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SSC3(NF) The Dancing Smurf
[font color=blue][b]True story: No, not a story about true, but a real tale of dating angst. It's the kind of story from my past t
5 messages
09-09-03 10:01 PM
All My World's Turn Ep 6 [View All]
The Doublewide “Let’s get outta here sleeeve.” Nightscribe through an angry glance at Jizzy and Mandy.
27 messages
09-09-03 04:05 PM
A Bor
-- Ra, Spinning in geo/helio eccentric orbit ds/User_files/3cdfff3b0561b4c3.jpg http:%2
12 messages
09-09-03 03:54 PM
Everybody wins.
Unless someone else wants to take over the job of assembling a ballot and collecting votes, I'm declaring everyone co-winners. Much as I'd like
2 messages
09-07-03 07:33 PM
Mountain Junction (IP)
Ok, this is rather frightning for me to do, but here goes.... At the Temple, there are two works in progress. Tales from the Temple%
4 messages
09-03-03 02:31 PM
Hi, y'all. I know I'm late with the ballot, etc. As soon as I've caught up on my sleep (and I am WAY behind), I'll get it posted up
0 messages
09-03-03 11:43 AM
SSC3 (SS) Mission Improbable-Hulaboobs Part 1
My brother is getting married in two weeks. This should be a joyous occasion. I should be jumping up and down knowing that he finally found a nice%2
1 messages
09-03-03 02:11 AM
For my friends...
[i] This isn't an entry for the story competition, but I don't have any other medium of expressing what I've been trying to say for awhile
3 messages
09-03-03 00:58 AM
SSC3 (PH) The Pier
Last minute entry! I was hoping to get a story in, but a crazy couple of weeks has prevented it. Instead, I present to you one of my favorite ph
1 messages
09-02-03 01:48 PM
Summer Story Competition 3 Rules
I'm posting the rules a few days before the contest actually begins so that any questions can be answered before the contest is actually underway. T
16 messages
08-30-03 03:38 PM
SSC3 (PH) Bunny in Bloom [View All]
Is this our very own Sunny Bunny? I took this photo in Ottawa. ds/User_files/3f4
Schnookie Palookie
24 messages
08-29-03 03:32 PM
SSC3 (FV) Sunday In New York With Ra
Sunday In New York With RA With a leisure born from the knowledge that time is a matter of knowing how to expand on the now rathe
9 messages
08-29-03 02:48 PM
SSC3 (PH) Over The Rainbow
Gosh I wish I had time to participate this month! Especially writing which as been on the backburner of late. Anyway this is a photo I took many y
4 messages
08-29-03 01:20 PM
SSC3(SS) Let Go of Yourself, and Soar /conclusion
[b]T[/b]he next few days were filled with conflicting emotions. Knowing time was no longer on their side, both Ray and Eviee took time to
12 messages
08-29-03 01:17 PM
SSC3 (VA) Iggy The Psychedelic Glow Worm
Okay I found another photo I wanted to enter. Wait I just entered one. Well darn! Wait I can make into instant visual art! Yes I can turn some
3 messages
08-29-03 12:58 PM
SSC3 (PN): Persona Narrative 101
A fabulously gorgeous woman in a blue dress and stiletto heels walks into the classroom, where bored students are having a paper fight. Stunned by
3 messages
08-29-03 11:09 AM
SSC3 (FF) Anatomy of a DAW
I hear a clock ticking in the hall. I slow my breathing until it is in rhythm with the clock. Tick-tock-tick inhale, tock-tick-tock ex
8 messages
08-29-03 01:25 AM
View from a boathouse ds/User_files/3f39922b4d036d33.jpg ds%
8 messages
08-28-03 06:06 PM
SSC3 (FF) The Person Nobody Likes
I dreamed the person nobody likes long before I met her. I can't tell you when; nor can I tell you why. I can only say that this is true. %0
4 messages
08-25-03 03:44 PM
SSC3 (SS) Mission Improbable-Hulaboobs, Part 2
It didn’t take long to find the other girls, the screeching pitch of Aunt Sylvia’s voice drew me right in. The whole concep
3 messages
08-25-03 03:37 PM
SSC3 (FV) Beautiful Beautiful Daughter
My beautiful, beautiful daughter Full of life, full of life Her hair flowing in the breeze The eyes bright, shiny, and twinklin
9 messages
08-20-03 04:41 PM
SSC3 (FV) Life Cycle Of A Daughter
My baby girl, now a grown woman Out of high school and married One year, two years, three years, four content with her life%
4 messages
08-20-03 04:32 PM
SSC3(SS) Let Go of Yourself, and Soar Part 3
[b]T[/b]he following days passed happily for Raymond and Eveleen as they spent time talking and joking with friends in the market, or expl
4 messages
08-20-03 12:35 PM
SSC3(SS) Let Go of Yourself, and Soar Part 2
[b]F[/b]or the next few days, Raymond would go into the city market and spend time ambulating through the tents, booths and inns. He tol
4 messages
08-20-03 12:34 PM
SSC3(SS) Let Go of Yourself, and Soar Part 1
Raymond Andrews trudged alone along the dirt road in a state of extreme annoyance. The morning was almost gone and yet the chill in the air still clun
3 messages
08-20-03 12:32 PM
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