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Conferences Push, Nevada Clue & Hint Forum (Protected)
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Jim's E-Mail
If anyone signed up for Push Comerance or, you should have recieved this nice e-mail last Firday: Subject: The Mystery
4 messages
10-22-02 03:27 PM
I think we should all share info, it gives us all better odds! Here is why it's Peter Pan for the last nights show...
I have TIVO and it's a HUGE help for pausing and rewinding and forwarding in very small increments. In the opening credits there is a quick flash o
14 messages
10-21-02 03:37 PM
gold rush website
Because of bandwidth problems, I opened up a new site in a new server just in case anyone is interested. I'm in a fishbowl mood where too much wor
0 messages
10-18-02 09:47 PM
Push Times Online Closes has closed after last nights episode. Enoch still works, but is not updated yet? Anybody know who Encoh is yet?
3 messages
10-18-02 09:36 PM
Red chairs and other questionable clues
Does someone notice that there's more to this show other than the 13 clues we're supposed to be looking for. The producers have done such a meticu
3 messages
10-17-02 07:24 PM
Come to Daddy
Lots of nice paternal imagery in this show. First of all we have Sloman and his tender ways with his daughter Mary. Can anyone say 'La
1 messages
10-17-02 04:32 PM
Master of Jim's Domain
TiVo finally picked up the title to the finale of Push - apparently, it's "Jim's Domain". My guess is that one of the clues from that episo
3 messages
10-17-02 04:20 PM
Jim prufrock...another mystery
Something tells me Jim is not the only Prufrock that has ever set foot in Push, Nevada... Episode one: Silas yells at Jim that the peop
9 messages
10-15-02 10:31 AM
Ira glassman's phone number
his number is 866 - 540 -5838 ext 1444 buuut, there's a password to get in. Any ideas?
5 messages
10-15-02 10:27 AM
just thought i'd point it out. . .
while reading 'round Push at, i came across this section. . . Funny enough, this isn't the chipper's first time go
1 messages
10-12-02 11:23 PM
Shadrach's Art
l am very worried about Shadrach's sculpture with the revolver bobbling around on a spring. The rules of drama clearly state that if you show a gun
1 messages
10-12-02 11:16 PM
I didn’t win any money in any frickin’ “casino”
Hi, just wanted to let ou know that I didn’t win any money in any frickin’ “casino,” so please stop sending emails. My name is Avenira Za
1 messages
10-12-02 02:43 AM
maybe im crazy but
ok heres what an idea ive gotten from the clues: week 1 :the amount is 1045000 the money is real week 2 :the whole television coffe mu
11 messages
10-10-02 10:32 AM
girl photo
In the opening credits of push, nevada, a blue picture of a girl noticably flashes for a brief moment, an image that's not usually a part of t
0 messages
10-08-02 06:23 PM
possible clue through the goming site
we mostly agree that oranges are the clue from week 3. we also know that is a push related site. people who have brought up the oranges
2 messages
10-07-02 01:54 PM
Push Nevada Episode 4 Summary
The episode 4 summary is posted on the General Discussion Board. Here is the link: ds/DCForum
0 messages
10-06-02 08:10 PM poll
Anyone notice the on-line pole at What Was the Oddest Cargo to Spill in Push? $10,450 in Loose Cha
2 messages
10-05-02 00:03 AM
dr. xavier
did anyone pick up on pushtimes the article about dr. xavier. well the x-men had a dr. xavier and the history on the x-men dr. xavier is pretty intere
2 messages
10-04-02 08:40 PM
EPisode Three The Color Of:
Hello Im starting a new post today for the third episode. Obviously with the name like The Color of we would automatically think The Color of Money!
1 messages
10-04-02 06:08 PM
peter pan
tivix ter in opening sequence, slide up the letter scale 5 letters and it equals peter pan -don
5 messages
10-04-02 04:18 PM
What's Black & White & Red all Over? Episode 4!
Thought I'd get the ball rolling on crazy theories this week. Just finished watching episode 4 and here was what stood out for me (again this
3 messages
10-04-02 11:06 AM
More websites
Thiefered off the Yahoo Club... I don't remember who posted them. Sorry. *********************%2
3 messages
10-02-02 09:10 PM
Watermark owns the world
My theory: Be wary of all of these sites that the show directs you to, definetly a lot of information to think tooooooo much about. Shadrick is
1 messages
10-01-02 05:30 PM
November Clue?
"The Push, Nevada Experiment: 1979- " by T.S. Griffin This is a book title listed on Amazon. It is a trade paperback, fiction%2
2 messages
09-30-02 06:52 PM
9/23 Recent Findings on
9.23.2002:F&O: Noticed the "Print Archives" section on The Push Times site, and decided to poke around their server. Found a bunch of scan
6 messages
09-30-02 04:41 PM
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