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WSC3 (NF) Conning Dad
I thought I'd conned my father. Only a five-year-old could believe in the deception, but I reveled in it. It happened often, at least
9 messages
01-07-04 04:01 PM
WSC3 (PH) Virgin Snow ds/User_files/3ffa15e55b5204d0.jpg This is another place I drive by on my way to work
6 messages
01-07-04 03:56 PM
WSC3 (FV): Blue Jays Haiku
Ok I'll bite... this is a loosely based haiku version of how I see the upcoming baseball season -- it's not the 5-7-5 version but it does keep to
9 messages
01-07-04 01:06 PM
WSC3(SS) The Fishin' Hole
Little Johnny and Annemarie were the best of friends. Where you found one, you would almost surely find the other. They walked to school and back ho
Mysterious Jedi
7 messages
01-07-04 11:22 AM
WSC3 - (FV) I'll Miss You
What are you doing, smoking that pipe? I told you it's bad for you, but then again, it's not like I haven't done it myself.
8 messages
01-07-04 10:33 AM
WSC3(FV) Breed
Why the hell are the children all laying naked in a heap, in the corner, swollen and crying for a morsel of a pinch of something to ea
7 messages
01-07-04 10:31 AM
We awaken; mad by morning, pushed with cricket bows. Teeth gnash through the tender of the neck. Skin peels like paint beneath nails. Yet, soft
7 messages
01-07-04 08:07 AM
WSC3(FV) New Year
January sank out in the year, slowly at first, removing Decemberís inappropriate glow and seducing days with quick brisk embraces%
4 messages
01-07-04 08:00 AM
WSC3 ( FV) Savings
Savings I put them away Safe I hope All my dreams in a jar I screw down the lid tightly, then tighten it som
Drive My Car
8 messages
01-06-04 02:32 PM
WSC3 (PH) Antoine's Tequila Sunrise ds/User_files/3ff9a5ae1d0e7e3d.jpg This picture was taken on my way to work shortly be
6 messages
01-06-04 01:18 PM
WSC(HU) Top Ten Predictions for 2004
10. The New York Yankees will win their division again this year despite fielding an almost entirely new team -- and then proceed to get swept in the
Mysterious Jedi
6 messages
01-06-04 12:22 PM
WSC3(PH) Transit ds/User_files/3ff4d0be0907b06a.jpg I wrote a story about a pier once, and Sharkie wa
12 messages
01-06-04 11:45 AM
WSC3 (HU) Top Ten Things The President Will Do In The New Year
[b]Top Ten Things The President Will Do In The New Year[/b] Number 10... [font color=green]Give a big huge kiss
5 messages
01-06-04 10:59 AM
I haven't been writing.
But I have been doing this: It's a white onyx vase I picked up, with primarily bronze and stainless maille, and brass chains with b
5 messages
01-06-04 09:39 AM
WSC3 (RP) Ode to FarmBoy
All the girls wilt At the thought of his kilt. But who could hope to snare A guy with red hair? Heís the biggest t
9 messages
01-05-04 04:43 PM
WSC3 (PH) Long Way From Home ds/User_files/3ff6d80e6bc01256.jpg Nothing spectacular, but the story behind the pict
2 messages
01-05-04 03:56 PM
Non-entry Photos (the cute pics of the cute kid)
You've seen the adorable kissing kids picture (and if you haven't, shame on you...they're somewhere on OT from about 5-6 months ago), no
1 messages
01-02-04 10:47 AM
SSC3 Awards!
First let me apologize to everyone for the time it took to get these results posted. No excuses but I want to thank you all for your patience. I promi
19 messages
09-27-03 04:44 AM
SSC3 (NF) Fear
Fear is wanting to know why, but no one will tell you. It can be hearing your child screaming and not be able to comfort her. Or wondering
5 messages
09-24-03 02:23 PM
SSC3(NF) Senescent Hearts
ďDad?Ē he asked softly, making me look up from my book to watch the semi-private exchange about to occur. The two donít notice me wat
8 messages
09-24-03 01:23 PM
SSC3 (NF) Caroline
I want to talk about Caroline. No last name, just Caroline. Iíll respect her privacy in that regard. Oh, I could have written a fake
Devious Weasel
12 messages
09-24-03 01:15 PM
SSC3 Ballot and Links List
First we all need to that SerpaDave for all his efforts in setting up this competition. Thanks Sherps! A couple of items: Sunny_Bu
5 messages
09-19-03 07:18 PM
SSC3(HU) To Dave, With Love
To Dave, With Love What is it about guys named Dave? My first steady boyfriend was named Dave. He broke up with me because I wo
14 messages
09-13-03 00:42 AM
SSC3 (NF) All Grown Up
The next generation is here. The steady stream of teddy bear covered announcements that fill my mailbox heralds their arrival. They come wearing han
8 messages
09-13-03 00:19 AM
Little Boy (Short Story)
[i]I probably should have posted this for the contest, but here it is anyway. It's short. It might be annoying. Decide for yourself.[/i
10 messages
09-09-03 11:16 PM
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