racers, the Strategy and the Editing. [View All]
Analysis of editing can help us sort out which teams will battle to the end from the ones that won’t make it far. Last season, we had fun discussi
87 messages
12-13-06 08:35 AM
TAR10 Finale - East Coast Spoiler Thread [View All]
Let's keep posts about tonight's episode on this thread only until 11:00 PM eastern. Thanks.
53 messages
12-12-06 00:05 AM
Which Racer is purchasing a million-dollar house in Hollywood? [View All]
Why, Tyler is!
21 messages
12-11-06 05:08 PM
Tar10 Fans, It's Time To Vote: Finale! [View All]
Well, everybody, it has been a pretty good season, overall we've been on the mark and, hey, we've had fun! This week the vo
30 messages
12-10-06 07:06 PM
TAR10 finale: "Say Your Deepest Prayers Ever"
December 10th, 2006. Episode Detail: "Say Your Deepest Prayers Ever" - Amazing Race 10 The final three teams race to the fini
6 messages
12-10-06 00:45 AM
TAR Asia I ep. 6
The Amazing Race Asia I episode 6, December 14th, 2006 on the AXN channel, Allan Wu is the host. preview:
1 messages
12-08-06 09:58 PM
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