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SSC(PN) The Tale of Uncle Odyseuscowboy
[I]Ok, I’ve posted this before, but reworked it and I’m posting it again for the competition in the one category that
10 messages
06-22-01 07:44 PM
I was a very studious kid, spent almost every Saturday at the neighbourhood library reading from the Reference Book section. This was the most inte
Leif Eriksen
8 messages
06-22-01 04:21 PM
SSC(CW) Speakeasy - Act IV
[i]Da Bears.[/i] [b]--George Wendt.[/b] I didn't realize what a bigot I was, how much I had adopted the prejud
2 messages
06-22-01 01:36 PM
SSC(CW) My Way
Skin and bones, is what I am. Not a dollar to my name. I sold my teeth to buy food again. In retrospect, I shouldn't have spent the money on a
6 messages
06-21-01 08:00 PM
SSC(CW) Speakeasy - Act III
[i]KNock on any door. Any cab door. The response is Johnny One Note: "Daley's okay. He shoulda busted more heads." As Nelso
3 messages
06-21-01 07:41 PM
SSC(CW) Speakeasy - Act II
[i]"City of the big shoulders" was how the white haired poet put it. Maybe meaning that the shoulders had to get that wide because they had s
3 messages
06-21-01 07:34 PM
SSC CW- The Bradys meet SB
Cast of characters: Mike-AyaK Carol-Ebug Alice-volmel Sam-SherpaDave Greg-Shakes the Clown Marcia-VampKira Jan-GT
11 messages
06-21-01 04:13 PM
SSC(CW) Speakeasy - Act I
[i]HOG Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler;%0
5 messages
06-20-01 03:07 PM
SSC (py) The Woods Outside
[B]The Woods Outside[/B] Growing up I spent my days at home, at play, at school acting like some cluele
shakes the clown
6 messages
06-20-01 12:50 PM
SSC (PY) Tabula Rasa
We tattooed the baby with sweet trees and black snakes and the fear of years not yet. It smiled in its furry fat it cr
3 messages
06-19-01 06:44 PM
SSC(CW) Later, that same day..
Smoking the last cigarette of the day. The smoke enveloping me, like a shroud. An addictive shroud of disease, pain, heartache and cancer. I wis
7 messages
06-19-01 12:57 PM
SSC(CW) Agent on a Train
At first the four in the compartment stop whatever they are doing. The old man raises his left eyebrow almost imperceptibly. The old woman understan
9 messages
06-18-01 05:19 PM
SSC(CW) The Padlock
Coldly, silently,progressively, the padlock gathers rust. We wonder what secrets lie behind the door, but until the rust has sated its appeti
3 messages
06-18-01 12:32 PM
SSC (PY) Ennui
The time has come for me to go This was a fun soiree Deep down at heart I’m just a ‘ho Who has no more to say%0
3 messages
06-17-01 10:51 PM
SSC(PY) Fairy Tales
[center][font size=5][b]Fairy Tales[/b][/font] I'm told my world is a fairy tale by those that think they
4 messages
06-17-01 10:08 AM
SSC (PY) It's a song!
I've written and composed about 50 songs or so. A couple of years ago, some friends of mine found a stray, beat up cat that had his eye t
12 messages
06-16-01 07:35 PM
SSC(NF) Jack and the Beanstalk
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-15-01 AT 05:34 PM (EST)[/font] Jack and the Beanstalk I hadn't really thought abo
17 messages
06-16-01 04:58 PM
SSC(NF) Potty Training
Four and a half years ago, I was a single father of a very articulate little girl and I felt it was time to potty train. She, unfortunately, had
8 messages
06-16-01 12:24 PM
SSC (PY) "i hide behind the glass"
[b]i hide behind the glass[/b] [i]home[/i] i hide behind my role husband, father do they see [b]me
9 messages
06-16-01 08:13 AM
Manic (SSC PY)
I wake up,scared for I know they are coming to take up residence in me when and for how long is up to them I have no contr
6 messages
06-16-01 07:40 AM
SSC (NF) "Dangerous Hideaway"
The old adage, “Truth is stranger than fiction,” is no bromide to Ted Spear’s mother since thirteen-year-old T
9 messages
06-16-01 07:36 AM
SSC (NF) Leif meets Mrs. Eriksen
[i]Inspired by the little ditty that Puff wrote to his dear wife Yahtzee.[/i] [b]LEIF MEETS THE FUTURE MRS. ERIKSEN[/B]
Leif Eriksen
17 messages
06-16-01 05:07 AM
SSC(PY&CW) A Day In The Life......
(sigh) I don't take the pills, they take me. They take me to the place where fiberglass insulation tastes like cotton c
5 messages
06-15-01 10:36 PM
SSC (Movie Review)..........."Cast Away"
In a word, “sucks”....but, in 1283 words........... Let’s see where to begin.....well, you should
shakes the clown
15 messages
06-15-01 05:20 PM
SSC(CW) Her Cat
Her cat gets into people's backpacks all the time. This is no exaggeration. If the cat is not shitting, eating, or sleeping, he is in a back
3 messages
06-15-01 02:45 PM
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