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WSC2 Awards
First of all, a huge thanks to everyone who entered, everyone who read the entries, and everyone who voted. Once again, the talent shown by th
15 messages
02-19-03 04:50 PM
Girl Kiss
Girl Kiss We have been best friends since the second grade. It seems a long time ago that she asked to borrow a pencil from me but yet it
5 messages
02-14-03 05:33 PM
WSC2 "Baby Killer" (SS)
This is my very first ever attempt at putting thoughts into writing. The story I've chosen is partly fiction partly biographical. Please be consider
16 messages
02-13-03 10:18 AM
Ballot and Links List
[b]The Voting Categories[/b] [b]Non-Fiction (NF)[/b] [ s/DCForumID31%2
3 messages
02-09-03 02:35 AM
(IP) Travelling Destiny
Here's a brief disclaimer - cause this is a long one. Many of you have seen the first two parts of this story in an earleir stage and under a differ
5 messages
02-09-03 00:49 AM
WSC2 (NF) Echo
This is far from polished and has been extremely difficult to write. I'm sure many of you are aware of how I got my name. A few of you probably re
7 messages
02-04-03 06:11 PM
WSC2 (FF) Undoing
Comfort washed down on him as the last letter rolled off of the ballpoint pen and fixed upon the paper. It was the first note he had ever written to h
7 messages
02-04-03 12:31 PM
(IP)I Quit
(Dedicated to those of you who have tried to quit smoking lately. I feel your pain, believe me. I don't know if this is a piece so much as it is
9 messages
02-03-03 11:59 PM
WSC2(NF) The First Time
I know it sounds trite but it was such a profoundly moving and life altering experience that I can easily separate my life into “before” and “af
20 messages
02-03-03 07:05 PM
WSC2 (FV) The Cat who would be King
This is kind of a mix between free verse and rhyming, but I think it is loosly enough structered to be posted in the free verse category. %
8 messages
02-02-03 03:01 PM
WSC2 (FF) Hello Daddy
Wow I have ten minutes left! Being the ultimate WSC2 DAW I will post another first draft. It still needs to be polished, and likely will end up
4 messages
02-02-03 02:05 PM
WSC2 (VA) Ocean Electric
This is a photo I took off of Highway 101 about 40 miles south of San Francisco. It has been significantly altered using Adobe Photo Deluxe.
4 messages
02-02-03 01:58 PM
WSC2 (RP)Saved
I've worked and reworked this one, I'm just not sure that it's worthy yet of it's recipient. But, if the still unfinished poem that I'v
3 messages
02-02-03 01:55 PM
WSC2-(VA)-Trash Talking Terry doll
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3e3aff3642b085fb.jpg [/center] In 2001 the days were lo
4 messages
02-02-03 02:58 AM
Thanks, everyone!
For another great contest, thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll have the ballot posted after I've gotten a good night's sleep. :)%
3 messages
02-02-03 02:42 AM
WSC2(VA)-The Undressing-
[center]http://community.realitytvworld- com/boards/User_files/3e3af5012f40208f.jpg [/center] I am truly bummed Pops d
3 messages
02-01-03 00:23 AM
WSC2 (SS)Caged
Caged. Caged like an animal. Caged by the same animals that had hunted her. Jen looked around the small, stark room they held her in.
8 messages
02-01-03 00:20 AM
Top 10 things to teach grand kids (revenge on my own children) When our daughter was 9, we tried (in vain) to have her keep a cle
8 messages
02-01-03 00:06 AM
My Brother (RP)
This piece was difficult; it's real life stuff. Perhaps too heavy for RP, perhaps not. This was certainly not my usual writing style and sorry
6 messages
02-01-03 00:03 AM
WSC2 (HU) Voices, Part 1
WARNING: Total silliness ahead! I can't believe I'm actually posting this. It's incomplete and has taken on a life of it's very own. F
9 messages
01-31-03 11:59 PM
WSC2 (HU) Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear From Your Homeroom Teacher
Dave: It's time again for tonight's Top Ten list. From the home office in Hamilton, Ontario, the Top Ten Things You Don't Want To Hear F
6 messages
01-31-03 06:59 PM
What is the best way to capture a painting for posting?
If I can finish a painting I'm about to start (and provided it's not utter crap, which is certainly no guarantee, since I'm no painter ;
7 messages
01-31-03 06:33 PM
(VA) Triangle Girl (not a contest entry)
Ah yes, you thought you were done with me. But here is a fabulous design done by my favorite designer Wheezygirl. At age 6, this talented design
3 messages
01-31-03 04:31 PM
WSC2(VA) Ode to TechNoir
Who loves you baby. *wink* ds/User_files/3e39e7892f22da2c.jpg
3 messages
01-31-03 02:00 PM
WSC2(VA) Silence of the Spam
This is an original piece of art that I created on an absolutely fantastic new art program for serious artists only. Look out Echo baby, you
5 messages
01-31-03 01:56 PM
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