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Conferences Push, Nevada Clue & Hint Forum (Protected)
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Clue in Episode 3
Has anyone found the "exact" clue for the third Episode: "The Color of ... "? And I know where the Bible is, and also where the money w
8 messages
09-29-02 10:27 PM
NY Times 9/9/01
Call me crazy, I know this is true, but I don't know where it goes. In the rules, it states to even watch the ads, so I did. Toy
6 messages
09-28-02 09:59 AM
C-7 = seven seas. Notice how all the streets are named after bodies of water. Also, according to the Toyota of Push map, the "small" town of
0 messages
09-26-02 10:33 PM
Only problem I've got so far
I have no idea what the heck I'm supposed to be looking for... ds/User_files/3d5106d5
Draco Malfoy
4 messages
09-24-02 08:59 AM
Episode 1 Possible Hint & Clues Vidcaps
This thread will only contain those vidcaps that I think might contain a clue or hint. [h3] $1.254 million loss... http:%
14 messages
09-23-02 07:21 PM
My 'Amounts' i wrote down
Since the title of the show was 'the amount' and it was stated that that was the hint about the clue, i wrote down all the 'amounts' that i
17 messages
09-23-02 03:19 PM
Please Read
Since we do have a number of new posters joining us for "Push, Nevada", I thought I'd take this chance to welcome you and to give you a quic
4 messages
09-23-02 12:04 PM
3 birds
Silas is alive. Listen to his riddle about the 3 birds to Jim just before he is "stabbed". "Just because someone says they are going to do som
1 messages
09-23-02 03:39 AM
questions/clues about "The black box?"
I'm really appalled that the producers didn't show a substantial amount of clues as Episode one, but maybe we ARE missing something. These are s
1 messages
09-23-02 02:03 AM
Given the nature of the show and the fact that a large part of it is relying on the net AND that the networks (in this case ABC) are very aware of
6 messages
09-21-02 03:33 AM
First five episode titles
IN case it's useful in the clue search, I just posted the titles and descriptions for Ep 4 & 5 on our news page (warning, the descriptions d
0 messages
09-21-02 00:52 AM
Ep. 2 : My thoughts - I was at yahoo, now i'm here
Episode 1- The Amount - $1,045,000 This one they basically told us -Episode 2- The Black Box Think about th
1 messages
09-20-02 11:28 PM
Trying to get those YAHOO CLUB People in HERE
Yahoo has those awful popup ads and the people who post in there are mostly blithering idiots. Those serious about winning this thing need to be here
3 messages
09-20-02 07:48 PM
The biggest clue is in a name.
Think about the names. One of them holds the clue of all clues. If you had a secret, and suddenly someone came along whose very name would alert the
0 messages
09-20-02 07:00 PM
!!!CLUES!!! - print archives, finally.
These are print archives of the Push Times and the Push Map. I have seen some of these in screen caps but this is the full pages Jim was viewing, a
0 messages
09-20-02 04:09 PM
Morse Code
I haven't seen anything here on this topic, so I'll bring it up because it is the only thing really stumping me right now. At the www
2 messages
09-20-02 03:59 PM
Anyone else catch...
the population (10,623) and the room no. @ Martha's (10,624A)? Like they were cataloging the residents...and he was the next...
6 messages
09-20-02 05:03 AM
The black box
The TV in the motel was black with the name plate in brown... also the safe in Bodnicks home was black.... Who knows... we only have 2 major clues,
1 messages
09-20-02 02:41 AM
Episode 2 -- The Black Box
What is everyone's clue list like?
1 messages
09-20-02 01:08 AM
Has anyone managed to hear clip 015739 via the Auido optimizer? I have :-D
I don't know if this has been posted but I figured out the audio settings for the third clip in the set from Here it
Woven Betrayal
3 messages
09-19-02 02:39 PM
New web site?
0 messages
09-19-02 00:58 AM
So, any suggestions as to what dmvf stands for?
7 messages
09-18-02 11:43 PM
Mysterious couple monitor bank vidcaps
Below are some larger copies of the monitor banks, I've out them in their own thread because 1) they are kinda big, 2) they might screw up t
0 messages
09-18-02 11:37 PM
Many, Many, Episode 1 vidcaps
Below are close to a couple of hundred Episode 1 vidcaps. I tried to pull out big runs of "duplicates" but I'm sure lots remain, I'll try a
2 messages
09-18-02 06:41 PM
One Amount We Forgot...
Remember when Millionaire was shown? Nobody has posted what the amount of what that was. It was $1,250,000. Could this be The Amount they were
1 messages
09-18-02 06:27 PM
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